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Tried-and-Tested Tips to Pick the Right Tile for Kitchen Walls


Tried-and-Tested Tips to Pick the Right Tile for Kitchen Walls

Are you eager to design your kitchen? Bored with the outdated and dull appearance of your kitchen walls? Well, if you are looking for unique ideas that can transform your kitchen and make your dream-come-true, tiling is the best choice of all times. For homeowners who want a stylish and sophisticated kitchen makeover at a budgeted cost, no other option can rightly match up to the aesthetics and feel that tiles can offer.


Whether it’s your kitchen walls or floor, choosing the right tile size can make a huge difference in making your cramped space look bigger and brighter.

To help you find the best kitchen tiles for sale in Perth, we have come up with a few nifty pointers that you can’t afford to miss.

  • Identify Where Will You Install Wall Tiles


Before you splurge on high quality kitchen wall tiles, you need to determine where exactly you want to install them. Tiles can be installed as a back splash behind a stove or on the walls under high kitchen cabinets. Once you have decided the place of installation, you can proceed with choosing the texture, colour and shape of the kitchen wall tiles in Perth.

  • Trendy Tiles to Spruce up Your Kitchen Walls


Tiles are resilient material that can be applied in rows over an even surface. For kitchen walls, you can buy tiles in Perth which are high in trend such as quarry, stone, vinyl, ceramic, bamboo, porcelain etc., While vinyl cork are widely used for tiling kitchen floors, bamboo, porcelain, ceramic are best suited for kitchen walls.

  • Be Specific on Budget Before Getting Swayed by Looks


It’s indeed a great idea to transform your kitchen aesthetics with tiles, however, the budget needs to be fixed at first. Most kitchen tiles such as vinyl and linoleum are cost-efficient and fits your budget well whereas customised ceramic tiles may cost you an earth. Determine your pocket permit before envisioning the looks in mind.

  • Tiling Tricks to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Spacious


It’s a well-known fact that light-coloured tiles make small area look bigger and brighter. So why not apply the same trick to your kitchen walls? Choosing beige, or cream tiling shades for kitchen walls will help in more light reflection rather than dark coloured tiles that make small areas look more cluttered and compressed.

Want to Add X-Factor to Your Space? Tiling Redefined

If you are bored with the outdated look of your bathroom or kitchen and searching for most popular bathroom tiling ideas, there are certain factors to watch out for before taking the plunge. At Direct Tile and Bath, we boast of providing a wide range of high-quality contemporary kitchen tiles, cheap bathroom tiles to suit urban lifestyle. Our renovation services speak more than words.


Blending White Gloss With Matte Tiles:- 3 Awe-Inspiring Design Trends!


Blending White Gloss With Matte Tiles:- 3 Awe-Inspiring Design Trends!

Mixing white glossy with gorgeous matte finish tiles is a popular trend in Perth for home decor. The light-reflecting glossy shine with the subtle softness of matte tiles adds a noteworthy texture to your interiors, especially in focal aspects of your house like a fireplace surround, a kitchen backsplash or even for your bathrooms.

inspiring design trends.jpg

You can also control the ratio of how much gloss or matte you want- whether its a light spattering look or a pronounced difference between the two! Regardless of what ratio you eventually choose, it is for certain that the result with be nothing short of awesome.

So, keep aside all your home improvement magazines, Pinterest home design print-outs. Here are some awe-inspiring ways to blend marvellous matte and gorgeous glossy tile finishes for your interiors.

Playing With Scales:- Large White Gloss With Small-Sized Matte Finish Subway Tiles.

finish subway tiles.jpg

The first design choice is playing with scales- meaning juxtaposing large white gloss tiles for the floor and small-scaled matte subway tiles for your bathroom and kitchen walls. When working with an all-white theme, the subtle contrast between the two textures does bring about a minimalistic yet sophisticated appeal.

For a more dramatic effect, look to combine tiny hexagonal matte tiles on the walls and area surrounding the bath, medium-sized matte tiles on the basin surround and large glossy tiles for the whole floor. This sort of monochrome pallete brings about a harmonious blend for your bathroom interior.

Take A Neutral Approach- Using Gloss & Matte Tiles In Similar Tone!

using gloss and matte tiles.jpg

When adopting a neutral approach for your interior decor, pick matte and gloss tiles that are similar in tone, clear and sophisticated in look. Then you can look to randomise the stripes or patterns, depending on the appearance you want.

Normally, this approach works well with warmer neutral such as Ivory and Gardenia. But white gloss and matte do exhibit a slight contrast captivating enough to arrest anyone’s attention momentarily.

Combining Two Matte Finishes- With A Accent Wall With Glossy Tiles!

wall with glossy tiles.jpg

If you have a bathroom or kitchen with a tactile appeal, then you can look to blend white glossy tiles with two different matte finishes. Break up the bathroom section and incorporate tiny hexagonal or medium hex matte tiles for the floor (both in black and white subway matte tiles) and three corners of your bathroom wall.

As for the one remaining area- preferably with the basin; you can create a gloss white subway tile for creating an accent wall. The two designs will appear as a sharp contrast between each other and will turn that interior space to a really appreciative one!

At “Direct Tile and Bath”; your reliable supplier for a wide variety of quality tiles in Perth; we offer you low-costing and quality-approved tiles for your complete home renovations.

Our Trade Store Consists Of An Impressive Range Of Options Like:-

i) Gloss White Porcelain tiles for Perth homes- 300x300 (full bodied).

ii) Gloss White Subway Tiles- 100x200 (fully bodied).

iii) Glossy White Ripple Ceramic Tiles- 300x600.

iv) And even a Gloss White Tile- 300x600 (manufacturer’special).

And more. If you want a full-fledged home tiling renovation; we also provide Marble Gloss White Rectified Ceramic Tiles, Gloss Black Subway tiles for a darker dramatic appeal and even classic-looking wood look tiles for Perth homes.

So what’s your requirement? Call us @ 0431410460 and let us know. We would want nothing more than you see you successfully turn your home into a specimen of beauty!


Top 5 Bathroom Tiling and Renovation Trends of 2019


Top 5 Bathroom Tiling and Renovation Trends of 2019

When you enter the bathroom after a long tiring day, you must be expecting a luxurious experience. Your bathroom should look that inspiring to wash your worries away as you take a step inside the bath full of lukewarm water.


Heaps of thoughts are given by both the accessory manufacturer and the designers to add that contemporary touch to the bathroom. However, you always have the choice of customising the design as per your choice when you choose Direct Tile and Bath to be your designing partner.

Like every year, the bathroom designing trends are going to be changed in this year too. Some of the designs from previous years will go away, and some of those will stay back. And, as you trusted designing partner, we wish to inform you about some of the bathroom tiling trends that are going to be quite popular in the coming year.

Have a look at the trends of 2019 for the best bathroom tiles in Perth from which you can make your choice.

Patterned Tiles


Patterns are indeed the first preference for tiles. The patterned tiles have become quite popular in recent times, and it will continue to dominate the market in 2019 too. Available in both traditional and contemporary patterns, these tiles are going to steal the show in bathroom designing.

Subway Tiles will turn More Narrow


While in 2018, the minimal look for bathrooms was quite popular and for that reason, the sales number for these tiles has also increased. It has turned more narrow, sleek and minimal. The colour patterns have also changed quite a bit. Ivory and grey are the most popular choices among these colour patterns as it makes the tiles look sleeker.

Dark Colour in Wall and Floor Tiles


Whether you choose to go with the fish scale patterns or the subway, the use of dark colours is undoubtedly the new trend to be followed in the coming year. It works for both wall and floor options. You can pick the wood look tiles for this purpose as it can accentuate the decor in the best possible way.

Going Vertical


When you are searching for cheap tiles in Perth without compromising on the appearance of your bathroom, choosing vertical tiling options will be just great. Those are quite cost-effective and offer a contemporary look too. You can use this vertical tiling pattern to create a feature wall in your bathroom also. Check the web for inspiration and references.

Modern Sleek Baths


The trend of freestanding baths was there for quite a long time. In 2019, you can expect to have a wide variety in that range. The baths will go sleek in design and correctly merge with the contemporary bathroom decor too.


So, here are some of the most anticipated bathroom designing trends that are going to be followed in the year 2019. Choose your trusted tiling and renovation specialist, Direct Tile and Bath for this job and give a complete makeover to your old bathroom style, right away. Talk to our experts today, and we will fill you with some more suggestions.     


Why Are White Customised Kitchens a Great Choice For You?


Why Are White Customised Kitchens a Great Choice For You?

White is the colour of purity and tranquillity. It captivates the mind, and its charm and grandeur can endure the test of time.

Perhaps that could explain the reason why so many homemakers are using white gloss tiles for decorating the Heart N Soul of Their Home.

What Makes White Kitchens Best-Sellers?

If you share similar thoughts, then here are some perks of white customised kitchen which will make you proud of your decision.

Read on mate!

  • Customised white kitchen decor proves pleasing to the eye, and its neutral texture makes it correspond with any coloured tile.
  • It inflicts a sense of positivity to the entire kitchen presentation and makes it inviting for your guests.
  • The grandeur of your kitchen will never diminish as white doesn't fade.

But hold your horses mate; there are many more reasons why you should opt for custom-designed white kitchens. Continue reading!

A survey reveals that 67% of homemakers consider white kitchens as their primary choice of decor. And amazingly, this number continues increasing with time.


White Kitchens Appear Chic - Clean - Fresh


Using glossy white tiles or subway tiles for your kitchen helps you camouflage your architectural imperfections, blemishes on walls and mechanical ducts. It also adds a distinctive feature to your kitchen walls and enlivens your old homes.

Many also believe that since white signifies cleanliness and freshness, using white tiles will emulate the same kind of effect on your kitchen presentation. It will also keep your kitchen cool and presents a calming backsplash.

White Kitchens Appear Commodious


Good science reveals that darker colours always absorb light while white shades reflect them. If you custom design your kitchen using gorgeous white subway tiles (either with solid designs or with patterns), it will make your little kitchens more commodious.

Naturally, when a room is decorated with black (or dark shaded) tiles, your eyes understand this light absorption and signals the brain that the kitchen space appears smaller. It's like a mirage when realistically the room is still the same.

So, opting for white coloured subway tiles in Perth, allows you to use the 'Science of Perception' to your favour and make your guests feel that your kitchen has plenty of space.

Helps Create an Inimitable Focal Point


If you are one who finds great pleasure in 'show-n-tell' then decorating your kitchen with white tiles will serve advantageously for you.

It forms the perfect backdrop for you to flaunt your newly bought refrigerator or installed a new wooden cabinet. Plus having a white tile kitchen makeover allows you to bring out your creative side and experiment with wallpaper accents, countertops or any other aspect which you want to upgrade.

Final Words

Summing up, custom designed kitchens seem perfect for homemakers having a refined taste preference. And if you like the idea of a white-tiled kitchen, then without wasting any more time, browse through the amazing tile options available at Direct Tile and Bath.

You don't need to worry. The prices are competitive, and the qualities of tiles are excellent. Just make your pick and present a deluxe decor your favourite portion of your house.


The 3 Factors to Consider When Installing Tiles for Your Kitchen


The 3 Factors to Consider When Installing Tiles for Your Kitchen

When it comes to beautifying the kitchen, there are several who think it to be a bad idea especially when it isn't something that comes to the public eye as that of the other rooms of the house. What people forget is that a kitchen is what kick starts your daily dose of nutrition and when you are charged up with something nice for the stomach, you are to have a great day ahead.

It is no doubt a personal space that you and your family make use of to whip up delicious and scrumptious food; there can always be this touch of luxury to it. No matter how big or small the kitchen is, setting up the basics such as the cooking countertop, the cabinets, furniture, etc. is something important. Another thing that is equally essential is the tiles that are to be installed on the floor.

Since it is an area that is constantly in contact with water and similar liquids, there can be nothing better than tiles to adorn the floors. While you choose the tiles, here are a few things you could keep in mind.

The Durability of the Tiles Should Be Kept In Mind


Since it is an investment that you make for it to last for long, there is the need to look into the durability of the tiles that you make a pick on. While choosing tiles that are ceramic, porcelain or probably stone, you get to install something that would stay for long. Even though the kitchen doesn't encounter much of a brunt apart from using it to cook food, there is the need for it to be durable just because there is water and other that comes in contact with it.

The Colour or the Shade of the Tiles


It is often seen that people match the colour of the walls or the accessories in the kitchen to the tiles that they intend to install. You could come up with experimental ideas by installing tiles that have a contrasting colour. For those who are experts with installation of wood look tiles in Perth agree that this makes the kitchen look great to the eyes as well as increases the value as a whole. There are several who opt for dark coloured tiles just so that it doesn't get dirty soon or retain dirt on its surface. In that case, there is always the option for dark coloured ones that go perfectly for the floor and walls of the kitchen.

The Anti-Slip Factor


Kitchens are known to witness a lot of water spillage as well as the presence of dishwashing area and the sink. While tiles have a smooth surface, picking any given set doesn't help out in any way. There is the need to keep in mind the fact that they shouldn't be slippery as that may hurt you and cause fatal health issues. Tiles that are made specifically for the kitchens can be picked from amongst the rest and accordingly installed.

Follow these three tips, and you could own a great and economical bathroom.

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Bathroom Tiles - Follow Any of the Top 3 Trends for a Complete Makeover


Bathroom Tiles - Follow Any of the Top 3 Trends for a Complete Makeover

Gone are those days when you have to stick to the standard tile designs available for bathroom remodelling. Things have taken a significant turn over the time, and the bathroom tile trends have also gone way beyond just being skid resistant or the standard pink or blue hue. In the recent times, a lot of fantastic tiling options can be found that perfectly goes with your bathroom decor and will be aesthetically appealing too.

How does it look? Well, it can be the very first parameter for you to make sure you have chosen the right tiles but you also required to make sure that the selected style is compatible with the longevity, maintenance needs, shapes, finish and water resistance.

Go through the following to learn about the latest trends of the bathroom tiles to make your choice easy.

Geometric Patterns Are the New Trendy Wave


Do you still think that going for square shaped tiles is the only way you can go on? Well, the new trends of bathroom tiles are sure to break your notion. Choose the hexagon patterned floor tiles for creating a distinct pattern on the bathroom floor that is entirely different from that of the other rooms of your house.

On the other hand, you can save quite a considerable amount of money by experimenting with the subway tiles as well. You can simply use the subway tiles and place those in a criss-cross pattern to make sure that it looks different. Being simple and small in size, going for a patterned floor or a feature wall with differently geometrical shaped tiles will be a great option to go with.

Matte or Glossy - The Choice is Not That Difficult!


The choice is not that difficult when you know the exact appearance of the bathroom you are aiming for. When you are counting on the finish, you will find two significant differences where one has the matte finish, and the other section has the glossy finish. Both of these tiles are in trend.

With our range of glossy floor tiles in Perth, you can expect a rich, luxurious and dramatic look, mainly it is colourful. Matte finished tiles, on the other hand, give a minimal appeal to the bathroom. Therefore, if you prefer sophistication and elegance over the rich drama, matte finished tiles are the way to go.

Wooden Finished Tiles


Have you ever thought of remodelling your bathroom with wooden floors? Well, it's not possible, or is it? Not really, you can go for a timber finish in your bathroom when you have wood looking porcelain tiles for refurbishing the bathroom. It will look exactly like timber floors lying on the floor. However, you don't have to bother about the water resistance.

The tiles look, elegant and sophisticated. It gives a traditional touch to your bathroom decor along with infusing it with a contemporary finish. Moreover, the rich wooden colour will go with the freestanding baths as well as the faucets perfectly, enhancing the appearance.

Final Words

Well, it does not necessarily mean that the tiles you get at an affordable price are going to look bad. The cheap bathroom tiles in Perth are available under amazing price bracket as you shop from Direct Tile & Bath. Choose the tiles wisely so that it looks good, adds a contemporary touch to the decor as well as fits your pocket.

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4 Considerations to Keep In Mind for Laying Bathroom Tiles


4 Considerations to Keep In Mind for Laying Bathroom Tiles

When it concerns the beauty of the bathroom, it is something that is often overlooked given the fact that it is that one part of the house that isn't exposed for all to see. Despite that, there is this need to ensure that the bathroom is just as perfect as you would want the other rooms to be especially it is a corner that refreshes you the first thing in the morning.

Whenever you intend to remodel or probably design your bathroom, it should be just perfect where every aspect should be taken into consideration. One of the foremost concerns is the tiles that are laid on the floor as well as the walls. Since it is an area that is constantly in contact with water, there is the need to make a choice on the right set of tiles such as the subway tiles that are not just economical, aesthetically appealing as well as easy to use.

Here are a few important considerations to make when it comes to choosing tiles for your bathrooms.

The Shape and Size of the Tiles Are Very Important


Experts are known to agree with the fact that if you have a large bathroom, the tiles should be equally large. This gives about a naturally spacious look to the room. But coming to think of other aspects such as laying tiles in the shower area, the basin, the cabinets and similar areas in the bathroom, you need to understand whether large tiles would fit in there or not. An opposite contrast of large tiles on the floor and small ones on top would do that good to the aesthetics. Therefore, there is the need to analyse first and then make a choice on tiles that aren't contrasting in size and shape.

The Proportions of the Tiles to Be Laid


Since floor tiles are pre-cut, there is always the need to measure the length of the floor and accordingly analyse the size of the tiles that are to be placed. It is not always that the size would be just as exact and there is the need to cut the tiles into the desired pieces and accordingly laid. Despite that, there shouldn't be too many cut tiles laid around the edges which would ruin the way your bathroom would look. Just because you have set your eyes on a particular design and it doesn't suit the size, it isn't worth investing on.

The Type of Grout the Floor Would Receive


When looking at tiles on a catalogue, you wouldn't be able to see it with the grout and is something that becomes a prime concern when it is finally installed. Large and extended grout lines wouldn't give that even effect to the floor, and that is the reason, there is the need to choose tiles similar to the colour of the grout or vice versa.

Let the Tiles Add To the Natural Light


If you have a bathroom that is somewhere in the corner with not much of natural light coming in, it is often advisable to choose white gloss tiles and similar ones that are lightly-coloured. This makes it reflective while giving a spacious look to the bathroom. If there is too much of natural light coming in, there is the need to choose titles that have a matte finish and nothing that is glossy which would create a glare and making it difficult for you use the bathroom for long.

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5 Latest Wood Look Design Tiles That Are Making a Buzz in the Market


5 Latest Wood Look Design Tiles That Are Making a Buzz in the Market

In the past few years, a significant rise has been encountered in the trends of wood look tiles. It has turned out to be a game changer in modernising the home decor.

Although, these tiles have long been available but the demand reached its peak in the recent years. Direct Tile and Bath, being associated with companies with the manufacturing of these tiles has been the trendsetter. It is all because of the intervention of the advanced technology that has made the effect of wood on the tiles more realistic.

What Made Wood Look Tiles so Popular?

The desire of owning hardwood flooring for the house has also made people think of the different alternatives. The desire of using the real wood, however, cannot always be fulfilled because of several factors like excess budget, location or the size. The introduction of the tiles has come as a rescue and has fulfilled the dream of all those people who love to have wooden flooring at their place.

According to the experts, the wooden flooring demands the use of the perfect seasoned wood that takes hundreds of years to be made usable. While the wood takes time, the tiles are easily made and readily available according to the choice or pattern at an affordable rate.

The following are the few types of design of the wood look tiles in Perth that are in trend and are high in demand for house renovation:

Reclining on Matte Finish Tiles


The popularity of the matte finished tiles cannot be ignored. The tiles portray a powerful yet soft beauty that is awe-inspiring. Apart from this, the matte tiles do not get easily smudged or spots. The matte finished wood tiles provide a real look of the wooden flooring.

Oak Wood Rustic Tiles


If you are towards gaining the authentic wood-like flooring look, then using the oak wood rustic tiles would be the great option and is one of the bestsellers. The grooved finished with textured lining makes the tiles look real and helps in transforming your house.

Fresno Wood Effect Tiles


The manufacturers are ensuring that they experiment with the wood tile design by introducing the Fresno wood tiles. The slightly textured Fresno wood effect tiles also come in the pattern of subway tiles in Perth. The shades provide an undulating effect and add to the authenticity to the wood finish.

Herringbone Wood Look Tiles


The tiles are so manufactured that it forms a pattern when arranged or installed in a crisscross pattern. This wood floor tiles provide stylish and perfect parquet flooring. It gives a more sophisticated look to the flooring.

Porcelain Wood Tiles with Brick and Stone Effect


The advancement in the engineering and technology has laid the way for the use of the printing technology to create amazing wood patterns with real effect and tone. It provides an excellent feature splendidly highlighting the characteristics.


When it comes to choosing the right type of wood tiles for your house, it can be a challenging task. Keeping in mind every aspect of the house, like the size, colour and place to install, will always assist in buying the right design of the wood finished subway tiles.

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Excellent Bathroom Tiling without Crossing the Budget Limit - Know the Secrets!


Excellent Bathroom Tiling without Crossing the Budget Limit - Know the Secrets!

While you are planning for the bathroom renovation, tiling is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. With decorative tiles all over the bathroom and perfectly sets of complimentary bath essentials, your bathroom is going to get refurbished all over again.

The best part of working with tiles is these are readily available, a lot of varieties are there among the tiles, and also the application process is quite smooth as well. However, some misleading conceptions are always there in the air that may suggest that the contemporary bathroom tiles are super expensive.

Well, you have to get over with the misconception as by following some fantastic hacks you can make it sure that you are saving an extensive amount of money in the end.

Go through the list of smartest cost-cutting tricks of tiling that will help you out in this case.

Mix and Match the Tiles


It will be an excellent idea for saving some money. Take the example of subway tiles. Those are cheap, minimalistic and most importantly quickly available. On the other hand, choose the wood look tiles in Perth and match those up with the subway tiles. The compilation will look great, and the price of the subway tiles will change the game.

Check for Deals

There will always be a seasonal deal offered by the tiling service providers, and all you have to do is to keep your eyes wide open to grab the deal. It will be a massive money-spinner without compromising on the quality in any way. However, you should trust the reputed dealers to ensure that you are not getting into the trap of any vague offers.

Don't Throw Away the Cracked Tiles


There is no point of throwing away the cracked tiles in any way. Those will work positively for your bathroom. You can create a feature wall using the broken parts of the tiles and furnish it accordingly on the walls. While you are covering up the other parts of the bathroom with other tiles, this fantastic idea of creating the feature wall will give a dramatic appeal to the entire renovation process.

Stop Wastage

You have to play smart in this. There is not any point of buying a bunch of bathroom tiles without even assessing exactly how much you are required to invest based on the measurement. It is quite tricky, to be frank in the case you do not have any knowledge beforehand. Take experts help on this note and control the purchase limit according to your bathroom basics.

Maintain the Tiles to Save the Renovation Cost


Well, if you can have a proper checklist for the tiling maintenance, both the replacement and repairing cost will be checked. You can prove to quite a smart player in this. If you have chosen a distinctly designed tile, you are recommended to buy an extra lot for that. The repairing cost will be minimised as you will be able to replace the broken or damaged tiles with the help of the professionals without investing a single penny.

It may not be that easy to find superior quality cheap bathroom tiles in Perth that is also high on quality. However, looking for favourable offers and shopping at the times of sales is going to leave you in profit for sure.

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3 Ways to Make the Most of White Gloss Tiles for Classy Look of House


3 Ways to Make the Most of White Gloss Tiles for Classy Look of House

Your search for an exceptional tiling solution for your house ends at white gloss subway tiles!

Well, the exquisite yet simple looking smooth tiles can do wonders in your house. No matter where you are heading to regarding the choice in between remodelling or new construction, it is the ultimate look of the house or the decor that matters the most. There can be a million ways by which you can change the look of your house but sticking with the one that will best suit your need and the demand matters.

The job of tiling is something that is gaining popularity at present. The desire to have a fabulous looking living room, kitchen or hall has made the people try out the different types of tiles. What has stood with the time is the subway tile! With a fascinating history, the tiles are genuinely a specimen of master craftsmanship of the people working in the tile manufacturing industry. The demand has never been reduced from the 1930s after it was first introduced in the subway passages of New York.

No doubt that the subway tiles in Perth have been providing the much required minimalistic, classic, almost a capricious look when it comes to interior designing of houses. The versatility in the utility of the tiles has made it to be one of the favourites.

The following are some of the reasons why the tiles are used more often than the other options –

One Tile that Fits the Entire Place


Thanks to the engineering, the simple looking rectangular sized subway tiles have the cutting edge trend over their competitors. On one hand, where the lighter shades of the gloss tiles are the favourites for the bathrooms; the bright dark shades are preferred for the living rooms and the kitchens. The best thing that the tile installation is pretty much easy as the patterns can make a lot of difference. Both the horizontal and vertical arrangements of the tiles are incorporated for creating a unique appeal in the decor. Oh yes, installing them wisely in a non-traditional way can do wonders! And Guess what! It’s affordable too.

Play with Installation Patterns


There is no harm in trying out the different patterns. The tiles are the master in enhancing the aesthetic look. Trying out the different blends of unique shades and tones of the tiles with the white capping of white cement on the edges provides an eternal beauty to interior and exterior of the kitchen or living room.

There is no harm in trying out the retro pattern by properly blending and coordinating the tile arrangement. There are numerous doors of decor patterns opened with these subway tiles.

Raise the Visual Enthusiasm


For the interior decorators, the subway tiles are the perfect solution for improving the scenery. No doubt, the tiles can improve the feel and the look of the place. The application of the different colour shades of tiles, surely adds to the visual enthusiasm of the house. To be specific, the white gloss tiles will prove to be your best choice when you are aiming for impressing the onlookers with your distinct aesthetic sense.


The use of the tiles with new designs and colours produced over the years is used in decorating the modern and the contemporary houses. What matters is the classic look that stands out to be eye soothing. Apart from this, the ease of cleaning and the ability to retain the beauty over the years has helped the tiles in maintaining its stand. All you need to do is to choose your very own tiling partner Direct Tile & Bath for hassle-free installation and you will be all set to enjoy freshly refurbished interior of your house.

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Busted! Top 6 False Notions about Wood Look Tiles That You Should Never Believe


Busted! Top 6 False Notions about Wood Look Tiles That You Should Never Believe

In the recent times, the new trends in tiling industry have made it quite challenging for you to choose the one that will perfectly suit the appearance of your home. However, a lot of house owners are still there who still put faith in the traditional style but take a step behind considering the hassles of maintenance. Timber floors will serve as the most prominent example of this situation.

The tile manufacturers have, therefore, come up with the idea that will let you enjoy the traditional style without any hassle regarding the maintenance. Yes, we are taking the revolutionary wood look tiles in Perth here that looks exactly like the wooden floors yet are made using the standard tiling materials.

However, despite these significant benefits, a lot of rumours, misconceptions and myths surround this particular tiling style just like the real timber floors. Well, if you are planning to renovate the house with this traditional wooden feel all around, it is crucial to clear out all your doubts and go ahead with your decision.

Let us be on your side in getting over with these doubts. Read on to find out.

"Wood Look Tiles Will Never Look like Real Timber."


This particular misconception is probably spread by the people who don't have any experience of installing the wood look tiles before or perhaps they are talking about the tiles that were available a long time back. In the recent times, the engineered tiles look even better than the real timber floors regarding appearance. So, you can pick it without any inhibition in mind.

"Wood Look Tiles Are Harmful to the Environment."


It is another false notion developed by people who have no clue about the process of manufacturing these particular tiles. The tiles are made of recycled products along with raw materials that are not bad for the environment in any way. Moreover, it lasts for years to come and does not consist of any volatile compound that can affect the environment.

"Wood Look Tiles Fade Away."


Never! The colour of the real timber may change over the time, but the case is not similar to the wood look tiles. With minimum maintenance, the tiles will keep on shining like the new ones and that too for a prolonged period.

"Wood Look Tiles Can Be Cold."


Well, if we consider it to be true, there is nothing bad in that. Instead, it's way better than the poor quality tiles that become hot too easily. The tiles can help in getting your house cooled down and led it to become energy efficient. In the case, you feel too cold; consider using rugs, especially during the winter.

"You Need to Go for Traditional Decor for Installing Wood Look Tiles."


There is no mandatory rule as such. These wood-like tiles may apparently seem to be traditionally but once installed in the bathroom; it will perfectly go with the contemporary freestanding baths you choose from our collection. The best part of these tiles is they go well with both the traditional and modern home decors.

"Wood Look Tiles Are Extremely Costly."


Well, it is true that these tiles are costlier than the cheaply made tiles, but when you look at the advantages, your spending will become valid. It is prone to last longer than any of the contemporaries, and you don't need to overspend on the maintenance. So, there are savings everywhere! Look for deals and discounts to cut the rate if you want.

Take a look at our collection of Wood Look Tiles and choose any of the preferable shades to revamp your home decor.

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What's The Best Way to Get Quality Yet Cheap Bathroom Tiles?


What's The Best Way to Get Quality Yet Cheap Bathroom Tiles?

Getting quality tiles but at cheap rates! Well, sounds somewhat far-fetched when you begin shopping. If you want quality, you will have to pay off a fair price, and if you go for the low quality ones, then you are sacrificing your desirable quality. So, you have an ordeal at hand! Or Do you? Not quite mates!

If you have ever checked out the quality of affordable bathroom tiles and its price tag, you will know that yes the two extremes can be procured at a single go. So, judging by this statement, shopping online does appear to be the best way to suffice both your quality and affordability.

It's distinctly clear that not many are sure of this bold statement. So here's indexing a few pointers which could put things into the right perspective.

"You Always Have a Better Alternative"


That's a fact, believe it or not! If you choose a top-rated online tile store in Perth, you will find that their index always contains an endless list of options. All you have to do is just use the filtering options present to customise your searches. Those include:

  • The price bracket you are willing you expense.
  • Your desirable design, colour and also the patterns.
  • The shape and dimension of the tile.
  • And also the type: sandstone, concrete, porcelain, ceramic, wood grain, splash-back or any other.

You get these filtering options precisely to ensure that you get the design you are seeking and that too at your desired price range. If you think rationally, with such multiplicity of designs flaunting in front of your eye-line you are bound to like something within your expenditure's maximum stretch.

"There Are Always New Arrivals with Affordable Rates"


The thing about online tile shops is that they always keep stacking up their portico with new inclusions. And, if not mistaken, most times you will find them available at cost-friendly rates.

So whether non-slip matte-finish bathroom tiles or porcelain ones mixed with clay and other minerals (finely polished off-course), a constant addition of attractive tiles come up. Plus their price bracket usually lies somewhere between Au$24 to Au$36 is surely in your affordability terms.

"You Get a Stamp of Authentication on Every Purchase"


When you shop from offline stores (at a higher price usually), What's The One Thing Which You Look For To Determine the Quality and Genuineness of Tiles? It's always that Watermark certification as well as Australian Standard manufacturing. Isn't that true mates?

You bet it is. Well, here's a secret. When you shop with reputable online tile supplies, you even get assurance proof that the tiles have been quality tested. Plus they will also present you with Australian Standards Water Mark certifications along with the packaging.

On top of that, you also get a contact number to buzz if say you need to inquire about something.

So the balance of equilibrium between the two stabilises and what makes online shopping a slightly better option if because of the price difference.

The Final Call

Thus, without evoking any controversy, it is safe to state that online tile suppliers (those with recognition and good customer reviews) are the best way to purchase quality tiles and affordable rates.

Now you know, so go ahead and pick out that supplier and start selecting those tile designs which appease your eyes and pouches!


Why Should You Pick Subway Tiles For Bathroom Renovation?


Why Should You Pick Subway Tiles For Bathroom Renovation?

A lot of people take a step behind considering the hassles and expenditure of bathroom renovation even at times when it is an absolute necessity. However, it's high time to think about it with seriousness and this time in a smart way. With so many varieties of bathroom tiles along with the differences in their pricing, it will not be that hard for you to settle down for something that is affordable yet apt for bathrooms.

When it comes down to finding something most suitable for redecorating the bathroom without exceeding the budget, subway tiles in Perth are preferably the best choice for you. A lot of people may discourage you in this case as they believe these tiles to be too simple and there is no uniqueness in the flat tiles. Moreover, they also tend to think that these tiles have become old-fashioned and do not go well in the modern sphere.

Read on to find out why these particular tiles have made its way to become the most popular choice in the modern time despite being so simple and minimal in style.



As you research for finding out the pricing list of the several tiles, you will undoubtedly pick the subway tiles over any other option considering its low price. However, just because these tiles come at an affordable price that does not mean the quality is compromised in any way. The tiles are equally sturdy and high quality like any other tiles.

It Can Help Creating a Minimalistic Design


Well, in the contemporary setup, going minimal is undoubtedly the new trend to be followed. Subway tiles are simple in appearance. With the subtle yet stylish bathroom fixtures, the minimalistic design of the tiles matches perfectly. All you need to do is to choose the hues of the tiles smartly to make sure it serves your purpose in the best possible way.

Dark Shaded Subway Tiles Make Bathroom Appear Spacious


Have you seen any bathroom in the recent times that have dark shaded subway tiles? It will create a visual illusion under which you may think that there is more space in the bathroom even if it is not there. Consider choosing the black tiles for creating a dramatic feature wall in the bathroom where you have installed the shower and make your small bathroom appear spacious.

You Can Try Almost Any Pattern


Subway tiles are small and rectangular. Therefore, you can try creating practically any pattern with it. From creating the traditional brick style to install it in a crisscross pattern, you can opt for any of the designs you need. You can also experiment with the colour combination by putting two or three different coloured tiles together to create a distinct shape.

The Easiest Option of All for Cleaning


It's simple and easy to deal with the cleanup of these tiles. The grouts of these bathroom tiles can be easily cleaned with a brush and wipe the entire thing off with a fresh towel, and it is cleaned. It is recommended to ensure that the cleaning agents you are using for the maintenance purpose are not reactive to the material.

Remember to choose the other bathroom fixtures accordingly so that the tiles do not appear out of place and you can get the desired result.

Find out the best deal and opt for it as soon as possible.


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4 Tile Designs to Make Your Home Come Alive this New Year


4 Tile Designs to Make Your Home Come Alive this New Year

Even though wallpapers and wall decals seem to be making a comeback of sorts! If you are seeking a more appeasing and chic way of adorning your digs, then tiles are your best bet! They are available in vivid patterns and sizes, thus giving you endless opportunities. Plus they are practical and also versatile when it comes to using them at just about any given interior region. Safe to say mate – Tiles in Perth Aren't Just Used For Washrooms and Backsplashes Anymore. They Have The Ability To Transcend The Room Of An Entire Room Completely.

Check These 4 Cool Décor Ideas And Take Inspiration

  • If you have a fireplace mantle at your place, you can punch in some graphical tiles. The focal point has to be the fireplace and for that make sure you choose the colour patterns carefully. Cross-hair designed tiles preferably in black and white textures encapsulating the mantle will make it come alive. To radiate more drama and aestheticism, you can add in some wooden furniture and pretty looking glass table in the middle. For the walls, you can keep the colour minimalistic such as light yellow, sky blue or light green.
cross-hair designed tiles.jpg
  • Tiles are always a great choice for kitchen decors and backdrops for freestanding baths. Encaustic tiles, also commonly known as printed ceramic tiles are surely something which you can use. For the best effect, you should opt for symmetrical or geometric designs for bringing out more fun designs. To pop it up more, you certainly can marry it with a few coats of vivacious paints. However, if you prefer simplistic appearance for your bathrooms or kitchen interiors, you can also opt for a neutral or classical tile designs. One great idea would be to double up the tile décor by keeping the floor and wall décor completely contrasting to one another. Some funky printed or eccentrically patterned tiles for your floor and a minimalistic tile wall will bring out lots of dramatic vibes.
encaustic tiles.jpg
  • Redefine your wall backsplash by thinking of unorthodox formations. Just skip the typical wall paint and go out of the box with a totally inspired wall accent. They are surely eye-appeasing, and they make any given room come alive. The correct choice of tiles would be something like Herringbone (rectangular tiles) would work marvellously. As for the colour selection, you can choose any colour contrasting colour pattern you like. White-Black, Off-White-Volcanic Ash, Grey-Red/Yellow – all appear to be good options.
herringbone tiles.jpg
  • To exemplify your floor, you can shy away from the hardwood floor or even the conventional tile floor design. Rather you should take up Chevron patterns to ooze out your room's every element. You don't need to experiment in any way. Just install these tiles and watch the magic unfold! Bright green hues are stunning options for such flooring designs particularly if you have light shaded walls. It contrasts amazingly, and also the soothing light green reflection gives you room a surreal kind of dazzle.
chevron patterned tiles.jpg

These are some of the cool home décor ideas which you can implement using tiles. Contact a reliable provider, find out what options are available within your budget and give your home a dreamy makeover!


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