Want Freestanding Baths? Few Key Aspects to Consider Beforehand


Want Freestanding Baths? Few Key Aspects to Consider Beforehand

Considered to be one daring and stunning style statement, freestanding bathtubs are becoming more popular in homes with time. No need for you to skirt the edges of your room to make it complement the bathtub decor. These baths are versatile, and wherever they are installed, they will prove to be the focal point of that space.

Freestanding Baths.JPG

Modern-day freestanding baths are not just a practical solution. They also double up as an incredible style statement presenting your bathroom an undeniable wow factor. If you are willing to install a freestanding bath, then here are some aspects to check out before ordering.

Key Considerations to Look For:

Size Of The Tub:

tub size.JPG

When choosing the right size; you have to figure out where to instal it. You should look to place it somewhere in the centre of the room, leaving enough room to maneuvre around it. If you have a commodious bathroom, then freestanding baths are perfect to enjoy a spa-like treatment at home.

However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot think of installing one in your small bathrooms. At Direct Tile and Bath,we offer freestanding baths or all shapes and designs. From classic 1800mm classic oval shaped bathtubs to a 1500mm simplistic bath for bathrooms where spaces are at a minimum; we have all your needs covered.

Determining the size is the first thing to do. With that; you also need to inspect that the floor joists are enough to bear the weight of the bath. If you need any assistance, let us know!

Layout And Style:


As visual aesthetics are crucial; you should also consider the drainage configuration and the plumbing before installing one. Functionality and placement of the freestanding bath should also be considered. The placement ought to be such that you can easily slide in and out without much of an effort.

In terms of style; you will come across a wide range of freestanding baths in Perth, right at our website. Whether you want a contemporary look or want to install a tub with timeless class; all you need to do is choose.

If you wish to expense a bit more, then you can opt for tubs with clawed feet. They will serve as the centrepiece of your bathroom. Furthermore, all our freestanding baths consist of a built-in pop waste plug along with a flexible water hose. All this means that once unboxed; it is ready for use.

Contrarily, if you want to create a striking presence with a minimalistic bathtub, then; you can opt for our splendid natural sheen Acrylic freestanding baths.

 The Material:


Creating the first impression always matters, and with freestanding baths from Direct Bath and Tile; you can do that. You can go for lightweight, warmth and durable acrylic freestanding baths which comprise a double insulation layer coupled with stylish designs.

However; you can also opt for freestanding baths engineered with cast iron and stone designs to create a show-stopping feature. But; you need to remember that they are way heavier.

One great thing for you is that new and trending stocks keep arriving, giving you plenty of fresh options to check whenever you visit. So, if you wish to instal quality acrylic freestanding baths in Perth and want some help in sorting out the right option; speak to our experts. They will be more than glad to help you out.


Why Porcelain Tiles Are a Fast-Forward Flooring Option For Bathrooms?


Why Porcelain Tiles Are a Fast-Forward Flooring Option For Bathrooms?

You will find a lot of homeowners festooning their bathroom flooring with porcelain tiles. These tiles are denser, less porous and harder in comparison to ceramic tiles. They offer greater stain and water resistant abilities. And they are appropriate for radiant-in floor heat to keep the floor toasty on cool and pleasant mornings.

Porcelain Tiles.JPG

Another trait of porcelain tiles which helps it garner attention is its versatility. These tiles can mimic the appearance of natural tiles namely granite and limestone. Porcelain tiles are available in an array of designs, styles and shapes, and for all these reasons you should consider flooring your bathroom using them.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry, here’s stating more on why they are such a fast forward flooring option for bathrooms.

High Enduring Meant to Last Over The Years


Porcelain tiles are known for their ability to withstand wear and tear over the years as standard ceramic tiles. These tiles have few air pockets, comprises of denser materials and tends to be more consistent in construction.

All porcelain tiles from Direct Tile And Bath are thicker than most tile variants and last for a very long time. So, if you wish to install quality bathroom tiles in Perth which looks gorgeous over the years and is less prone to breaking, then our manufactured porcelain tiles will hold up rather well.

Impervious to Moisture Exposure and High Traffic Use

Moisture Exposure.jpg

Porcelain tiles work great for surfaces which receive high foot traffic. These floors are resistant to wear, breakage and even against those sharp nails of pets. In that case, such tiles are appropriate to install in bathrooms where the surface is exposed to water all the time.

Regardless of the abuse of everyday life, porcelain tiles will retain their appearance, and you don’t need to spend hours on its maintenance.

They Require Little Maintenance

tile maintaince.jpg

If you have opted for traditional hardwood flooring, then maintaining it can be a tough task. Fortunately, porcelain tiles don’t involve any such maintenance requirements. There is no special kind of sealing which keeps the water out from the tiles. You can wipe the water from the tiles without causing them any harm.

This is yet another good reason why they are such a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens where moisture exposure is common. These are some rational reasons why you should think of using porcelain tiles for your bathroom.

We have a wide collection of quality porcelain tile options for your bathroom flooring needs. From non-slip matte finish, glossy or smooth tiles to tiles with glazed finishes; we have all your vivid needs covered.

Furthermore, Direct Tile And Bath, being one of the top tile suppliers inPerth, also has porcelain tiles of the latest designs at budget-friendly costs. Our tiles are available in sizes beginning from 300x300 (perfect for bathroom floors) to 1200x600 more apt for larger bathrooms or kitchen floors.

If you have any problem in choosing your flooring option; our experts will help you out in making the right choice. So, feel free to browse throughout impressive collection today!


Make Your Guests Jealous With These Top 3 Bathroom Tiles Hack


Make Your Guests Jealous With These Top 3 Bathroom Tiles Hack

It’s the prime time to realise your house fantasy. With various aspects like budget and decor, there are other factors like durability and the quality that matters. Ensuring that your house has the right kind of fitting or accessory that are soothing not only to you but also the guest is said to be something that has been achieved. Tiles are one of them that change the look of the place.

bathroom tiles.jpg

Enhancing the Value of your House/Bathroom

Majority of the people believe that in the case of house renovation or adding value, installation of tiles plays a significant role. Designer and beautiful tiles account to 95% of the appearance. It is one of the reasons why tiles remain the popular choice till date and companies are manufacturing the varieties as per the requirement of the people.

So What’s Next

Behind the success of every project, what matters the most is the right preparation. The reputed tile suppliers in Perth like Direct Tile & Bath believe that keeping the different aspects in mind while making a choice is always going to provide you with mesmerising results. The following are the factors that have the handy contribution in ensuring an immaculate bathroom renovation--

  • The effect that the tiles provide like is it warmer in the colder area or vice versa

  • Installation price of the quote

  • The design and texture of the tile available

1.Choosing the Tiles


Making the right choice of the tile is going to be the deciding factor. Experts say that the right selection drives the ambience of the bathroom or the house. The owner needs to ascertain the factors- utility, durability, maintenance- before going for a particular type. The following are some of the aspects that need to be kept in mind--

2.Place of Installation

Tiles Installations.jpg

The floor tiles differ from the splashback tiles. Therefore, the tile suppliers in Perth make sure that the owners get the one that they are looking for. On one hand, where Ceramic - Gloss White Ripple tiles are suitable for the splashback, marble look gloss white tiles are suitable for wall, and porcelain tiles are more suited for floors.

3.Taking Care of the Ambience

taking care of tiles.jpg

What type of look you want to give to your bathroom matters. Whether a touch of gold on the black base or a complete warm feeling is the matter of choice. The dealers or suppliers like Direct Tile & Bath have with them all the types of tiles. Right from glossy black subway tiles to ceramic matte finished white tiles- everything is going to make your guests feel jealous.

Colour of the tiles matters a lot. It is what that is going to define the aura of the place. Experts prefer the light coloured tiles for the confined places that get the least light. Dark coloured tiles work well in spacious and well-lighted space.


With so many retailers dealing with sale and purchase of tiles, going with the one that has a reputation of having affordable and quality bathroom tiles in Perth, within a budget, is going to change the look of your house. Direct Tile & Bath has with it the variations that you need to explore.


Digging Deeper Into Acrylic Freestanding Baths-All You Need to Know


Digging Deeper Into Acrylic Freestanding Baths-All You Need to Know

Acrylic freestanding baths are easy on the eye, body and your pockets. They are also very durable, known to retain heat, low in maintenance and light-weight. All these reasons make it clear why these tubs are so popular in the market.

Freestanding Baths.jpg

If you are in double-mind whether you should get one installed or not, here is a post which could help you make the right decision.

 Acrylic Freestanding Baths - An Insight!

Acrylic Freestanding Baths.jpg

Acrylic freestanding baths are manufactured from acrylic sheets typically 4.5mm to 8mm in thickness. These sheets are reinforced underneath with the help of a steel or wood support and come coated with fibreglass reinforcement. At a budget-friendly price, these tubs are sufficiently strong and resilient.

Being a crowd favourite; you may find these baths can be moulded in all shapes and designs. Plus their design is such that it can fit into any given interior/bathroom decor.

Some Quality Traits of Acrylic Freestanding Baths:

  • Acrylic baths are non-porous, and that prevents the growth of bacteria and germs on its surface. This makes it very easy to clean, maintain and polish without causing any scratches.

  • These freestanding baths are warm in touch in comparison to their steel counterparts. After a long tiring day at work, there’s no better feeling than to soak your body in lukewarm water. These tubs are excellent in transferring heat quickly, and so it doesn’t stay cool for long. This is perfect if you wish for home spa indulgence.

  • In terms of appearance, acrylic tubs mimic baths made with cast iron and bring the advantage of timelessness, richness and authenticity. On installing it into your homes, it will surely prove to be the focal point of your home decor.

  • Acrylic baths are lightweight in comparison to cast iron tubs, and that makes the installation simple and profitable.

At Direct Tile And Bath, we present you with a wide range of acrylic freestanding baths at budget-friendly rates.

From 1500mm classic tubs to 1800mm oval freestanding baths, we provide you baths which are perfect for bathrooms having limited space.

Aspects To Consider Before Buying:

Aspects To Consider.jpg
  • Determine the right size of the tub depending on the available space on your bathroom.

  • Select the shape and slope which matches up to your needs.

  • When selecting the weight of the tub check if your floors can withstand its structural weight.

That being said; you can always call our professionals to perform an inspection if you are not sure of the weight.

  • Lastly; you should check the height and depth of the tub. For the height, check the tub elevation, tub surround and ensure that you have enough structural support. For the depth, you can choose tubs with 18-22 inch deep, as per your requirements.

These are some of the key aspects that you should consider before choosing bath tubs in Perth for your bathroom space.

At Direct Tile And Bath, we get new stocks arriving frequently. Plus we also present discounts to cut down on your costs. Feel free to check out our bath designs anytime you feel.


Tips From Pros to Install Subway Tiles Without a Flaw


Tips From Pros to Install Subway Tiles Without a Flaw

Bathroom renovation isn't a headache, but few of the small details can turn up to be a massive problem if you haven't paid proper attention to them.


Here is where the installation of subway tiles comes as a factor that requires not just attention, but a bit of professional care to.

The Great Things about Subway Tiles


There are many! Subway tiles have been one of the most popular choices for the modern bathroom because they are superbly versatile in their designs, colours and patterns. They look good and offer your bathroom a class that sets a strong uniqueness to the place. They are modern and aren't that costly too. Plus, cleaning these subway tiles isn't always a hazard unless...

...you neglect your bathroom (no offence).

Have you already decided to buy these tiles for your bathroom? Then you'd better hold on a bit. It is because you may completely ruin the outcome you pictured when these tiles aren't cared by professional means in case of their installation process.

This blog will aim to help you with some quality knowledge about what professionals do in such a project.

Read on to find out.

1. Pros Use a Ledger


Most pros wouldn't ever think of installing subway tiles without a ledger. The thing is that subway tiles have a very clear borderline and such prominence is taken as a fundamental factor in their elegance. Not using a material for ledger may make the alignment curved. It is a serious discomfort to the eye. Plus, it may loosen the tiles at their grip with the wall. A proper bathroom renovation by subway tiles in north of river Perth is going need a supportive wooden piece at the first rows of the tiles. This step gives the pros an idea about how exactly the alignment should be. Plus, the entire process becomes much easier.

2. A Tile Cutter Is Occasionally Required


The tile cutter is a tool that doesn't sound so serious, but using it is very serious. There are a variety of tile cutters out there and you may not know which one you need only for subway tiles. Besides, a slight mistake in using them can make you face accidents and damage a subway tile permanently.

3. Checking the Spacers: Most Subway Tiles Have Them


Not including the right spacers can be a serious error. However, this factor can be applied to other tiles but not with subway tiles (at least not with most of them). What professionals do is that they check the tiles for those spacers and apply it only if you need a very thick grout line. In most cases, you don't need such thicker looks at the grout by your subway tiles in Perth for bathroom renovation. It doesn’t look so good and will get dirtier with time too.

4. Time for the Edges!

subway tiles for bathroom.JPG

Well, in most cases, the edges of these tiles can ruin the looks if you haven't calculated edging them properly. Pros go for measuring the tiles and checking if they are going to be uniform with the edges of the walls. They make additional efforts if the desired outcomes don't happen based on the measurement of the tile and the space at the walls.

5. Keeping on Cleaning

cleaning subway tiles.JPG

Pros know that the binding material would keep on extracting itself from the grouts the harder the tiles are pressed to settle onto the surface of the walls. If they don't keep on cleaning that extra residue being extracted, then it may get stuck due to getting dry.


You'll need the right product for the right installation. Well, why don't you contact the officials of Direct Tile and Bath? The brand has a variety of products. But, the more interesting thing is that the staffs there can help you to choose the right subway tiles you need for your upcoming bathroom renovation.

When installed, these subway tiles will make way for a splendid time inside your bathroom.


Top 5 Bathroom Tiling and Renovation Trends of 2019


Top 5 Bathroom Tiling and Renovation Trends of 2019

When you enter the bathroom after a long tiring day, you must be expecting a luxurious experience. Your bathroom should look that inspiring to wash your worries away as you take a step inside the bath full of lukewarm water.


Heaps of thoughts are given by both the accessory manufacturer and the designers to add that contemporary touch to the bathroom. However, you always have the choice of customising the design as per your choice when you choose Direct Tile and Bath to be your designing partner.

Like every year, the bathroom designing trends are going to be changed in this year too. Some of the designs from previous years will go away, and some of those will stay back. And, as you trusted designing partner, we wish to inform you about some of the bathroom tiling trends that are going to be quite popular in the coming year.

Have a look at the trends of 2019 for the best bathroom tiles in Perth from which you can make your choice.

Patterned Tiles


Patterns are indeed the first preference for tiles. The patterned tiles have become quite popular in recent times, and it will continue to dominate the market in 2019 too. Available in both traditional and contemporary patterns, these tiles are going to steal the show in bathroom designing.

Subway Tiles will turn More Narrow


While in 2018, the minimal look for bathrooms was quite popular and for that reason, the sales number for these tiles has also increased. It has turned more narrow, sleek and minimal. The colour patterns have also changed quite a bit. Ivory and grey are the most popular choices among these colour patterns as it makes the tiles look sleeker.

Dark Colour in Wall and Floor Tiles


Whether you choose to go with the fish scale patterns or the subway, the use of dark colours is undoubtedly the new trend to be followed in the coming year. It works for both wall and floor options. You can pick the wood look tiles for this purpose as it can accentuate the decor in the best possible way.

Going Vertical


When you are searching for cheap tiles in Perth without compromising on the appearance of your bathroom, choosing vertical tiling options will be just great. Those are quite cost-effective and offer a contemporary look too. You can use this vertical tiling pattern to create a feature wall in your bathroom also. Check the web for inspiration and references.

Modern Sleek Baths


The trend of freestanding baths was there for quite a long time. In 2019, you can expect to have a wide variety in that range. The baths will go sleek in design and correctly merge with the contemporary bathroom decor too.


So, here are some of the most anticipated bathroom designing trends that are going to be followed in the year 2019. Choose your trusted tiling and renovation specialist, Direct Tile and Bath for this job and give a complete makeover to your old bathroom style, right away. Talk to our experts today, and we will fill you with some more suggestions.     


Why Have Custom Kitchens Turned Out to Be the Trendsetter in Australia?


Why Have Custom Kitchens Turned Out to Be the Trendsetter in Australia?

Having a luxurious kitchen with all the necessary accessories is possibly your dream, and Direct Tile and Bath can fulfil it. What do you need to give a facelift to your kitchen? Well, we will come to the point. But, before that, it is crucial to know that why do you need the makeover in the first place?


There may be heaps of reasons for that. But improving the aesthetics and the functionality are the two common factors that are always there. In the recent times, the trend of the customised kitchen has become the popular choice of the Aussies, and being the most popular supplier of kitchen essentials and also the renovation expert, Direct Tile and Bath has catered to every demand of the clients over the time.

Now, back to the first question here.

What do you need to do for remodelling your kitchen? Well, the first thing is the tiles - both floor and wall tiles. Along with that, you need to work on your kitchen cabinets, cooktops and the other accessories to make sure; you can have both fun and ease in your kitchen.

Let us give you some insights about the advantages of custom kitchens in Perth that a lot of people have already opted for discarding the need of flatpack kitchens. It will surely change your perspective.

Contemporary or Traditional - the Choice is Yours


Not everyone is fascinated with the idea of contemporary design. Some like a traditional vintage look. For those, wood look tiles will be a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want the kitchen to look minimal and contemporary, gloss tiles will be the ideal choice (not to forget, these gloss tiles need less maintenance too!). So, the fact is you don't have to go for any set up trend with the customised kitchen. Instead, you can make your own choice and set your own trend.

Minimised Energy Bills


Well, as we were saying earlier, the benefits of a custom kitchen are not limited to aesthetic beauty, but it helps in minimising the energy bills. Using environment-friendly and heat-resistant material for the kitchen flooring can actually take a lot of heat, keeping the inside cool. And also, the choice of LED lights and low energy appliances will make it more practical for you.

² Custom Kitchen Increases Property Value


Those who have opted for custom kitchens in previous years, hand picked tiles online and designed the kitchen for enhanced functionality and finally sold it off after two or three years have received a lot of benefits. Ya! Opting for the customised kitchen can actually increase your property value and help you to get a better price. So, the benefits are not temporary, but in the long-term too. In one word, it is a complete return on investment.

Final Words

In the final part, some recommendations and pieces of advice for our valued customers. When you are making your own decisions, better be ready with some ideas to input. Speak up about your inspirations, and of course, your needs to design the kitchen of your dreams. For the rest, there is Direct Tile and Bath, ready at your service.


Use Gloss Tiles to Turn bathroom Renovation Visually Tempting


Use Gloss Tiles to Turn bathroom Renovation Visually Tempting

If you have the thought of using gloss tiles, and that too the white ones, then hold your thought a bit more and learn why you have made an excellent choice.

Offering a pat at your back, this blog is going to state a few facts in support of the benefits of using the white gloss tiles as a bathroom renovation choice. You can use it both on the walls and at the floor. Just get some professional renovators for the job.


The thing about white gloss tiles is that you get them not just in a simple or plain form, but also in a variety of design nowadays. In this regard, you can try out the newest ripple pattern, which imitates the rippling formation of water on the tile’s surface. This layout of this formation sticks closer to the wavy state of water when it is slightly disturbed.

Amazing, eh?

Well, you bet it is so. But, it is time you get a quick sneak peek into the benefits, these white gloss tiles has in store for you when you reckon of a bathroom renovation.

Read more to find out.

They Make Bathroom Space Look Bigger


Who doesn’t want that? It is sure that bathrooms can make one feel a bit enclosed if the person stays too long inside. Frankly speaking, no one wants that. Well, the solution appears to you if you buy white gloss tiles from Bathroom Tile Shops in Perth that has a variety of these products. Due to the fact that it has reflective qualities, it makes the bathroom space look and appear larger and more spacious. No wonder that’s bonzer!

They Are Appealing...Much Appealing


Just due to that glossy nature, these tiles look the most sophisticated. This aesthetic feel in them makes a soothing sensation and delivers comfort to a person after entering the bathroom. Moreover, white gloss tiles again have that classic feel that keeps them a bit advanced in the groups of the other gloss tile options.

They Allow More Light Into The Bathroom


The reflection at the tiles makes the bathroom shine or glow with light. Whiteness is always supportive to an enhanced effect from light sources. Plus, gloss multiplies the intensity of light and makes things intensely and vibrantly visible.

They Are Smooth In Their Feel


Who doesn’t want a bit of that soothing sensation for the skin underneath the feet? It’s usual. The surface of the White Gloss Bathroom Tiles in Perth is even. This trait not only makes them reflect light, but also helps them produce a smooth feel offered by their surface, giving you that charming sensation you always expect.

Some More Words

Well, products must be the right ones. You are going to get them from Direct Tile and Bath with an added variety to newest design trends. The brand promises to bring for you a diverse range of tiles and bathroom renovation products with numerous facilities of superb quality.

With white gloss tiles from this brand, you’ll love spending time in the bathroom.


Why are Porcelain Tiles the Most Preferred Option for Kitchen Flooring?

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Why are Porcelain Tiles the Most Preferred Option for Kitchen Flooring?

Hard, durable, water and stain resistant – these are the words that indeed cross your mind when you think of the option of tiles for your kitchen flooring. Not to forget, the floor tiles are meant to look naturally attractive too. So, the primary factor you need to concentrate on is the quality of the tiles you are choosing.


The variety of tiles that most of the property owners choose for their kitchen includes ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and stone based tiles. Evidently, each of these types has different compositions. If we keep the stone floor tiles out of this list and concentrate on comparing the porcelain and ceramic tiles based on a few attributes, it will be seen that porcelain tiles are a much-preferred choice for most of the people.

Do you need to know the real reason for this popularity? Here are some of the factors involved for this choice as shared by our experts of tiles in Perth associated with Direct Tile and Bath. Read on to find out.

Porcelain Tiles is perfect for Heavy Foot Traffic


Other than just saying that porcelain tiles are a better choice than the ceramic tiles, let’s prove it! Look at the composition of both the tiles. Ceramic tiles are made of the perfect mixture of clay and sand whereas the porcelain ones are also made of similar elements but just with more refined ones.

Strength is one of the most prominent attributes of the porcelain tiles. So, you can actually stay out of fear that the porcelain tiles will be damaged in any way if you accidentally drop a heavy jar. It’s just perfect for both moderate to heavy foot traffic that is quite common for any kitchen.

Porcelain Tiles absorb Less Moisture


Just like your bathroom floors, moisture is quite common in kitchen areas too. And, porcelain tiles evidently absorb less moisture compared to the ceramic tiles. Whether it is coming from the humid ambience of your kitchen or accidental spills, the porcelain tiles are the way to go.

Our range of floor tiles in Perth, especially the porcelain tiles actually have a layer of shiny coat that resist the spill to cross the surface level. And, these tiles are equally valid when it comes to stain absorption. So, there is no way that you have to do any struggle with these particular floor tiles.

Is the Cost too high?


You may hear a lot of people complaining about the cost of the porcelain tiles by comparing it to the ceramic tiles. That’s not fair, of course! It is true that the price of porcelain tiles is a bit high compared to other floor tiles. But, considering the attributes the porcelain tiles have, you cannot stop yourself from opting for it. And, most importantly the cost is never ‘too high’. Instead, you just need to pay a bit more price to secure a perfect look for your kitchen.


It is a perfect floor tile option for any of type of kitchen areas. Be it residential, commercial or industrial kitchen; the porcelain tiles are compatible. Check out the wide variety of porcelain floor tiles available in the store of Direct Tile and Bath and go for a kitchen renovation.

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5 Reasons why Thin Porcelain Tiles are Preferred for Bathroom Decor


5 Reasons why Thin Porcelain Tiles are Preferred for Bathroom Decor


Are you looking for the best tiles to be laid in the bathroom? Are you worried about the other features of the tiles that would be vital to give your bathroom a sheen and sophisticated look? Well, for such worried owners, the companies have been manufacturing the different genre of tiles that provide the ultimate superiority to the ambience of the bathroom.

Choosing the right kind of tiles plays a vital role. It is because every add-on to the bathroom has to match with the tiles. The experts from Direct Tile and Bath are of the opinion that if you want to give your bathroom a touch of aesthetic beauty, durability and quality then opting the porcelain tiles is always going to be the best choice. Several attributes are responsible for having the porcelain tiles installed in the bathroom. These tiles are prone to scratches and hold an everlasting lustre and finish.

The following are some of the reasons why the people, nowadays, prefer the thin versions of the porcelain tiles for their bathroom—

1. Easy Installation


What people look out for before buying tiles and the bathroom accessories is the convenience to have them installed. The easy installation helps not only in saving time but also the efforts involved. The thinness of the tiles ascertains easy cutting and helping to give the required shape and size; thus, making installation hassle-free.

2. Easy Maintenance


Another major factor that tops the priority list is the maintenance. A significant advantage of these tiles is that the surface of the tiles is abrasion and stain resistant, hence can be used for years. Apart from this, the porcelain tiles in Perth have the least water absorption capacity. This ensures that no water is retained on the surface. These are far easy to clean and maintain than their counterparts.

3. All-time Hygienic Surface


The non-allowance of the water to stand on the surface ensures that there are no water stain marks, the formation of the moulds, and bacteria. As a result, the surface remains dry. Thus, from the hygiene point of view as well, these are the best for the bathrooms.

1.     All-time Hygienic Surface

The non-allowance of the water to stand on the surface ensures that there are no water stain marks, the formation of the moulds, and bacteria. As a result, the surface remains dry. Thus, from the hygiene point of view as well, these are the best for the bathrooms.

1.     Larger Tiles with Wider Usage Variation


The best thing about using the larger size of the tiles is that you can give your bathroom a seamless look. Irrespective of the size of the bathroom you have, the tiles prove to be the perfect installation. The glossy finish and the different variants of the tiles ensure the availability of enough light to the place where it is laid.


The thin tiles eat up less space making it the perfect choice for many places. If you are planning to have it as the splashback of your bathroom sink, you can use it. Also, the accessories fit precisely the way one wants to be like. If you're going to install one of the gorgeous looking freestanding baths in your bathroom space, the addition will provide a perfect decor to the ambience. It holds potential to fit in all shoes because of the availability of so many options on the ground of print and colour.


Undoubtedly, the presence of this tile type provides a splendour and shine to the place. The beauty of the product can be made out from the fact that its appearance gives a refreshing look when you go for either fresh installation or remodelling.


4 Reasons How Wood Look Tiles Beats Natural Hardwood Flooring


4 Reasons How Wood Look Tiles Beats Natural Hardwood Flooring

Wooden materials are awesome flooring options hand’s down! They are elegant and prove to be a common pick for many homemakers. But despite its elegance and refinement, wooden floors are not easy to install.


Plus it hosts other disadvantages such as it absorbs moisture, is difficult to clean and can easily get discoloured by exposure to excessive sunlight.

Another aspect of installing them is that they can easily exceed your budget estimate. So, keeping aside this natural hardwood flooring option, what other alternative do you have?

Wood Look Tiles: The Practicality of Tiles with the Splendour of Wood


There is one option which on installing mimics the natural appearance of wooden floors. And this ingenious option goes by the name of wood look tiles. It combines the practicality of tiles with the splendour of wood.

Over the last year or two, wood look tiles have churned heaps of popularity. And for homeowners scared to blow their dough over hardwood flooring, wood look tiles are proving to be a bonza for them.

Here are 4 perks of installing Wood look tiles. Take a long hard gander. Maybe it could prove to be apt for your budget too.

It’s Perks:

i.                     “They Are Very Versatile”


The contemporary patterns on such wooden tiles allow you to put your imagination to the test. You will find such tiles available at all shapes, forms and sizes.

The best part is, these tiles can be installed on any given surface provided that they are levelled.

i.                     “Wood Look Tiles Call For Easy Maintenance”

wood-look-tiles- call-for-easy-maintenance.jpg

Wood look tiles require no extensive maintenance. Without any use of special sweeps, cleaners, vacuums and even mops; you can clean it without even breaking a sweat.

This is in sharp contrast to natural wooden floors that require special cleaning solutions and time to time check-ups. Plus their cleaning is more time-consuming and strenuous.

If you are thinking about installing dardy wood look tiles in Perth, then we at ‘Direct Tile and Bath’offer you an extensive range of tiles at pocket-friendly prices.

For maintaining quality; we import all our tiles straight from the manufacturer. Plus, we operate from our warehouse to keep overheads reasonable for our clientele.Feel free to check out our impressive range of wood look tiles.

i.                     “They Are Resistant to Regular Strains and Stresses”


Designed from ceramic, these exceptional wood tiles are durable and resistant to everyday strains and stresses. What this tells you is that these tiles are perfect for high-traffic areas- like the corridor, hallway and even the main entrance region.

i.                     “Impervious To Water or Moisture Exposure”


Wood look tiles, by nature, are impervious to water or moisture exposure. Again this contrasts with natural hardwood floors that bulges and even distorts after water exposure.

Furthermore, the adhesive used for wood look tiles is also resistant to moisture, making these tiles stick to the floor without possibilities of being distorted or damaged. This makes wood tiles apt for bathrooms and kitchens where chances of water spill or exposure to moisture are highly possible.

For your peace of mind; our quality wood look bathroom tiles in Perth don’t warp when exposed to moisture and continue to look strong and splendorous throughout. They are your beauty bottlers, and so you should not delay in installing them, especially if you are looking to do a renovation soon.

At Direct Tile and Bath; you can even request for a quote before-hand and even get discounts on bulk orders. Know more by visiting…!


How Porcelain Tiles SUPERSEDE Ceramic Tiles?  Know NOW!

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How Porcelain Tiles SUPERSEDE Ceramic Tiles? Know NOW!


Most homemakers consider the Holy Grail of Construction Materials as those which require little or no maintenance.

Fortunately, there is one option which you can avidly use for your house decor purposes- and believe it, that it’s not some miracle of nanotechnology. Rather it is an age-old option which you have heard about numerous times - Porcelain Tiles!

But, today’s porcelain tiles are better updated with modernistic equipment to make it more impervious to water. Furthermore, these quality tiles in Perth won’t crack in freezing temperature and can be used for both indoor and outdoor construction work regardless of the weather conditions.

These tiles are a popular choice for many home designers as they use this for a broad range of applications.


The Comparison: - Porcelain or Ceramic?

One common dilemma which most homemakers face is deciding which one among- Porcelain or Ceramic tiles are better for their kitchen, bathroom or living room floor! If you are facing this same confusion, then ideally you need to opt for an option that is durable and practical.


The Clash:

Both Ceramic and porcelain tiles have unique characters of their own and what makes one better than the other will be discussed below. Follow closely!

·         Ceramic is a type of semi-crystalline material, is amorphous and inorganic by nature. On the contrary, porcelain is a kind of ceramic and is prepared using fusions of clay.

·         Porcelain tiles are also totally vitrified and impermeable before its glazing treatment. Whereas ceramic tiles do not undergo complete vitrified treatment and most of the times, remains porous if not glazed.

·         The levels of kaolin also vary between ceramic and porcelain tiles. Where ceramic tiles have a lower kaolin level, its counterpart

·         The proportion of water absorption is also higher in porcelain tiles as compared to ceramic tiles! And that’s what makes it expensive than ceramic.

·         Finally, ceramic tiles are lesser dense, and that makes them easier to cut into shape. Contrarily, porcelain tiles are much heavier than ceramic tiles, thus making it tough to cut.


Additional Pros of Porcelain tiles:

-          Most quality porcelain tiles in Perth are fireproof. Even in testing conditions, it doesn’t burn; rather it restricts the flame’s movements at the time of a fire outbreak.

-          Porcelain tile are your friends for life. Once installed; you don’t have to worry about future installations. Regardless of the excessive foot pressure, or lack of maintenance, these durable times can last well over a couple of decades (maybe more).

-          Porcelain tiles are also stain resistant. Meaning, its surface disallows any sort of stains from penetrating its surface and discolouring the tile

Final Words:

If you are looking for a good option, there are very few that can match up to the performance of porcelain tiles. So, with everything known and understood, contact a reliable trade store and set up your order. If you are lucky; you may also get discounts on your bulk order.

If you are in a rush for this; you can try out ‘Direct Tile and Bath’. Just check out some of the options available (with the prices off-course). If interested; you can even speak to their representatives.


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“Create Your Home Spa” With Stone Freestanding Baths


“Create Your Home Spa” With Stone Freestanding Baths


An interesting trend that’s been on the rise for some time is freestanding bathtubs. They are amazing in appearance and were considered to be a symbol of extravagance and comfort during the 1800s.

With the passage of time, it slowly faded into obscurity. But a few years back, a rise of this aesthetic tool was again seen and ever since then; it is surging both in appreciation and acceptance.

A Freestanding bath delivers sheer relaxation, and the depth of its pan allows you to experience untold comfort. Their beautiful curves, general dimension and a spa-like-feeling make these stone freestanding bathtubs the focal point of your bathroom decor. Plus, they are made with hard-wearing composite material and can last for a long length of time.



After a long and tiring day, you seek relaxation. You want the pain from your worn out body and stress from your mind to disappear.

The good news is that now you can get the relaxation you desire. What’s more intriguing is that most modern-day baths follow the design concept of a spa. The aim was to present users a scope to unwind and let go of all their tension and tediousness over a glass of champagne or red wine.

These present-day bathtubs come with many other options to enhance your bathing experience. Some of those include water jets, padded headrests and Jacuzzi systems to give you a spa-like-indulgence.


What’s More...!
-    Stone freestanding bathtubs are around 18-25mm in thickness, meaning they don’t wear out that easily.
-    These tubs are exceptionally engineered and can endure drastic changes in temperature.
-    They consist of a non-porous surface, and that means there’s very little possibility of bacteria settling.
-    They happen to be extremely easy to install, and its minimalistic yet eye-catching appeal allows it to fit into your existing bathroom decor easily.
-    Interestingly, freestanding baths present an illusion of space. This means installing them; you can make your bathroom space look more spacious and stunning.


How to Bring Home Your ‘HOME SPA’?

A simplified version would be how do you select your right freestanding bathtub? Here are some points that you should follow closely.

•    Check your bathroom space and determine the right size of your bathtub. Ideally, you should consider your bathtub size by keeping in mind the longest person in your home. There’s no point buying a tub in which you cannot fit your legs in.

•    See the making materials, its durability and how well have they been crafted. Design is also another aspect that you should straighten out depending on the look of your bathroom. Ideally, white or light shaded baths go best with any bathroom decor.

You should check out some designs at stores that offer quality items for your bathroom renovations in Perth. Browse through some appealing designs, read their full description sheet and then pick one which you feel is right.

•    Lastly, also check out the price and whether the supplier is offering some discounts to first-time buyers. Usually, they do, and if you get one, it could downsize your expenses considerably.
If you want some mind-boggling freestanding bathtub options; you can browse through the collection at Direct Tile and Bath. It is a great place to start!


3 Tips to Nail Bathroom Renovation with Wood Look Tiles


3 Tips to Nail Bathroom Renovation with Wood Look Tiles


If you are going to renovate your bathroom, then it is for sure that you have several options in your mind. Many aspects keep on hovering. What needs to be done? What needs to be implemented to increase the value? How the things are to be adjusted for the better look? What all things are going to make the bathroom look upgraded?

Well, it is for sure that the things need to be appropriately implemented to make sure that nothing goes wrong and the investment being done is fruitful. With each of the elements of the bathroom playing their role- the bath, the basins and the aesthetic elements- everything needs to be precisely done. During the restoration of the bathroom, special care needs to be taken for the floors too. Ensuring the right kind of flooring is done so as to uplift the look of the bathroom.

The tech development has paved ways for the different flooring options. The things have been little cheering with the tiles being the most preferred options for the flooring. The different types of tiles available have made people to ‘play with tiles' during their bathroom renovation. All kinds of modern bathroom refurbishments take into account the use of the wood look tiles in Perth. People consider this to be one of the trendiest and the best ways to get the things done with perfection.

The following are some of the ways by which wood-look tiles are going to make things happening for your bathroom—


1.    A feel of ORIGINALITY
Wooden finish is something that is loved by every people across the world with the condition that the product has the texture that exactly matches the pattern of the original wood. The technological development has made things easy and precise. The manufacturers have been successful in giving the right measurement and precision to the look of the tiles. With the grains and the colours matching exactly with the original one, the wood look tiles have, therefore, been the apple of the eye for most homeowners.


2.    Matching with the ESSENCE
Well, renovation must never be like beating around the bush. Right from the floors to the baths and the other essential bathroom accessories, everything has to marry each other. In most of the cases, bathroom renovations in south of River, Perth includes making a match with the things or introducing the items that are completely contrasting. Renovators say people are opened to both options as this type of tiles are versatile and fits in any place.


3.    Waterproofing in the Best Way

The trendy look need not compromise with the finishes and durability. Therefore, to make sure that the bathroom has the best waterproofing and the materials used are not susceptible to the leakages and the water absorption, the tiles stand out to be the best option to stop the water seepages.


The tips mentioned above are some of the best ways by which you can revamp the look of the bathroom. It is the look of the tiles that becomes the deciding factor during the reformation. Therefore, the right type of tiles needs to be purchased along with the texture.


Bathroom Renovation & Freestanding Bath: Why Are They Inseparable?


Bathroom Renovation & Freestanding Bath: Why Are They Inseparable?


‘Bathrooms and bathtubs’: You can call it a title of a story worth telling.

But, coming to the point of the project of a bathroom renovation, freestanding baths offer more than usual. The matter is quite simple. Although people think showers and other options as qualifying and lavish for a number of reasons, but freestanding baths actually promise a lot to relaxation and aristocracy. Plus, their design trends add that scenic serenity to your bathroom too.

Wondering why a bathroom renovation project must have the presence of a freestanding bath? Read to find it out.


The Trend

Clear your mind. You’re about to get mesmerised. The fact is that freestanding baths are specially designed baths that offer you a range of multiple attributions in singular form. The first thing everyone would admit about a freestanding bath is that they are really trendy. Their style sticks close to the most modern fashion. One gets a very strong atmosphere of edgy elegance in the bathroom.

Isn’t it usual to make a modern bathroom a bit more relevant with the use of a trendy freestanding bath?

You know the answer.


...And the Type

In any bathroom, freestanding baths come as one of the leading options for renovation purposes because of one, simple reason. They are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes and STYLES. In this respect, one can fit a freestanding bath in a bathroom according to the style and type of the latter. No wonder this is a very flexible advantage.

It’s great For Any Position inside the Bathroom

One can easily install a freestanding bathtub in any location inside the bathroom since their design and compact (yet spacious) structure fits them visually and functionally in any place. One can install them near the windows if exposure to light is important. Otherwise, the middle part would be okay for a classic look.


The Ease at Installation Is Just Great

Most freestanding baths come with easy fitting options and installation processes. There is a misconception among various people that freestanding baths drain a person more money due to its extensive installation process. The source of this wrong idea also owes itself to the inaccurate consideration of people about the extensive installation of baths due to their trendy designs. Well, to your surprise, installation of freestanding baths is the easiest stuff. Hence, it makes your bathroom renovation in South of River in Perth more convenient and fast. So, time to drive out all those worries and choose the freestanding bath your bathroom requires!


Let’s Conclude

The fact about bathroom renovation deserves a lot of things. One of them is surely a freestanding bath. Here is where you are assisted a bit more. The variety of trendy and classy freestanding bath offered by Direct Tile and Bath would cover more than your expectations. The products at this brand have been successful to earn a good reputation. Attractive freestanding baths with its tag are being purchased and supplied to various regions of Australia.

So, the good advice that can be provided to you is that you should not waste time and visit the company’s website. It is time you finalise both your purchase and bathroom renovation.


Parameters to Finding out Your Trustworthy Bathroom Renovator


Parameters to Finding out Your Trustworthy Bathroom Renovator

The First Rule Of Avoiding A Bathroom Renovation Nightmare Is Finding A Trustworthy Renovation Service Provider.


There's no point hiring shoddy bathroom renovators who rather than transforming your bathroom appearance, piles on more misery for you.

Some of those possible woes include:

  • Substandard workmanship
  • Repeated delays
  • And plenty of unnecessary (and heart-breaking) expenses

The worst case scenario is when your remodelling contractors flee the scene of the work leaving your work only half complete. Keeping all these possibilities in mind, you need to invest plenty of time in finding who your reliable bathroom renovation agency is!

Though the task is nothing less than an ordeal; it is by no means impossible. All you need to do is follow these key parameters mentioned below!

Parameter 1: Read the 'About Us' Section of Your Shortlisted Company


A lot of people don't research their service provider's website before hiring. Don't make that mistake especially if you are ready to pay the big bucks. Going through the about us section ensures you get a good background info of your chosen company.

  • How Many Years Have They Been In The Industry?
  • What Includes As Their Specialties?
  • Do They Just Renovate Your Bathroom Or Other Parts Of Your House?
  • And If They Are A Certified Agency As Per The Laws Of The Region?

Parameter 2: Inspect Their Renovation Rates


Just because you are ready to pay the big bucks doesn't mean that you have to. Remember one thing that the top companies offering bathroom renovations in Perth will never make you spend more than the necessary. Plus they will always live up to your quality expectations (even surpass it at times).

You should contact your chosen agency and seek a free service quote. And with that, you should compare their rate with the other similar service providers in the region. Your aim should be to check if the rates abide the industry-standards. If they do, then call up the agency and straighten your renovation requirements.

Parameter 3: Check If They Also Supply the Renovation Resources


This is one important parameter because it can possible down-size your expenses and improve your service experience.

Think logically - You are anyway paying these renovation contractors their service charge. And if you have to look elsewhere for say porcelain tile, wood grain or sandstone tiles; the expenses will only pile up.

On the contrary, if you opt for a company which supplies you the renovation materials and also sends out their specialists to carry out the task immaculately; you end up saving a lot of money. That's why do check this aspect too when sorting out your options.

Generally, you also get discounts on bulk purchases from such top-rated agencies, and if you are lucky, you may just bag one too.

Parameter 4: Going Through the Testimonial Section


Finally, you should not miss out on checking what their previous clients had to say about their supply and service quality. That gives you a good perspective as to whether the company is a good fit for you.

Simple tips but very effective in helping you find your trustworthy agency for quality bathroom renovations in the North of River Perth. Use them when you begin your search. It will make the whole process simple.

'Direct Tile and Bath' is one good place to start. You can speak to their experts about your renovation expectations and also seek for their free price quotes.


Why Are White Customised Kitchens a Great Choice For You?


Why Are White Customised Kitchens a Great Choice For You?

White is the colour of purity and tranquillity. It captivates the mind, and its charm and grandeur can endure the test of time.

Perhaps that could explain the reason why so many homemakers are using white gloss tiles for decorating the Heart N Soul of Their Home.

What Makes White Kitchens Best-Sellers?

If you share similar thoughts, then here are some perks of white customised kitchen which will make you proud of your decision.

Read on mate!

  • Customised white kitchen decor proves pleasing to the eye, and its neutral texture makes it correspond with any coloured tile.
  • It inflicts a sense of positivity to the entire kitchen presentation and makes it inviting for your guests.
  • The grandeur of your kitchen will never diminish as white doesn't fade.

But hold your horses mate; there are many more reasons why you should opt for custom-designed white kitchens. Continue reading!

A survey reveals that 67% of homemakers consider white kitchens as their primary choice of decor. And amazingly, this number continues increasing with time.


White Kitchens Appear Chic - Clean - Fresh


Using glossy white tiles or subway tiles for your kitchen helps you camouflage your architectural imperfections, blemishes on walls and mechanical ducts. It also adds a distinctive feature to your kitchen walls and enlivens your old homes.

Many also believe that since white signifies cleanliness and freshness, using white tiles will emulate the same kind of effect on your kitchen presentation. It will also keep your kitchen cool and presents a calming backsplash.

White Kitchens Appear Commodious


Good science reveals that darker colours always absorb light while white shades reflect them. If you custom design your kitchen using gorgeous white subway tiles (either with solid designs or with patterns), it will make your little kitchens more commodious.

Naturally, when a room is decorated with black (or dark shaded) tiles, your eyes understand this light absorption and signals the brain that the kitchen space appears smaller. It's like a mirage when realistically the room is still the same.

So, opting for white coloured subway tiles in Perth, allows you to use the 'Science of Perception' to your favour and make your guests feel that your kitchen has plenty of space.

Helps Create an Inimitable Focal Point


If you are one who finds great pleasure in 'show-n-tell' then decorating your kitchen with white tiles will serve advantageously for you.

It forms the perfect backdrop for you to flaunt your newly bought refrigerator or installed a new wooden cabinet. Plus having a white tile kitchen makeover allows you to bring out your creative side and experiment with wallpaper accents, countertops or any other aspect which you want to upgrade.

Final Words

Summing up, custom designed kitchens seem perfect for homemakers having a refined taste preference. And if you like the idea of a white-tiled kitchen, then without wasting any more time, browse through the amazing tile options available at Direct Tile and Bath.

You don't need to worry. The prices are competitive, and the qualities of tiles are excellent. Just make your pick and present a deluxe decor your favourite portion of your house.


The 3 Factors to Consider When Installing Tiles for Your Kitchen


The 3 Factors to Consider When Installing Tiles for Your Kitchen

When it comes to beautifying the kitchen, there are several who think it to be a bad idea especially when it isn't something that comes to the public eye as that of the other rooms of the house. What people forget is that a kitchen is what kick starts your daily dose of nutrition and when you are charged up with something nice for the stomach, you are to have a great day ahead.

It is no doubt a personal space that you and your family make use of to whip up delicious and scrumptious food; there can always be this touch of luxury to it. No matter how big or small the kitchen is, setting up the basics such as the cooking countertop, the cabinets, furniture, etc. is something important. Another thing that is equally essential is the tiles that are to be installed on the floor.

Since it is an area that is constantly in contact with water and similar liquids, there can be nothing better than tiles to adorn the floors. While you choose the tiles, here are a few things you could keep in mind.

The Durability of the Tiles Should Be Kept In Mind


Since it is an investment that you make for it to last for long, there is the need to look into the durability of the tiles that you make a pick on. While choosing tiles that are ceramic, porcelain or probably stone, you get to install something that would stay for long. Even though the kitchen doesn't encounter much of a brunt apart from using it to cook food, there is the need for it to be durable just because there is water and other that comes in contact with it.

The Colour or the Shade of the Tiles


It is often seen that people match the colour of the walls or the accessories in the kitchen to the tiles that they intend to install. You could come up with experimental ideas by installing tiles that have a contrasting colour. For those who are experts with installation of wood look tiles in Perth agree that this makes the kitchen look great to the eyes as well as increases the value as a whole. There are several who opt for dark coloured tiles just so that it doesn't get dirty soon or retain dirt on its surface. In that case, there is always the option for dark coloured ones that go perfectly for the floor and walls of the kitchen.

The Anti-Slip Factor


Kitchens are known to witness a lot of water spillage as well as the presence of dishwashing area and the sink. While tiles have a smooth surface, picking any given set doesn't help out in any way. There is the need to keep in mind the fact that they shouldn't be slippery as that may hurt you and cause fatal health issues. Tiles that are made specifically for the kitchens can be picked from amongst the rest and accordingly installed.

Follow these three tips, and you could own a great and economical bathroom.

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Bathroom Tiles - Follow Any of the Top 3 Trends for a Complete Makeover


Bathroom Tiles - Follow Any of the Top 3 Trends for a Complete Makeover

Gone are those days when you have to stick to the standard tile designs available for bathroom remodelling. Things have taken a significant turn over the time, and the bathroom tile trends have also gone way beyond just being skid resistant or the standard pink or blue hue. In the recent times, a lot of fantastic tiling options can be found that perfectly goes with your bathroom decor and will be aesthetically appealing too.

How does it look? Well, it can be the very first parameter for you to make sure you have chosen the right tiles but you also required to make sure that the selected style is compatible with the longevity, maintenance needs, shapes, finish and water resistance.

Go through the following to learn about the latest trends of the bathroom tiles to make your choice easy.

Geometric Patterns Are the New Trendy Wave


Do you still think that going for square shaped tiles is the only way you can go on? Well, the new trends of bathroom tiles are sure to break your notion. Choose the hexagon patterned floor tiles for creating a distinct pattern on the bathroom floor that is entirely different from that of the other rooms of your house.

On the other hand, you can save quite a considerable amount of money by experimenting with the subway tiles as well. You can simply use the subway tiles and place those in a criss-cross pattern to make sure that it looks different. Being simple and small in size, going for a patterned floor or a feature wall with differently geometrical shaped tiles will be a great option to go with.

Matte or Glossy - The Choice is Not That Difficult!


The choice is not that difficult when you know the exact appearance of the bathroom you are aiming for. When you are counting on the finish, you will find two significant differences where one has the matte finish, and the other section has the glossy finish. Both of these tiles are in trend.

With our range of glossy floor tiles in Perth, you can expect a rich, luxurious and dramatic look, mainly it is colourful. Matte finished tiles, on the other hand, give a minimal appeal to the bathroom. Therefore, if you prefer sophistication and elegance over the rich drama, matte finished tiles are the way to go.

Wooden Finished Tiles


Have you ever thought of remodelling your bathroom with wooden floors? Well, it's not possible, or is it? Not really, you can go for a timber finish in your bathroom when you have wood looking porcelain tiles for refurbishing the bathroom. It will look exactly like timber floors lying on the floor. However, you don't have to bother about the water resistance.

The tiles look, elegant and sophisticated. It gives a traditional touch to your bathroom decor along with infusing it with a contemporary finish. Moreover, the rich wooden colour will go with the freestanding baths as well as the faucets perfectly, enhancing the appearance.

Final Words

Well, it does not necessarily mean that the tiles you get at an affordable price are going to look bad. The cheap bathroom tiles in Perth are available under amazing price bracket as you shop from Direct Tile & Bath. Choose the tiles wisely so that it looks good, adds a contemporary touch to the decor as well as fits your pocket.

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Excellent Bathroom Tiling without Crossing the Budget Limit - Know the Secrets!


4 Considerations to Keep In Mind for Laying Bathroom Tiles


4 Considerations to Keep In Mind for Laying Bathroom Tiles

When it concerns the beauty of the bathroom, it is something that is often overlooked given the fact that it is that one part of the house that isn't exposed for all to see. Despite that, there is this need to ensure that the bathroom is just as perfect as you would want the other rooms to be especially it is a corner that refreshes you the first thing in the morning.

Whenever you intend to remodel or probably design your bathroom, it should be just perfect where every aspect should be taken into consideration. One of the foremost concerns is the tiles that are laid on the floor as well as the walls. Since it is an area that is constantly in contact with water, there is the need to make a choice on the right set of tiles such as the subway tiles that are not just economical, aesthetically appealing as well as easy to use.

Here are a few important considerations to make when it comes to choosing tiles for your bathrooms.

The Shape and Size of the Tiles Are Very Important


Experts are known to agree with the fact that if you have a large bathroom, the tiles should be equally large. This gives about a naturally spacious look to the room. But coming to think of other aspects such as laying tiles in the shower area, the basin, the cabinets and similar areas in the bathroom, you need to understand whether large tiles would fit in there or not. An opposite contrast of large tiles on the floor and small ones on top would do that good to the aesthetics. Therefore, there is the need to analyse first and then make a choice on tiles that aren't contrasting in size and shape.

The Proportions of the Tiles to Be Laid


Since floor tiles are pre-cut, there is always the need to measure the length of the floor and accordingly analyse the size of the tiles that are to be placed. It is not always that the size would be just as exact and there is the need to cut the tiles into the desired pieces and accordingly laid. Despite that, there shouldn't be too many cut tiles laid around the edges which would ruin the way your bathroom would look. Just because you have set your eyes on a particular design and it doesn't suit the size, it isn't worth investing on.

The Type of Grout the Floor Would Receive


When looking at tiles on a catalogue, you wouldn't be able to see it with the grout and is something that becomes a prime concern when it is finally installed. Large and extended grout lines wouldn't give that even effect to the floor, and that is the reason, there is the need to choose tiles similar to the colour of the grout or vice versa.

Let the Tiles Add To the Natural Light


If you have a bathroom that is somewhere in the corner with not much of natural light coming in, it is often advisable to choose white gloss tiles and similar ones that are lightly-coloured. This makes it reflective while giving a spacious look to the bathroom. If there is too much of natural light coming in, there is the need to choose titles that have a matte finish and nothing that is glossy which would create a glare and making it difficult for you use the bathroom for long.

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