Shower With Subway Tile- An Way Towards Modern Living


Shower With Subway Tile- An Way Towards Modern Living

Ever wondered why subway tile is called with a such a name? Dating back to 20th century, the subway tiles were found in New York subway stations. With growing awareness, the subway tiles have become so popular that people are still using it for their home decor. Subway tiles are widely used in bathroom and kitchens, and they are being appreciated by the customers for the classic elegance and versatility in use. In this content, we will show you some trendy design ideas and some facts to keep in mind-

We found lying subway tiles in Perth are a bit tricky, since each tile is lied comparing other ones already there on the floor/wall. It’s also quite difficult to line up the tiles on the adjacent walls and even across the shower niches, shower bench or sometimes outside of the built-in tub. If you want to go for an easy and practical option, then installing them across the shower walls is easy as well as an appealing way to reinvent the bathroom decor.  


A shower with subway tiles comes up as a more practical option. It not only comes easier to install but also there comes with a scope to lineup the tiles in a continuous pattern across the walls. And the simple look goes classic with the time.

Wooden Floor Framing With Green Subway Tiles:

Once, we have found this pattern at the New York subway station that has glossy glazed finished along with thin grout lines, we brought it in our application. Apart from the pattern and overall style you found till now, you can try this with your choice of colours. A shower featuring green subway tiles creates a perfect contrast with wooden flooring and frame.


Stained Wooden Ceiling With White Subway Tiles :

This represents the example of versatile nature of the subway tile. For industrial and traditional use, the white subway pattern be used for bathroom walls tiles of the shower enclosure while creating the perfect contrast with the wooden ceiling.


Subway Tiles With Honeycomb Patterns :

If you are using subway tiles for walls as well as floors, then opt for different patterns for each. Whereas you can opt for simple subway pattern for walls, honeycomb pattern for the floor can work great. It will give you a classic flair in different packages.


Subway Tiles With Vibrant Grout Lines:

When it comes to choosing subway tiles, people like us mostly look for the patterns and mostly the grout line that adds the elegance to the bathroom. All you have to do is consider the colour combination for bathroom tiles in Perth that perfectly defines your mood while unwinding the day in the shower. Why not try a dark green colour, which is quite pretty enough to add the appeal to a historic home or traditional space.


While choosing designer tiles across the raised section that works to draw an elegant pattern to give your bathroom a whole new look. And, if you are curious to see how single tile type will look gorgeous being set into subway pattern, then visit us online and find how our design trend in tiling come a long way and choose the right one for your home.


Tiles That Appear Like Wood - 4 Common Myths Busted


Tiles That Appear Like Wood - 4 Common Myths Busted

Wood-look tiles include as one of the popular trends for both indoor and outdoor flooring operations. It beautifully captures the natural essence of timber and comes combined with the durability of porcelain tiles.


This makes them a trendy choice amongst interior designers who love wooden floors, walls and accents. However, some homeowners who don’t believe in second-best’- a.k.a, an alternative to real hardwood floors. Thus, they remain sceptical about how good wood-look tiles are in general along with their materials.

Direct Tile And Bath”; your local supplier of quality tiles (including wood-look tiles) for luxe home interior and bathroom renovations Perth offers you an impressive collection of wood look tiles. 

We always keep our rates low-priced to ensure you get maximum satisfaction every time.

But before you take a peek into your awesome tile collection, here’s busting those common myths about wood-look tiles.

i. "Wood Look Tiles Look Inauthentic Due To Grout Joints"


Many think that wood-look tiles appear inauthentic, be it in the way they look, their patterns and textures, or even due to their grout joints.

One word of advice is to opt for wood grain look tiles having mechanical finishes that are consistent and precise. And the reason being, it allows you to install them properly together with the least amount of grout.

If you are faced with such a requirement, be sure to let our experts know. They will happily install your tiles in a way that you won’t be able to tell the difference.

i. "They Will Give You Cold Feet"


This is a common misconception that homeowners suffer from. And truth be told, tile floors do help maintain a moderate temperature inside. However, this doesn’t imply that they have to be cold. Wood-look tiles are aptly suited to radiant subfloor heating.

You can request us to place the tile directly on your prefered subfloor surface to achieve a warm and welcoming floor.

i. “ They Consist Of Long Plank Warps”


Tiles that measure 15 inches (and more) do present the challenge of warping and lippage- more so when they are not installed correctly.


To ensure correct installation of large wooden grain tiles; our experts will be happy to help you out. They will stagger the tiles in a brick joint like pattern with a 33% overlap.

We would suggest you not to be so judgemental about wood-look tiles. Instead, allow us to install it right for you and change your perspective.

i. “Wood Look Tiles Consist Of Counterfeit Textures & Visuals”


Hardwood consists of a natural appeal. However, the journey of wood grain tiles is surging rapidly every year with the launch of quality products.

Take our tile collection, for example. With the help of digital imaging and high-tech manufacturing, more realistic textures and patterns are seen in such tiles. So much so, that you can hardly tell the difference between real wood to those that look like wood.

Don’t believe us. Feel free to check for yourself at our trade store.

Final Words:

So there you have it. The common misconceptions about wood look tiles that circulate. If you need more guidance or product suggestion about cheap tiles for bathroom Perthfeel free to call @ 0402 006 644.


Add a Timeless Touch to Your Bathroom with Celine Freestanding Bath


Add a Timeless Touch to Your Bathroom with Celine Freestanding Bath

Adding to the aesthetic value of the bathroom is a tricky affair. The sky is the limit when it comes to toying with the ideas and putting the best foot forward. However, one false step will be a disaster, which will defeat the very purpose of your plans to renovate. And when it comes to renovating your bathroom, there are so many things you can do. You can opt for so many bathroom accessories, which will make the difference in the look and feel.


This is where picking up the right stuff will matter the most! Moreover, when we say so, picking up the right bathtub will matter the most.  This is why you need to get in touch with the reputed companies that come up with the best free standing bath tubs in Perth and what better name can you look for, than Direct Tile and Bath? Unquestionably, we come up with the best freestanding varieties, which will make all the difference.

Take, for instance, Celine, the 1600 mm freestanding bath. It is a timeless beauty, to be frank! And that goes miles to add some extra ‘tinge' to your bathroom.


Have a hard look at the image of the Celine freestanding bath, and you will get an understanding of the specialty that is embedded in the otherwise simple look and feel of the tub. The acrylic getup of this rather small freestanding bath in Perth acts as a focal point of your bathroom – and very rightly so. Look at its edges! They are straight with well defined, and streamlined to merge with the corner of your bathroom where you install it, or at the side of the wall to add a new dimension. Coupled with matching accessories, this bathtub will be the real game-changer when it comes to adding more vigour to your bathroom.

The most crucial factor that makes it so much sought-after is the fact that it is so supportive to the dimension of your bathroom. In other words, whatever it the dimension of your bathroom, Celine is one of those best free standing bath tubs Perth, which will seamlessly complement that dimension.

Staying Within the Limit


Have a hard look at the image of the Celine freestanding bath, and you will get an understanding of the specialty that is embedded in the otherwise simple look and feel of the tub. The acrylic getup of this rather small freestanding bath in Perth acts as a focal point of your bathroom – and very rightly so. Look at its edges! They are straight with well defined, and streamlined to merge with the corner of your bathroom where you install it, or at the side of the wall to add a new dimension. Coupled with matching accessories, this bathtub will be the real game-changer when it comes to adding more vigour to your bathroom.

The most crucial factor that makes it so much sought-after is the fact that it is so supportive to the dimension of your bathroom. In other words, whatever it the dimension of your bathroom, Celine is one of those best free standing bath tubs Perth, which will seamlessly complement that dimension.

Staying Within the Limit


Yes! This what counts as well! There is no flash of design in it. The designer never wanted to go for an adventure to add something more boisterous that would have spoiled the innocence of the look and feel. The straight edge lines, the uniformity of the base and the getup as a whole will make sure you get something unique that will support your cause in an unblemished way!

The Cost…And the Feature


This variety is undoubtedly one of the most adored free standing bath tubs in Perth, and not without reasons. It comes at $999.00. It comes in a stainless steel frame with 6 pieces of ABS feet, and fibreglass structure, which is resin reinforced on the backside.

So you see, when it comes to adding some extra tinge to your bathroom, Celin comes up as a showstopper. If you want to know more, get in touch with Direct Tile and Bath at 0402 006 644 or send us a mail at 


4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Tiles Clean and Sparkling


4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Tiles Clean and Sparkling

If you have recently invested a lump sum amount in tiling, you must be willing to retain the shine of your newly installed tiles for a long time. With regular usage, bathroom tiles lose lustre and tend to become dull and shabby. Moreover, dirt, grime, scum and water spots accumulate on the tiles that alleviate the look and feel of the space.


If you have recently got your bathroom remodelled by the experts of bathroom style store near Perth you should take routine care to keep it clean and sparkling. There are a few techniques from natural to high-end professional treatments which can help in restoring the sparkling shine of your priceless tiles forever.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Act as Bleaching Agents


For keeping your bathroom tiles in Perth look as good as new, you can use both baking soda and vinegar. For routine bathroom maintenance, you can sprinkle a little amount of baking soda over your tiles and sweep slowly in order to clean and revive your private space. Baking soda and vinegar are good bleaching agents that remove spots, dirt, water spots and leave a pleasant fragrance every time you clean with them.

Tartar and Lemon Juice Fight Grouts


The professionals of bathroom style store near Perth leaves no stones unturned to spruce up your space with the best tiles. Without regular upkeep, tiles lose their shine and look dull and shabby, especially when grungy grouts develop on them. So how can you get rid of stained grout? You can make a natural paste taking equal proportions of tartar and lemon juice. You can clean the affected areas by scrubbing it well with an old toothbrush before rinsing with a sponge.

Apply Some Tough Treatments


Water that is rich in iron content makes the tiles shabby with scum and black deposits and it becomes difficult to remove later on. To treat the effects of hard water, you can buy a good limescale remover from the market which can effectively dissolve and cleanse the black mineral deposits. While buying cleansing detergents, make sure you choose a mild one that does not ruin the lustrous tile finish or cause health problems to your family or pets.

Use High-end Shine For Your Tiles


If you want to restore the shine of your priceless bathroom tiles and make your investment worth every penny, you can apply this trick. You can use leftover furniture sprays over the damaged areas and buff it using a microfiber cloth. When the polish gets buffed away, you will get to see your tiles gleaming like new. However, while using furniture polish, remember not to spray on showers or the tubs as the surface might become severely slick after the application.

Trusted Bathroom Renovations At Your Doorstep

Do you have plans to install freestanding baths in your bathroom later on? If so, you can reach the professional bathroom renovation experts of Direct Tile & Bath who can provide incredible bathroom renovations at a highly affordable price.

Apart from stirring up your private space with designer cheap tiles in Perth, we excel in providing a variety of freestanding baths to give a contemporary bathroom makeover. We don’t compromise on quality and that’s what makes our services commendable. To get a glimpse of our exclusive bathroom renovation services, you can visit our website


Direct Tile & Bath Specials’: 5 Of Our Most-Popular Tubs JUST FOR YOU!


Direct Tile & Bath Specials’: 5 Of Our Most-Popular Tubs JUST FOR YOU!

Aiming to simplify your building or renovation projects; we, ‘Direct Tile & Bath’ import the most grandiloquent bathtubs from our manufacturing associates. Quality is unwaveringly assured in each of our tubs. And since we operate every model straight from our Perth warehouse; we also keep our overheads low for maximum sales.


Luxe bathtubs always add sophistication to any given bathing space- regardless of its design, shape and size. And understanding this desire all too well; we offer you the widest range of freestanding tubs to create that right first-impression upon any gazer.

 It is why we; take immense pride in the exclusivity of our Trade Store. And it is from there that we introduce you to 5 most luxurious baths from Direct Tile & Bath for your already gorgeous bath.

i. DIOR: -A Stunning Black Acrylic Free-Standing Tub To Indulge!


We start this list with our eye-gasmic DIOR- a stunning black acrylic free-standing tub at industry-specific rates.

Her Key Specs Include:-

  • Fibreglass and resin reinforcement at its back-end.

  • 4 comfy handles and a hard carton box.

  • 6pcs ABS feet with a stainless steel frame.

  • Dimension of this black acrylic bath with zero overflow in Perth

  • - 1700x800x600.

i. SIENA:- Flush Her To Your Wall & Turn Every On-Looker Enviously Green!


Set up a dark chocolate feature bath wall, put in a white or light coloured chair/tool, affix in some subtle ambient lights and allow SIENA to take centre stage. A concoction of all this leaves you with the perfect recipe for a decorative masterpiece. 

This is one of the litany of design ideas that you can implement using our classic Madison White acrylic freestanding SIENA. She measures- 1500x850x590, which makes her adequate even for space-constraint bathrooms.

All Standard Features Also Include Like:-

  • Stainless steel frame with adequate adjustable feet.

  • 4 handles and a hard carton box.

  • Resin and fibreglass reinforcement at its back.

  • NO overflow and minimalist cleaning.

i. SOHO- A Classic 1500 Freestanding Beauty For Any Corner!


SOHO is designed to last, delight, eliminate cleaning and fit into any corner easily. She hosts a unique design that permits flushing her to the wall from all sides. There is little or no chance of any overflow, and its classic white tone makes it blend into any existing bath adornment.

Furthermore, Soho Also Boasts Of Her:-

  • Impressive fibreglass backside reinforcement using fibreglass and resin.

  • Stainless steel frame for additional durability.

  • And 4 comfortable handles and a hard carton box.

Her actual size measures 1500x750x590, and it truly is one of the most bought models in the present market.

i. ABBIE- White Acrylic Free-stander With 6 ABS Feet!

abbie-white-acrylic free-freestanding-bath.jpg

If the tub size you desire is 1800x280x800- then guess what- ABBIE- another of our classic white acrylic freestanding tub will irrefutably suffice.

And what’s more; she also meets your other design requirements such as:-

  • 4 handles and a strong carton box.

  • Fibreglass and resin reinforcement at its rear.

  • Stainless steel frame for proper balance and stability.

  • And 6 ABS feet for more support!

(P.S- She also offers ZERO overflow!)

i. SAVANNAH- Comes In Black & White For Your Delight!


With white and black still pretty much ‘IN’ even now; our gorgeous SAVANNAH (1700x 750x600) is exactly what you need to turn your luxury abode into an embodiment of allure.

A freestanding acrylic bathtub (in type), it comes reinforced with a stainless steel frame for impressive durability and longevity.

Other Stellar Specs Include-

  • Its 6 ABS feet for added support and stability.

  • Fibreglass on its backside reinforced adequately with resin.

  • Handles with a hard carton box.

  • And allows ZERO overflow.

Wrap Up:

 So... which one of these freestanding bath models in Perth would you prefer to add to your bathing space? Can’t decide?

Well; we would recommend you to visit our trade store, check out its price with pictures and then make up your mind.

If you need more details and specifics about our luxurious baths, feel free to call us @ 0402 006 644 (ASH)/0431410460 (MATT), Mon - Fri: 8 AM–5 PM and Sat: 9 AM–2 PM.


How Freestanding Baths Address Potential Bathroom Problems


How Freestanding Baths Address Potential Bathroom Problems

When it comes to renovating a bathroom, you need to bank on seasoned professionals. Remember, your bathroom is the focal point of your home. Hence, a single false step during the renovation will cause a significant deviation, which will defeat the very purpose of renovation. That is the reason you are recommended to put your money on Direct Tile and Bath, which is one of the most reputed names when it comes to bathroom renovation.


How the Dynamics of Freestanding Baths Help?


A freestanding bath is basically is a slipper bath, which is specifically designed for those who religiously enjoy a long and invigorating stint with the water. And when we speak of freestanding tubs, they are geometrically symmetrical in design, and thus, will come up as a visual treat, setting up the right proportion of dimension in respect to that of the bathroom.

That is the reason when it comes to renovating bathrooms of houses in Perth these bathrooms play a crucial role. In fact, you will find hardly anyone who is renovating the bathroom, but still refraining from installing a freestanding bath. People abstain from installing this genre of bathtub, only if there is any genuine reason NOT to do so.

The Ease of Using Them – Days In and Out!


The plumbing process of the standard freestanding bath is almost same like that of a regular one, with a waste at the frontal end, which leads to the drainage pipe, just adjacent to the cold/hot pipes that end up at the bath or may run as long as the shower. The technique of plumbing in the freestanding bath may differ depending upon the design features, but all said and done, they can be done easily raising the ease of plumbing exercise.

With this being the main reason, once you have your bathroom renovated by a bathroom renovation service expert in Perth, make sure you turn to a freestanding bath, if you do not have one –already!

The Difference in Experience

The very dynamics and the structure of the freestanding baths make sure that the bathing experience is far more relaxing and cozy that what you get in the other conventional bathtubs. In fact, it will help the challenges of the entire day melt away in a jiffy. So, if you are to experience an altogether unfathomable experience of a bath that will help you regain the energy to stride along, a freestanding bath IS your best bet.

Besides, no other type of bath will be able to add up to the elements of elegance and luxury to your bathroom, like these freestanding baths. If this is not the reason for you to opt for them when you renovate your bathroom, what else can be? Hence, if you have banked on a company that offers bathroom renovations near Perth, get rid of the conventional bathtub you have, and opt for a freestanding one.

What better name can you opt for than Direct Tile and Bath for that purpose? Indeed, whether you are in pursuit of a specific style and design of bath for your bathroom, or looking for one with a minimalistic, yet sophisticated design, we have them all.

Just call us at 0431410460 or mail us at and we will be right there to help you.


Know How Professionals Install Acrylic Baths? A Quick Overview


Know How Professionals Install Acrylic Baths? A Quick Overview

Acrylic baths are versatile of all the baths that are made in various shapes to choose from. Acrylic bathtubs are warm to touch, hold the water temperature for longer than other makes of the bath. Moreover, such bath materials are lightweight, easy to transport, can be easily fitted as well as found in a range of colour options, great resistance to water staining, hardwearing, easy to clean and you will get the places to fit the taps.

freestand bath.jpg

How do the acrylic baths are made?

The typical acrylic bath is moulded from one single sheet of acrylic which is 4,5 or 8mm thick. Since 8mm sheet of plastic is not going to provide you with much support, it can be solved with a sheet that is reinforced with glass reinforced plastic which is sprayed on it. So, thicker the acrylic sheet, less reinforcement it requires.

How does an acrylic bath fixed and supported?

When you opt for a plastic bath with galvanized frame. For example, we offer stainless steel frame with 6 feet for a 1700x780x600 bath. The frame not only provides support for the base of the freestanding baths but also provide a fixing point and support for the feet. It not only gives a stable base between the bath and floor but also allow the bath to be adjusted to level it up. In most cases, each foot will have a screw adjuster to be screwed out depending on whether you want to lower or raise the bath.

1. Before you fit new bathtub: In case you have an old bath, and you’re about to bring a replacement, remove the existing bath panels. On the other hand, if the taps have isolation valves, you need to turn the water off and drain out the existing water turning the tap upside. Soon after disconnecting the water tap, disconnect the waste pipe from the drain in the base of the bath. Once there is no more fixing left, jiggle the bath slightly to see if it can be moved. If not, check out for more fixing.

Once you find the tub is movable, jiggle it around and slide it away from the adjoining walls. Depending on the size of the bathroom, you may need all the room or can get tripped over an old bathroom, which won’t make the job easier.

2. Check the floor condition: Without a proper sealing to the old bath, it will be allowing water and moisture to leak down to the floor, and it will last only for a few years. And, in such cases, replacement is the only option left open.

When it comes to moving your new and small freestanding bathtub, it needs proper positioning and fixing. However, before you put it in the final resting place, the installer may put some additional bearers on the floor surface that will fit under the feet of the frame.

However, our classic clawfoot freestanding baths come with empty space beneath the tub that gives the facility for cleaning as well as creating a greater illusion of space.


Concrete Tiles For Your Bath? Reasons That Make It A Good Choice!


Concrete Tiles For Your Bath? Reasons That Make It A Good Choice!

Owing to its durability, vivid colours, and a wide range of styles, concrete tiles prove to be a great option for your interior adornment. These tiles are flexible in appearance, and once installed, it can complement the look of any existing room.


‘Direct Bath And Tile’; one of the top tile suppliers in Perth offers you quality concrete tiles to add colour, texture and pattern to your room decor, including your bathroom.

Each of them is gorgeous in their natural appearance and adds efficiency and practicality to your bathing space. And if these reasons alone weren’t good enough; you can purchase tiles online at cost-friendly rates adhering to the industry standards.

Stellar Specs Of Our Concrete Tiles:-

i.“Our Concrete Tiles Are Impervious To Water Or Moisture Exposure.”

Since you will be using our concrete tiles in your bathroom, it will be pleasing news for you to know that our concrete tiles are impervious to water or any moisture exposure.

Daily bath time splashes or self-pampering sessions won’t do any harm to the installed tiles. Furthermore, all our quality tiles are adequate enough to combat mould, mildew and prevent bacteria and germs from permeating into the tile surface.

Instead, the water beads of them and that makes it such a wonderful addition to your bathing space.

ii.Provides Ample Scope To Customise And Show Of Some Style And Pattern.”

Regardless of what you thought before, bathrooms are a wonderful space to showcase your creative side. If you have a space constraint bathroom, then you can go for our light and soft neutral concrete tiles to give out the illusion of more space.

Au Contraire, if you have a decent sized bathroom, then we have concrete tiles with eye-pleasing floral motifs and light coloured geometric patterns to lend in more panache.

However, these are merely options. If you wish to self-customise your bathroom, then browse our product catalogue and pick out the ones that arrest your attention.

iii.“All Our Concrete Tiles Are Stain resistant, and that accounts for hassle-free cleaning.”

We clearly understand that bathroom tiles need to be cleaned and maintained at all times. This is to keep water splashes, hair, smudges and dust away from its surface.

Keeping true to this; we provide you with quality and attractive bathroom concrete floor tiles in Perth that are resistant to stains and smudges.

You also don’t need to worry about them losing their colour or the natural sheen. They even require minimalistic cleaning- (wiping with water using a clean cloth) of only a handful of minutes.

iv.“They Are Stylistically Classic And Serves As The Perfect Focal Point.”

Wanna create a focal point for your bathing space; our gorgeous concrete tiles for bathroom with their fun-patterns and colour combinations add a decorative punch to the bathing space.

Our advice would be to go for a mix of darker tones as they hide hair, dust and debris better. Furthermore, the dark hues add more privacy and work as an appreciative focal point of your bathing space.

We have a wide range of classic concrete tiles, ready to be purchased by you at unbeatable rates. If you plan on procuring a stock, then you may even get discounts to further reduce your spending.

Impressed So Far..?

You should be. We collaborate with the best manufacturers to ensure quality in all our tiles. Plus; we operate directly with them to keep our overheads low-priced so that your pockets never get burdened.

Feel free to rummage through our product catalogue. You will find what you are looking for!


Want To Make Your Bathroom Look Spacious? 5 Steps Not To Miss


Want To Make Your Bathroom Look Spacious? 5 Steps Not To Miss

Most homeowners come up with a dissatisfaction that their bathrooms are too small and they don’t even need renovation due to being a time-consuming and expensive job. So, what’s the solution? Well, a freestanding bath and tiles with matching tone can do the wonders in the small bathroom, especially when moving walls or changing wall colours and fixtures is not possible. So, to arrange the visual tricks for a bigger space, we are bringing you some effective tips-


1. Make the space for light:

Bathrooms are the private areas but don’t stop this from embracing the natural light. Windows are a fantastic way to make the room appear bigger, and that should not be covered with curtains. Why not try installing frosted windows or sheer curtains to let the light in without compromising with your privacy. You should also consider investing in blinds that can be retracted around the windows without bulking out space in the bathroom.

2.  Keep the tone same for the tiling:

Work on the colour tones and find whether wall and floor tiles are working with or against each other. For example, avoid dark colour walls with lighter tiles, as this can give the illusion of cut off space and make the bathroom appear smaller. Why not choose the lighter colour affordable bathroom tiles in Perth that come in white, pastels or in a grey colour to give the feel of a garden area.

3. Add some mirrors:

Installing mirrors at the right wall or corner is a great way to make even the smallest space look bigger. What about a wide horizontal mirror that gives an illusion of extended space and raised ceiling with a vertical mirror. Before mounting the mirrors, make sure it isn’t facing the toilet, but something more appealing like your window, vanity or the tub as the key features of a bathroom. 

4. Opt for a freestanding bath:

Did you know freestanding bath opens up the walls and floors while creating the sense of space and light? The built-in tubs take up more room and make it appear smaller, as it is boxed in. Well, the beauty of freestanding tub is you can adjust it in any angle allowing the narrow or compact spaces to accommodate it. With the free-standing style, you can combine the traditional look paired with the metal feet.

5. Have a shower near the tub:

Having a shower in the tub is the perfect option for small bathrooms. For freestanding baths, you can have them separate but still sharing the same space. Or you can have glass wall partitioning separating this zone from the rest of the room.

Lastly, most bathrooms we have seen were filled with a range of products and items making it a cluttered room. So, you should also try to eliminate the mess by storing the items out-of-sight in drawers or vanity cabinetry. Moreover, limiting the artworks is another way to make it look less occupied.

At Direct Tile & Bath, we offer great looking cheap bathroom tiles and tubs to make your bathroom perfect unwinding place. Check out our collections and services at, or you can call us at 0402006644 for booking or consultation.


Opting For Bathroom Renovations? Prioritise Cost Reduction


Opting For Bathroom Renovations? Prioritise Cost Reduction

Bathroom renovation is one of the intricate household duties that may very well put people in a fix. There are so many things to be done, and this may well leave people perplexed.

bathroom renovation.jpg

People are often caught in two minds when it comes to renovating bathrooms. In the process, they end up doing things that they could have left out and omit to do certain things that they SHOULD have done. This not only hinders the best results but also increase the sundry costs. Thus, to avoid this, you need to consult a company that is an expert in bathroom renovations.

Direct Tile and Bath in this aspect stands out to be one of the most coveted names that offer high-quality bathroom renovation in Perth. Our experts will not only carry out some impeccable repair but will also guide you on how to control the cost.

However, before you summon them, here is a summary of things that will help you keep the renovation cost under check.

Assessing What Exactly You Need To Change

Renovation does not have any limit, so long you have the budget. The more you will change, the higher will be your bill. Hence, the wisest step is to cut the shirt according to your cloth. If you are running on a shoestring budget, you need to renovate things that demand renovation or change badly and leave other things as they are. Maybe replacing a few taps, the tiles just behind the toilet or replenishing the grouting of the floor tiles will solve the immediate problems that you have in your hand.

Again, depending upon your budget, you can afford to take a few extra steps like changing a few of the bathroom upholstery, or set up a new bath to alter the look and feel of your bathroom.

Our experts will take stock of the situation, take into consideration your budget and guide you in the right way in your bathroom renovations in South of River Perth. This will help you get the desired results without really drilling a hole in your pocket.

Reusing The Fixtures and Fittings

Any experienced company that is into bathroom renovation will advise its clients to reuse the fittings and fixtures to curb costs. We go the same way and advise our clients that if the fixtures and bathroom fittings are fit enough to be used and are operational, it is better to refit and use them after the renovation.

Join the Expert

This is another very effective way of reducing the cost. It is true that our experts will be doing all the renovations and alterations of your bathroom, but some elementary associated tasks can be carried out by people who are not expert.

Thus, you can quickly join hands and carry out certain elementary things pertaining to bathroom renovations North of River Perth as that will cut the costs by a considerable extent.

Last but not the least, you need to opt for the licensed and reputed bathroom renovators, who will be able to provide you services at a realistic rate. That is why putting money on names like Direct Tile and Bath will always help in more than a way.

For further query, you can call us up or write to us, and our experts will be more than ready to help you out.


How to Make the Right Choice for the Kitchen Floor Tiles?


How to Make the Right Choice for the Kitchen Floor Tiles?


With the real estate industry booming at full-fledged, every house owner is stressing on ensuring that the interior of their house looks impeccable. Australians have splurged a whopping $7.7 billion in the renovation, and every year approximately 8 million Aussies opt for renovating their property. Another astonishing figure that stands out apart from others is that approximately 2 million people in Australia have splurged $5,000 and above for renovation.

What’s on the List?

During the renovation projects, for an Aussie, what remains the priority are the rooms and then the floors. Kitchen floor, in particular, needs decent attention being an integral part of the house. Being the heart of the home, taking care of the kitchen and all its aspects is the duty of every house owner. Choosing the right kitchen floor tiles is always going to make the ambience of the kitchen worth mesmerising.

Experts from Direct Tile and Bath suggest some of the effective ways to choose the right kitchen tiles in Perth. Read on the blog to get what are the elements.

Things to Know about Kitchen Floor Remodifications

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Do you know, approximately 80% of house renovation involves kitchen remodification. An Aussie splurges a whopping $23,000 (approx.) on a kitchen renovation. The reason of expense being so high is that kitchen accessories are always costly. Flooring should be included to make sure that the overall get-over of the place is flawless. The countertops, splashbacks, lights, and other accessories are important. But what is more needed is to make sure that the floor tiles are impactful and beautiful.

The following are some of the essential features to look out for in a kitchen floor-

i.         DURABILITY

When it is about investment, make sure that it is proper. According to the professionals from Direct Tile and Bath, cheap stick-on floor tiles can save you money, but in the long run, it is going to be expensive. Such tiles get enormous wear and tear of surfaces or corners peeling off. Inferior quality of tiles might not retain the adhesive onto the surface for long.

ii.        SIZE

The manufacturers of tiles make sure that they make available the tiles of different sizes. For the kitchen floors, the size of the tiles must be in accordance with the kitchen size. If your kitchen is small, then the small-sized tiles would do wonder. On the other hand, large floor tiles would look decent on the large kitchen.

If you are purchasing tiles online in Perth from Direct Tile and Bath, look out for the specifications. Each of our products has the information mentioned in detailed.

iii.       Colour & Texture

Yet another factor that plays a crucial role in ensuring that your kitchen looks flawless is the right choice of the colour and texture. On the one hand, colour adds elegance to the kitchen; texture, on the other hand, plays a crucial role in ensuring safety.

Lighter shades of tiles are going to lighten the space especially when the kitchen is small. According to the experts, for the kitchen, installation of matte and textured tiles will ensure safety by restricting the slips. Therefore, this must always be the primary criterion when it comes to purchasing the right tiles.


With the different varieties of available tiles, making the right choice is going to be easy only when you will know the requirement and specifications. At Direct Tile and Bath, you would get an extensive range of tiles that might include tiles made from porcelain and ceramic.


Choosing Feature Tiles For Your Bathroom Wisely - The Principles


Choosing Feature Tiles For Your Bathroom Wisely - The Principles

Are you keen to give your bathroom some space and show off your style statement? Your gateway to success depends upon using the concept of feature tiles. The concept involves using different tiles on one particular wall to create a focal point that makes a difference. 


Feature tiles, when chosen correctly and wisely, are capable of transforming the look and feel of your bathroom from a boring and a drooping one to brilliant and classy.

You can use the feature tiling effectively by taking into account the dimension and the shape of your bathroom, creating a definite texture, and by zoning a particular area to bring in that desired effect.

However, for that, you need to put your money on an experienced and qualified company that has been in tiling for years. What better name can you think of than Direct Tile and Bath? Indeed, we are THE name you can bank on, for some seamless tiling solutions.

Here are a few reasons why you need to emphasise on feature tiles.

Feature Tiles Add Focal Point

bathroom tiles.jpg

Yes! This is one of the main reasons why feature tiles are so important. They help you underline your style statement and add a catchy focal point to your bathroom. You will be able to combine and coordinate patterned, textured, coloured tiles to incorporate that ‘out-of-this-world' effect.

However, you need to use them very carefully, with the help of a specialist, who has considerable experience in installing these feature bathroom tiles in Perth. Get in touch with us, and our specialist will ensure a flawless tiling.

You can use these tiles to highlight statement items like an accessory or bathroom furniture, or a bathtub or a particular area of the bathroom.

A very effective way of incorporating a focal point to your bathroom is using these feature tiles on one specific wall. This will create a backdrop for a statement basin or bath and create that extra edge.

Adding splash colour...will it make any difference?

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Surely it will! A block of coloured feature tiles will have an astounding impact on your bathroom. However, you need to keep the other tiles either neutral or white.

Using coloured tiles wholly on either one or two of the walls will be viable if you have a relatively larger bathroom, with a lot of space. It will indeed create a showstopping effect!

However, you need to be careful not end up using too much colour, as that will overburden the look.

Here again, you need the intervention of a tiling expert, who will guide you to get classy yet cheap feature tiles in Perth. You are to strike the right balance of colour, which will just add a splash to invoke that element of interest!

The Art of Adding the Right Texture


Feature tiles are great even when it comes to adding texture. However, this will come into play only if you are considering a neutral or plain design.

It will add a surface interest, variation and depth. Textured featured tiles work seamlessly for the vanity walls of bathrooms, for walls behind shower screens, and on those large feature walls.

However, it’s not that you will always need large, dramatic tiles. Even narrow, rectangular ones will be an excellent choice as they will add a subtle, yet pronounced impact.

You can use feature tiles for zoning, and to add a more relaxed, easier and classic look to your bathroom. However, to do so, you need to opt for a company as good as Direct Tile and Bath. Just go to our website and call us up and let us know what you want. Just relax and see what we can do!


Tips to Choose the Right Bath to Create a Welcoming Wellness Space


Tips to Choose the Right Bath to Create a Welcoming Wellness Space

Bathrooms have undoubtedly been the ideal escape for every people on a daily basis. It is the place where one leaves behind stress by getting rid of the dirt and dust. It is in the bathroom where an individual dedicates a considerable amount of time as a part of refreshment and relaxation. It is why the interior of the bathroom has to be explicitly carved out by including all the possible accessories and attachment to create a warm and cozy place.

free standing bath.jpg

Direct Tile and Bath has been a direct bath supplier. The baths in stock with us have a sleek, stylish finish that helps in giving a revamped look in the perspective of a modern bathroom. The popular choice of the house owner has been the elegant clawfoot freestanding baths that are sleek and save space.

According to the experts, the installation of any of the model in the bathroom is always going to rejuvenate the mind by recreating an atmosphere of ultimate sophistication and peace.

Choosing the Right Freestanding Clawfoot Bath?

clawfoot freestanding bath.jpg

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom by installing a freestanding clawfoot bath? Have you made a choice? Have you pondered over the pros and cons of the installation? Well, let's look into the factors that are going to define the choice of bath towards creating a welcoming wellness space--

1. Exploring the Different Available Options

With different taste and preferences, the companies have been doing all the possibles to keep the interest of the people intact. Therefore, if you are going to renovate the space, it is necessary to explore the different available options based on what is going to suit the bathroom. A bathroom can look great after installing freestanding bath tubs in Perth. What should be kept in mind is the placement which would finally decide the available space in the bathroom.

2. Combining Style and Lifestyle Appropriately

Another key thing that should be kept in mind is managing the style and lifestyle in the right way. The professionals suggest to bring out the requirement and preferences in the best possible way. Understanding the serenity, luxury, and relaxation of the ambience and then choosing the bath accordingly is going to be an essential part of a luxurious bathroom.

3. Understanding the Trend & Feasibility

Not all bathrooms are meant to accept the modern trend. With the advancement in technology, the companies are manufacturing beguiling, cutting-edge bathtub designs having high-end architectural elegance. The clawfoot bath in Perth is ideal for different designs, ensuring an enormous scope of beautification for any bathroom. The modern renovators look at the clawfoot bath as an addition that has the ability to enhance the beauty of the available space by giving an antique charm. With different options of style, design, shape and size, the bathtubs are the perfect addition to the bathroom space when it comes to luxury and comfort.


Choosing the right freestanding bath is never a daunting task. Sticking to some of the essential elements and the correct assessment of the requirement will lead to a proper selection. Direct Tile and Bath has a wide range of sizes of baths ascertaining your search for the right one is made easy.


Install The Right Tile Colour For Different Parts For Your Home With These 5 Tips


Install The Right Tile Colour For Different Parts For Your Home With These 5 Tips

Have you ever been at home and found your furniture and flooring are not matching? Well, like every other aspect of our life, colours have been evolved over time for floors. And, people are putting conscious effort with time to choose the right colour that can go well with soft furnishing besides creating a suitable backdrop.


Whereas elements like furniture and decor play an important role in creating a good impression, how can tiles be left behind? So, from our expert’s deck, Direct Tile and Bath is bringing you some tips to add a wow factor to your home-

1. Consider the Purpose of the Room:

When selecting the tile colours from our local tile suppliers Perth, you need to keep in mind a few things and the purpose of tiling your home should get the priority. Every room has a different purpose and frequency of use and hence, tile colour of one room might not work for another room.

2.Choose the Effects Wisely:

Did you know small and dark coloured tiles make your space feel small, whereas large and light coloured tiles give you the sense of open space and besides making it feel bigger.

Moreover, the light and natural hues stand as a natural backdrop for your furniture and decor. These are the important aspects to determine the appeal of your property in the large segment of the market with respect to selling it. If you want to go by the current trend, you might see warm grey, off white and cream colours to lay out.

What our experts suggest is brushed cement, porcelain, sandstone are much in trend. Moreover, if your budget doesn’t allow for natural marble and stone, modern porcelain or ceramic application take lesser cost and come lower in maintenance.

3.Slay With Grey:

In the last five years, the colour grey has become a most-wanted feature and came up as a durable alternative to concrete flooring. The grey is known for offering a neutral base colour to which you can add bold coloured furnishing.

4.Airy Bathroom:

If you have a small bathroom, our experts suggest to have light coloured bathroom tiles, since these colours reflect more light than the darker one besides giving it an airy and spacious feel.

You may try installing wall and floor tiles from Perth in the same colour, which can enhance the feeling of spaciousness. And, to bolster this effect, you can use grout in the same colour as the tiles are, and it would allow tiles being laid closer together for a seamless look.

5.Warm Look For the Kitchen:

When pondering over what tile colour to use for your custom kitchens in Perth, consider a few colours like cream, brown and beige to create the impression of warmth.

Even, a red, orange palette auburn against the wall will create a warm and more welcoming atmosphere.

Lastly, consider natural colours for the patio. Being one of the tiled areas in the home, these areas are typically used for entertainment. It would be best if you choose to go with natural colours since it can get blended with the overall style and create a flowing feeling. Moreover, whatever the area of your home is, wood look tile can beautifully mimic the wood and decking that is placed on the patio.


The Four Fundamentals of Perfecting Your Bathroom Tiling


The Four Fundamentals of Perfecting Your Bathroom Tiling

Are you planning to tile your bathroom? You need to keep the basics right - to start with.


This is not rocket science, to be frank. All you need is just a bit of common sense. However, it is always a fair idea to be reminded of these fundamentals before you pick up a project. It is still good to keep all these in mind. This will help you to come out with flying colours while tiling your bathroom. That's why summoning names like Direct Tile and Bath will make a difference!

Minimising the Use of Skinny tiles


It is a common psychology of people to look more at those strange and skinny tiles than the normal ones. These ‘not so normal’ tiles easily draw attention.

Therefore, quite logically it is better to use tiles that are either full size or are cut half or between half or the full size. Tiles that are cut more than their halves will look skinny and too slender and slivery in the crowd of their ‘healthier’ counterparts.

How can it be done?

You need to anticipate the space that you are left with on the floor, as the tiling moves towards the floor edges and the walls. When two to three feet away from the end, you need to start tweaking the edges of the tiles to make space.

 It has to be done in such a way so that in one hand it will be visually imperceptible, and on the other, the space the tiles occupy starts reducing. This slight but gradual decrease of space that the tiles occupy makes sure that you can place full-sized tiles on the last row once you reach there.

Maintain Symmetry in the layout

free standing bath.jpg

This is another critical issue to deal with while laying tiles in your Perth house bathroom. The layout has to be perfect. At times, they do not look perfect, though it is tough to determine what exactly has gone wrong!

Perhaps the main reason behind this being, the edges are not uniform or clean. Or maybe the tiles that border the basin are not of the same size. This is the last thing that you want to see. Avoid this at all cost.

Minimising the tile-cutting

bathroom tiles.jpg

Just imagine the outcome of too much tile-cutting. They never look good! The fuller the tiles are, it is much better. So, look for a discount on tiles in Perth to cut down costs - not their size. Cutting tiles is NEVER a healthy fun! It only does not look good to have slimmer and curtailed tiles on the floor.

Use Full Sized Tiles in Areas That Are More Visual

hand shower.jpg

Just imagine having a visible part of your toilet full of tiles of different shapes and sizes. The effect will be a disaster.

Hence, refrain from doing so. Just take a leaf out of the Christmas decoration. When people cut a portion of the tree to fit it in a location, they keep the trimmed side away from the sight.

Things work the same way here. If you at all have to trim tiles, use them for areas that are beyond the common site.

These, by no means, is tough! You just have to look for a quality company that will keep these basics right while tiling your bathroom. What better name can be you look for than Direct Tile and Bath? Just call us up and see what difference can we make!


‘Your Tile Test’- Which Type Fits Which Part Of Your House?


‘Your Tile Test’- Which Type Fits Which Part Of Your House?


The task of selecting the right tile for your home renovation is becoming more daunting by the day. So many designs with so many variants differing in size, texture and substance exist in the market. And the good thing-bad-thing about them is that each of them seems appropriate to fit anywhere in your house.

Fortunately “Direct Tile And Bath”- your one-stop supplier of discount tiles in Perth provides you with a knowledge base on which tile to use at which part of your house.

But Before That... Something Equally Important!

Check The PEI Rating: PEI rating determines the durability of the tile in question. Tiles with a low rating like 1 or 2 prove suitable for low traffic areas, whereas those rated 5 deems appropriate for heavy foot traffic areas. This is meant for clay or porcelain tiles in Perth or other similar options.

Checking The MOH Rating: MOH rating is mainly applicable for glazing tiles who come in a rating of 1-10. Any tile with rating 5 or above is meant to be impressively durable and suitable for normal flooring applications. Whereas, tiles with rating 7 or above is appropriate for extreme trafficked parts of the house- like the hallway.

Which Tile Goes Where?

  • For The Kitchen

kitchen tile.jpg

PEI and MOH rated tiles are best suited for the heart-and-soul of your house. Contrary, non-glazed tiles are notsuitable at all.

The appropriate options would be to opt for textured glass or well-polished tiles. Porcelain tiles are the best option. Our experts will help you out with your flooring needs and even combine it with silicone- grouts to improve stain resistance.

  • For The Bathroom

bathroom tiles.jpg

When selecting the right bathroom tiles in Perth, always consider the slippage-resistant factor. Again opting for glossy tiles for the floor could be inappropriate, as when wet, they become really slippery.

Options which you could opt for include glass tiles, stone tiles, ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, linoleum tiles, plastic laminate tiles and cork tiles.

  • For Interior Entrees


Your interior entree is the most trafficked area of the house. And so, when selecting the right tile; you need to go for options with higher MOH ratings.

Rough-textured glazes are an adequate option as it conceals the dirt and withstands the foot traffic it receives constantly. Avoid any kind of designer tiles with MOH ratings of 3 or lower.

  • For The Kid’s Playroom


A lot of people make the mistake of choosing low-quality clay tiles. Don’t make this mistake. Clay tiles can easily crack and chip away with more exposure to foot traffic and impact.

For this area; our specialists suggest using giant porcelain tiles to reduce grout work and easy to clean. We have an impressive collection of top-grade tiles in Perth for your vivid house rooms.

Browse Through Our Catalogue:

“Direct Tile And Bath” imports quality tiles from suppliers, and that allows us to keep our rates low and easily affordable for every buyer. Plus, we always update our catalogue to give you something new to see and choose on every visit.

Feel free to check our catalogue. You will find the right tiles for different parts of your home.


Is It a Small Bathroom? A Few Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Tiles


Is It a Small Bathroom? A Few Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Tiles


When you ask an expert, you will find everyone has different opinions for choosing tile size for the bathroom floor. Especially, when choosing the tiles for a small bathroom. It will make your small bathroom feel quite larger. So, while choosing the floor tiles, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you have to consider the look and feel you prefer the most. As, you will be using the space every day, choosing the right bathroom tiles should match your needs and taste.

So, how to choose the tiles for your small bathroom?


Bigger the tiles, smaller the room will look. So, what we suggest is you shouldn’t use large tiles for the small bathroom. While using the small tile for your small bathroom, it can add a number of grout lines. And, It will make your bathroom look small. Either choose medium size tiles or choose the larger one with rectified edges. Make sure you will be using a grout colour that will be matching the tiles.

Colour scheme: Go with the neutral colour scheme for the small bathroom. Light colours, such as cream, light Grey, white will surely make your bathroom look bigger.

Tile layout to make a difference: It is a clever trick to use tiles for the small bathroom by lying the quality bathroom tiles from Perth in the diagonal pattern. It will really trick the eyes to see the space bigger than really it is. The logic is, when you lay them as a normal squared option, it becomes easy to count, whereas the diagonal patterns give the illusion of the longest dimension of your shower.

Patterned or plain tiles: Whereas pattern tiles make walls visually advance, it makes the bathroom feel smaller. However, choosing patterned tiles can help you to add character by putting the patterned tiles under the dado rail height, and plain & light-coloured tiles above it. With this approach, you can draw the eye upwards while making it feel larger and lighter.

Where to tile in a small bathroom? A small bathroom gives an unwelcoming feel if it is tiled from the wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling pattern. To enhance the feel of your bathroom space, you need to apply some decorative flow as much as possible. In case you find there is a gap of painted walls between the fittings and fixtures, it’s better to tile across the length of the wall instead of interrupting it.

Right tile materials for a small bathroom: When it comes to choosing the best bathroom tiles from Perth, Limestone, slate and granite are the natural stone options due to low porosity and non-slip texture with a stunning finish. Whereas ceramic and porcelain tiles are affordable options with a range of finishes, they can come in bright colours, decorative patterns and more.

Lastly, when it comes to measuring how much tiles you require, you can visit a reliable store and Direct Tile & Bath is happy to help you out regarding this matter. However, experts advice to add an extra 10% of the estimated amount while including the breakage and waste.


Which is the Best Floor Tile Option for Home in 2019?


Which is the Best Floor Tile Option for Home in 2019?

We will vouch for wood look tiles as the perfect choice for decking up your home in 2019. It's in trend, and of course, the benefits are too many. It looks good. It's a perfect alternative to the hardwood flooring that is quite hard to manage. And, also, the price of wood look tiles are quite reasonable compared to the other options available in the market.


But wait, the list does not end here. There are many more to it. Let us give you some valid reasons to prove our point.

Price Does not Differ because of Patterns


Did you consider the price difference between mahogany and knotty pine (the hardwood options)? It's distinct and visible. The patterns and quality of the real hardwood flooring determine it's price. However, that is not the case with the replicated version of mahogany or knotty pines though. The wood look tiles are made of the same material and manufactured in the same process.

The Longevity

floor tiles.jpg

When it is about the longevity or durability of the flooring, the replication of the hardwood flooring is prone to last much longer than the original hardwood flooring. Also, the best part is that the replica does not wear out too quickly. It will look the same even after 20 years.

Don't worry even if your friend spill some wine on the floor or accidentally drops any food, as unlike hardwood flooring; it is not going to persist for too long.

No More Worries for Maintenance

white floor tiles.jpg

Apart from acidic or abrasive cleaners, any cleaning agent can be used for cleaning up these floor tiles in Perth. Buy a mild soap and mix it with warm water to clean up the floor. And, you certainly know how much money can go down for polishing, waxing or restoration of the hardwood floor. So, choose the one that needs less maintenance.

Available in Variety of Sizes

open kitchen.jpg

Well, just because you are shopping for the floor tiles that certainly does not mean, you have to buy for the small tiles only. Instead, just the like the large wooden planks, you can buy for the large size of the tiles too. Your house will exactly look like as if it is decked up with hardwood flooring.

Water Resistance


Not only for the flooring of your kitchen, drawing room or bathroom; instead, the wood look tiles are also the best option as bathroom tiles in Perth. For a sophisticated and natural finish in your bathroom, these tiles will just be perfect. These tiles are not prone to water damage. So, no matter how much water do your kids spill on the floor, all you need is a dry mop to clean it up.

Pets Can’t Scratch this Material

bathroom tile.jpg

That they can easily do with the hardwood flooring, and, you undoubtedly know, how bad the floor can look when there are pet scratches everywhere on your expensive hardwood floor. So, if you have pets in your home and yet want the hardwood look for your floor, there is no better option than going for wood look floor tiles.

Hope you have found all the reasons behind choosing wood look tiles for flooring! Want to talk to our experts for delivery, price and discounts? Don’t delay to call us up and renovate your home with a modern touch.


Some Stunning Ideas That Can Take Your Bathroom Renovation to a New Height


Some Stunning Ideas That Can Take Your Bathroom Renovation to a New Height

Bathroom renovation is an easy process and at the same time, a tough one! Sounds contradictory? Not at all! It’s an easy task if you know the way and if you have put your money on a reputed name, and tough if you HAVE NOT!


Well, let us get right into it! You have to be rather thorough in your approach while renovating your bathroom. For that, you indeed have to bank on a name that will make a difference. That is where we at Direct Tile and Bath score over other companies.

We not only come up with impeccable bathroom renovations, but our experts also provide you with some groundbreaking ideas that can make your bathroom, the very focal point of the aesthetic value of your entire household. And it's not that these ideas have only to do with cheap floor tiles for bathroom available in Perth. They have to to with everything - starting from things related to your bathtub to the kind of mirror you use and the way you mount it on the wall.

Here are some fascinating ways to make your bathroom look unique when you renovate it.

Adding some floating vanities

bathroom renovation.jpg

Is your bathroom a bit on the smaller side? If so, then there is nothing to be worried about. You will find a lot with smallish bathrooms these days, and our experts have unique ideas of renovating them.

We have some opulent fitting and fixing ideas up our sleeves that will take the aesthetic look of the bathroom to an altogether new level. And it does not take too much to make that happen. Just a few innovations here and there will make the difference. A great way of adding spectacle is adding a floating vanity or two mounted against the walls. It will add quite a few scores!

Fitting Subway Tiles

white bathroom tiles.jpg

Remember, how those tiny square tiles used to dominate the bathrooms way back in the eighties and the nineties? They still do so at present, if you know the way of using them - albeit with a few differences.

Again, our experts will come into play to add some innovative ideas. They can pick up those subway tiles from our tile warehouse in Perth for the purpose. These subway tiles come up with a string of benefits, which make them more popular than their smaller counterparts. They are famous for their classy look, and they can be cleaned easily.

Subway tiles are excellent as they expose lesser grouts to all the moisture of the bathroom and this means the probability of accumulating moulds and mildew are less. The look also remains simple yet very much contemporary.

Installing Free Standing baths

Installing freestanding baths IS A GREAT idea to come up with a bathroom on a budget. These baths have a distinguished look and are space efficient as well as extremely manoeuvrable. Contact Direct Tile and Bath, and we will be able to provide you with the right kind of bathtub that will ‘gel' with your bathroom.

So you see - it is all about adding some ‘pretty little' things here and there that makes all the difference. Things like frameless screens or just a little revamping of the lighting here and there will do the trick for you.

Get in touch with us at Direct Tile and Bath at the numbers you find on our official website. Our officials will get in touch with you and provide you with invaluable suggestions.