Why Should You Pick Subway Tiles For Bathroom Renovation?


Why Should You Pick Subway Tiles For Bathroom Renovation?

A lot of people take a step behind considering the hassles and expenditure of bathroom renovation even at times when it is an absolute necessity. However, it's high time to think about it with seriousness and this time in a smart way. With so many varieties of bathroom tiles along with the differences in their pricing, it will not be that hard for you to settle down for something that is affordable yet apt for bathrooms.

When it comes down to finding something most suitable for redecorating the bathroom without exceeding the budget, subway tiles in Perth are preferably the best choice for you. A lot of people may discourage you in this case as they believe these tiles to be too simple and there is no uniqueness in the flat tiles. Moreover, they also tend to think that these tiles have become old-fashioned and do not go well in the modern sphere.

Read on to find out why these particular tiles have made its way to become the most popular choice in the modern time despite being so simple and minimal in style.



As you research for finding out the pricing list of the several tiles, you will undoubtedly pick the subway tiles over any other option considering its low price. However, just because these tiles come at an affordable price that does not mean the quality is compromised in any way. The tiles are equally sturdy and high quality like any other tiles.

It Can Help Creating a Minimalistic Design


Well, in the contemporary setup, going minimal is undoubtedly the new trend to be followed. Subway tiles are simple in appearance. With the subtle yet stylish bathroom fixtures, the minimalistic design of the tiles matches perfectly. All you need to do is to choose the hues of the tiles smartly to make sure it serves your purpose in the best possible way.

Dark Shaded Subway Tiles Make Bathroom Appear Spacious


Have you seen any bathroom in the recent times that have dark shaded subway tiles? It will create a visual illusion under which you may think that there is more space in the bathroom even if it is not there. Consider choosing the black tiles for creating a dramatic feature wall in the bathroom where you have installed the shower and make your small bathroom appear spacious.

You Can Try Almost Any Pattern


Subway tiles are small and rectangular. Therefore, you can try creating practically any pattern with it. From creating the traditional brick style to install it in a crisscross pattern, you can opt for any of the designs you need. You can also experiment with the colour combination by putting two or three different coloured tiles together to create a distinct shape.

The Easiest Option of All for Cleaning


It's simple and easy to deal with the cleanup of these tiles. The grouts of these bathroom tiles can be easily cleaned with a brush and wipe the entire thing off with a fresh towel, and it is cleaned. It is recommended to ensure that the cleaning agents you are using for the maintenance purpose are not reactive to the material.

Remember to choose the other bathroom fixtures accordingly so that the tiles do not appear out of place and you can get the desired result.

Find out the best deal and opt for it as soon as possible.


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Some Bold N Beautiful Bathroom Designs with Subway Tiles - GO BEYOND!


Some Bold N Beautiful Bathroom Designs with Subway Tiles - GO BEYOND!


Some Bold N Beautiful Bathroom Designs with Subway Tiles - GO BEYOND!

As the New Year has finally arrived, you now have lots of reasons to choose subway tiles for your bathroom decor. These Always Classy and Always Trendy rectangular tiles were first used for embellishment purposes way back in 1990. Initially used for subway terminals, these chic decor elements gradually made its way into personal cookeries and bathrooms. Today as it stands, they are labelled as highly versatile tiles, perfect for lending in that touch of extravagance to your interiors.

These tiles inspire and amaze and safe to say are perfect choices for your bathroom renovation. Have a glance down at some of these bold n beautiful designs. Read On.

Deep Shaded Tile Backsplash with Tints of Soothing Grey

Dramatic monochrome – It is one great way to go beyond the usual usage of subway tiles! A perfectly soothing tile backsplash with the right degree of greyish tints is what will give your contemporary bathroom that striking tenor. Working with dark tiles is always an ordeal but by lightening up the bathroom space with at least a single while element will do wonders to its dazzle.

Its Artwork Personified!

Grey and Gold Veining Using a Classic Subway Pattern

Festooning your bath with variegated marble-style marble Subway tile is another great option to go GAGA over. Simply use classic subway patterned tiles of gold and grey colour patterns and create the aesthetic ambience.

To ascend its visual aspect further, you can even use blue mosaic accent flooring. The segregation of the wall and the floor will create a distinctive contrast but which is so incomplete without the other.

Go Daring and Create an Imperial Green Wall with Stunning Subway Cut Tiles

This One Is What Many Aussies Witness in Their Dreams and Don’t Even Think That It’s Vague! Just refer to top subway tiles suppliers in Perth and install perfectly cut out teak green ones for your bath. That glitsy walls and green drops sprinkling over you makes you feel like a more forest vicinity and a recuperative getaway.

A Note – Ensure the positioning and strength of the lighting are crucial. Something like a while illumination (Light yellow is a BIG NO) should be a good option.

These are 3 striking bathroom designs using subway tile ideas which you can use. However, just if you change your thoughts, there’s one minimalistic yet classical design which will never cease you stupefy you!

Blending Classical Black and White Dashes To Titillate Your Senses

Yes, you guessed it right! It's that age-old combination of Black and White. Very few colour unifications are as classical as these two. So, why not give your bathroom that vintage panache. Just take up black and white textured subway tiles and roll back those years when class meant this permutation.

Adorn the walls with white tiles and install the black ones on your bathroom floor. Their polished finishes will illuminate the whole space, and its vintage compatibility will create magic on its own.

So, there you have it, some noteworthy designs to decorate your bathroom with! To get all the supplies and proper installations contact a reliable supplier immediately.

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Freestanding Baths - Why Should You Install One in Your Bathroom?


Freestanding Baths - Why Should You Install One in Your Bathroom?

The time for New Year is knocking at the door, and it is undoubtedly the perfect time for you to redecorate your interior to give it a fresh new look for welcoming the New Year with grace. With the fixtures and other decorating material on sale, it will be a great decision on your part to make the decorating effective yet budget-friendly.

It is best to start with your bathroom as because the availability of incorporating something radically different in design and appearance can be done with space. Creating a centre of attraction for your bathroom is necessary for building the dramatic appeal. Installing freestanding baths in the bathroom will be the best decision on your part that can make your bathroom look different from its older version.

Choosing Between Freestanding and Built-In Baths

Well, the choice can become critical when you have to choose between the built-in baths and the freestanding ones.

Appearance: There is no doubt about the fact that the built-in baths are more traditional in appearance and functionality. On the other hand, the freestanding ones have a contemporary look that can enhance the style of your bathroom.


Focal Point: If your sole purpose is to create an attraction point, choosing standalone baths will be a wise decision. One of the most significant drawbacks of built-in baths is it needs to be installed at one corner of the bathroom. It will never create that visual focal point that you want desperately. Evidently, you can place the freestanding bath anywhere you want.

Focal Point.jpg

Visual Illusion of Space: When you look at a bathroom having a standalone bath in the middle of the place, you will probably start thinking the bathroom to appear more spacious than it initially is. It is because of the space that remains available at the nooks and corners around the bath that create the illusion. However, as you look at a built-in bath, you will instantly start feeling that the space in the bathroom got reduced.

Visual Illusion of Space.jpg

Are the Freestanding Baths Easy to Maintain?

You will find no difficulty in maintaining or caring for the baths. Those are quite light in weight, giving you the option to move it wherever you want as per your convenience and preference. The standard cleaning agents are enough for the baths to get cleaned up. Sometimes, even the shower of water is more than enough to keep the bath appears as it is.

Freestanding Baths Easy to Maintain.jpg

Does Freestanding Bath Complement the Decor?

Only if you have chosen a contemporary appearance for the entire bathroom! The baths made catering to the modern minimalistic designs in mind hardly go with any traditional style. The baths with a black coating on the exterior and white in between look brilliant when placed in any modern bathroom. Mix it with the most exquisite white gloss tiles, and you will get an appearance that spells luxury in its right way. Consulting the experts of renovation is recommended to ensure your investment shows some worth.

Freestanding Bath Complement the Decor.jpg

Final Words

Cost-effectiveness is undoubtedly one of the significant benefits of choosing the baths. When you can create a subtle and contemporary appearance by installing only a bath instead of a lot of other fixtures, it will surely be included in your quota of profit when you choose these baths to be installed.


4 Tile Designs to Make Your Home Come Alive this New Year


4 Tile Designs to Make Your Home Come Alive this New Year

Even though wallpapers and wall decals seem to be making a comeback of sorts! If you are seeking a more appeasing and chic way of adorning your digs, then tiles are your best bet! They are available in vivid patterns and sizes, thus giving you endless opportunities. Plus they are practical and also versatile when it comes to using them at just about any given interior region. Safe to say mate – Tiles in Perth Aren't Just Used For Washrooms and Backsplashes Anymore. They Have The Ability To Transcend The Room Of An Entire Room Completely.

Check These 4 Cool Décor Ideas And Take Inspiration

  • If you have a fireplace mantle at your place, you can punch in some graphical tiles. The focal point has to be the fireplace and for that make sure you choose the colour patterns carefully. Cross-hair designed tiles preferably in black and white textures encapsulating the mantle will make it come alive. To radiate more drama and aestheticism, you can add in some wooden furniture and pretty looking glass table in the middle. For the walls, you can keep the colour minimalistic such as light yellow, sky blue or light green.
cross-hair designed tiles.jpg
  • Tiles are always a great choice for kitchen decors and backdrops for freestanding baths. Encaustic tiles, also commonly known as printed ceramic tiles are surely something which you can use. For the best effect, you should opt for symmetrical or geometric designs for bringing out more fun designs. To pop it up more, you certainly can marry it with a few coats of vivacious paints. However, if you prefer simplistic appearance for your bathrooms or kitchen interiors, you can also opt for a neutral or classical tile designs. One great idea would be to double up the tile décor by keeping the floor and wall décor completely contrasting to one another. Some funky printed or eccentrically patterned tiles for your floor and a minimalistic tile wall will bring out lots of dramatic vibes.
encaustic tiles.jpg
  • Redefine your wall backsplash by thinking of unorthodox formations. Just skip the typical wall paint and go out of the box with a totally inspired wall accent. They are surely eye-appeasing, and they make any given room come alive. The correct choice of tiles would be something like Herringbone (rectangular tiles) would work marvellously. As for the colour selection, you can choose any colour contrasting colour pattern you like. White-Black, Off-White-Volcanic Ash, Grey-Red/Yellow – all appear to be good options.
herringbone tiles.jpg
  • To exemplify your floor, you can shy away from the hardwood floor or even the conventional tile floor design. Rather you should take up Chevron patterns to ooze out your room's every element. You don't need to experiment in any way. Just install these tiles and watch the magic unfold! Bright green hues are stunning options for such flooring designs particularly if you have light shaded walls. It contrasts amazingly, and also the soothing light green reflection gives you room a surreal kind of dazzle.
chevron patterned tiles.jpg

These are some of the cool home décor ideas which you can implement using tiles. Contact a reliable provider, find out what options are available within your budget and give your home a dreamy makeover!


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Top 3 Reasons You Should Definitely Opt for Wood Look Tiles


Top 3 Reasons You Should Definitely Opt for Wood Look Tiles

Over the years, a lot has changed when it comes to people’s lifestyles. Things which were considered inferior are now a rage. Tiles, for instance, weren't always in demand. Decades back, people preferred wood or marble when it came to flooring. But these days, whether it's commercial or residential properties, the preferred choice for most homeowners is tile.

The Variety of Tile Has Exponentially Increased Over the Years


A few years back the choice of tiles was very limited. You had your conventional porcelain or ceramic tiles. But now, you would go in the market and feel dizzy at the wide variety of choices available.

Be honest, a few years ago, could you seriously imagine a tile that could resemble real timber? Of course not! The technology wasn't as advanced as it is now where homeowners are finding wood look tiles in Perth to be extremely appealing, and that has caused an exponential increase in its demand.

Why Do People Love Wood Looking Tiles?

First things first, why won’t they? After all, these tiles are replicating natural timber right in their home. But there aren’t coming with the maintenance baggage of hardwood. What’s more, considering most of these designs are based on porcelain, they are incredibly strong.

Sure, you might have this notion that how can tile resemble hardwood, right? These tiles are so natural that even you can’t spot any difference between them and real timber.

Here’s a few good reasons why you should definitely opt for wood looking tiles:-

They Are Extremely Affordable


Just because these tiles look like timber doesn't mean that they cost like them. On the contrary, wood-like tiles are extremely cost-effective when you look at the bigger picture. Hardwood floors are tough to maintain and involves a lot of niggling expenses over time. Such a situation will never arise in case of wood looking tiles.

Sure, the installation might cost you a bit, but that’s it. You won’t have to incur any expense on maintenance which is the case with timber.

They Are Easy to Clean


There is no doubt that timber flooring has their appeal, but when you consider the huge effort which you will have to put in to clean them, things will seem far more complicated. Also, you will have to reseal your floors nearly every year.

When it comes to wood looking tiles, you won’t have to break a sweat to clean the floors. As long as you know the right methods of cleaning, you will be able to maintain them properly all year round.

They Are Strong and Durable


Now, you might think that tiles are quite prone to chipping or cracks, and it'll be the same for this kind of tiles as well, but you are wrong. Most of the wood resembling tiles are porcelain, and as you know, porcelain is extremely strong and can withstand impacts.

So these are some very valid reasons why it would be sensible on your part to consider wood look tiles if you are renovating your house.


3 Budget-friendly Hacks to Make Your Bathroom Appear Colourful


3 Budget-friendly Hacks to Make Your Bathroom Appear Colourful

In most of the cases, people become confused regarding choosing the right style for their bathroom. Bathroom, being the most functional space of your house, demands a unique approach so that it looks appealing without compromising on the functionality in any way.

People crave for a minimalistic urban look for their bathroom these days. However, in the process of selecting the right bathroom style, people end up installing dull looking tiles and other fixtures that fail to increase the attraction quotient of your bathroom.

Just because you are choosing a contemporary design that does not mean you cannot select a coloured hue for your bathroom. Picking the right coloured accessories for your bathroom will make your bathroom look spacious and vibrant. As you throw yourself in the tub after a dull and tiring working day, the colourful hues all around you are sure to infuse an energy quotient in you.

So, are you willing but confused about the selection of the right colour palette for your bathroom?

Read on to find out the hacks.

Contrast the Colour of Accessories with the Floor


Look around your bathroom. What are the things you wish to include in your bathroom to make it appear more urban and classy? How about installing a bath from the best collection of contemporary freestanding baths available in the market? It will instantly add brilliance to your bathroom.

Additionally, as you plan to contrast the colour of the bath with that of your floor tiles, it will make your bathroom appear ravishing. However, make sure you carry out extensive research on the internet and find out the most popular choices of bath along with their suppliers to ensure you don’t end up investing in a cheap quality bath.

Introduce a Feature Wall


Have you always thought that feature walls are just for your drawing room and thus cannot be installed in any of the other places in your house? Well, the bathroom is the space where a feature wall decked with colourful tiles will prove an amazing inclusion.

 Pick some lots of colourful tiles contrasting with each other. Don't forget to keep the other walls of your bathroom covered with traditional tiles. It will create a dramatic impact, brightening your bathroom in the best possible way.

Make Sure You Are Using the Right Lighting


Remember that the light is done adequately according to the space you have in your bathroom. In some cases, people fail to grace their bathroom in the right way even after spending a whole lot of money on tiling and other bathroom accessories just because of the absence right light fixtures.

Consult the renovation experts along with the electricians specialising in the field to make sure you have the lighting done appropriately. As the light gets reflected on the bright feature wall or the white gloss tiles that you have installed, the entire space will get brighten up automatically.


It can be concluded that having a feature wall, right bathroom accessories and right lighting fixtures are all you need to create a colourful ambience in the space. Therefore, think twice before getting the most expensive tiles available in the market and be a smart buyer instead.