As the New Year has finally arrived, you now have lots of reasons to choose subway tiles for your bathroom decor. These Always Classy and Always Trendy rectangular tiles were first used for embellishment purposes way back in 1990. Initially used for subway terminals, these chic decor elements gradually made its way into personal cookeries and bathrooms. Today as it stands, they are labelled as highly versatile tiles, perfect for lending in that touch of extravagance to your interiors.

These tiles inspire and amaze and safe to say are perfect choices for your bathroom renovation. Have a glance down at some of these bold n beautiful designs. Read On.

Deep Shaded Tile Backsplash with Tints of Soothing Grey

Dramatic monochrome – It is one great way to go beyond the usual usage of subway tiles! A perfectly soothing tile backsplash with the right degree of greyish tints is what will give your contemporary bathroom that striking tenor. Working with dark tiles is always an ordeal but by lightening up the bathroom space with at least a single while element will do wonders to its dazzle.

Its Artwork Personified!

Grey and Gold Veining Using a Classic Subway Pattern

Festooning your bath with variegated marble-style marble Subway tile is another great option to go GAGA over. Simply use classic subway patterned tiles of gold and grey colour patterns and create the aesthetic ambience.

To ascend its visual aspect further, you can even use blue mosaic accent flooring. The segregation of the wall and the floor will create a distinctive contrast but which is so incomplete without the other.

Go Daring and Create an Imperial Green Wall with Stunning Subway Cut Tiles

This One Is What Many Aussies Witness in Their Dreams and Don’t Even Think That It’s Vague! Just refer to top subway tiles suppliers in Perth and install perfectly cut out teak green ones for your bath. That glitsy walls and green drops sprinkling over you makes you feel like a more forest vicinity and a recuperative getaway.

A Note – Ensure the positioning and strength of the lighting are crucial. Something like a while illumination (Light yellow is a BIG NO) should be a good option.

These are 3 striking bathroom designs using subway tile ideas which you can use. However, just if you change your thoughts, there’s one minimalistic yet classical design which will never cease you stupefy you!

Blending Classical Black and White Dashes To Titillate Your Senses

Yes, you guessed it right! It's that age-old combination of Black and White. Very few colour unifications are as classical as these two. So, why not give your bathroom that vintage panache. Just take up black and white textured subway tiles and roll back those years when class meant this permutation.

Adorn the walls with white tiles and install the black ones on your bathroom floor. Their polished finishes will illuminate the whole space, and its vintage compatibility will create magic on its own.

So, there you have it, some noteworthy designs to decorate your bathroom with! To get all the supplies and proper installations contact a reliable supplier immediately.

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