Having a luxurious kitchen with all the necessary accessories is possibly your dream, and Direct Tile and Bath can fulfil it. What do you need to give a facelift to your kitchen? Well, we will come to the point. But, before that, it is crucial to know that why do you need the makeover in the first place?


There may be heaps of reasons for that. But improving the aesthetics and the functionality are the two common factors that are always there. In the recent times, the trend of the customised kitchen has become the popular choice of the Aussies, and being the most popular supplier of kitchen essentials and also the renovation expert, Direct Tile and Bath has catered to every demand of the clients over the time.

Now, back to the first question here.

What do you need to do for remodelling your kitchen? Well, the first thing is the tiles - both floor and wall tiles. Along with that, you need to work on your kitchen cabinets, cooktops and the other accessories to make sure; you can have both fun and ease in your kitchen.

Let us give you some insights about the advantages of custom kitchens in Perth that a lot of people have already opted for discarding the need of flatpack kitchens. It will surely change your perspective.

Contemporary or Traditional - the Choice is Yours


Not everyone is fascinated with the idea of contemporary design. Some like a traditional vintage look. For those, wood look tiles will be a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want the kitchen to look minimal and contemporary, gloss tiles will be the ideal choice (not to forget, these gloss tiles need less maintenance too!). So, the fact is you don't have to go for any set up trend with the customised kitchen. Instead, you can make your own choice and set your own trend.

Minimised Energy Bills


Well, as we were saying earlier, the benefits of a custom kitchen are not limited to aesthetic beauty, but it helps in minimising the energy bills. Using environment-friendly and heat-resistant material for the kitchen flooring can actually take a lot of heat, keeping the inside cool. And also, the choice of LED lights and low energy appliances will make it more practical for you.

² Custom Kitchen Increases Property Value


Those who have opted for custom kitchens in previous years, hand picked tiles online and designed the kitchen for enhanced functionality and finally sold it off after two or three years have received a lot of benefits. Ya! Opting for the customised kitchen can actually increase your property value and help you to get a better price. So, the benefits are not temporary, but in the long-term too. In one word, it is a complete return on investment.

Final Words

In the final part, some recommendations and pieces of advice for our valued customers. When you are making your own decisions, better be ready with some ideas to input. Speak up about your inspirations, and of course, your needs to design the kitchen of your dreams. For the rest, there is Direct Tile and Bath, ready at your service.