In the recent times, the new trends in tiling industry have made it quite challenging for you to choose the one that will perfectly suit the appearance of your home. However, a lot of house owners are still there who still put faith in the traditional style but take a step behind considering the hassles of maintenance. Timber floors will serve as the most prominent example of this situation.

The tile manufacturers have, therefore, come up with the idea that will let you enjoy the traditional style without any hassle regarding the maintenance. Yes, we are taking the revolutionary wood look tiles in Perth here that looks exactly like the wooden floors yet are made using the standard tiling materials.

However, despite these significant benefits, a lot of rumours, misconceptions and myths surround this particular tiling style just like the real timber floors. Well, if you are planning to renovate the house with this traditional wooden feel all around, it is crucial to clear out all your doubts and go ahead with your decision.

Let us be on your side in getting over with these doubts. Read on to find out.

"Wood Look Tiles Will Never Look like Real Timber."


This particular misconception is probably spread by the people who don't have any experience of installing the wood look tiles before or perhaps they are talking about the tiles that were available a long time back. In the recent times, the engineered tiles look even better than the real timber floors regarding appearance. So, you can pick it without any inhibition in mind.

"Wood Look Tiles Are Harmful to the Environment."


It is another false notion developed by people who have no clue about the process of manufacturing these particular tiles. The tiles are made of recycled products along with raw materials that are not bad for the environment in any way. Moreover, it lasts for years to come and does not consist of any volatile compound that can affect the environment.

"Wood Look Tiles Fade Away."


Never! The colour of the real timber may change over the time, but the case is not similar to the wood look tiles. With minimum maintenance, the tiles will keep on shining like the new ones and that too for a prolonged period.

"Wood Look Tiles Can Be Cold."


Well, if we consider it to be true, there is nothing bad in that. Instead, it's way better than the poor quality tiles that become hot too easily. The tiles can help in getting your house cooled down and led it to become energy efficient. In the case, you feel too cold; consider using rugs, especially during the winter.

"You Need to Go for Traditional Decor for Installing Wood Look Tiles."


There is no mandatory rule as such. These wood-like tiles may apparently seem to be traditionally but once installed in the bathroom; it will perfectly go with the contemporary freestanding baths you choose from our collection. The best part of these tiles is they go well with both the traditional and modern home decors.

"Wood Look Tiles Are Extremely Costly."


Well, it is true that these tiles are costlier than the cheaply made tiles, but when you look at the advantages, your spending will become valid. It is prone to last longer than any of the contemporaries, and you don't need to overspend on the maintenance. So, there are savings everywhere! Look for deals and discounts to cut the rate if you want.

Take a look at our collection of Wood Look Tiles and choose any of the preferable shades to revamp your home decor.

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