If you have recently invested a lump sum amount in tiling, you must be willing to retain the shine of your newly installed tiles for a long time. With regular usage, bathroom tiles lose lustre and tend to become dull and shabby. Moreover, dirt, grime, scum and water spots accumulate on the tiles that alleviate the look and feel of the space.


If you have recently got your bathroom remodelled by the experts of bathroom style store near Perth you should take routine care to keep it clean and sparkling. There are a few techniques from natural to high-end professional treatments which can help in restoring the sparkling shine of your priceless tiles forever.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Act as Bleaching Agents


For keeping your bathroom tiles in Perth look as good as new, you can use both baking soda and vinegar. For routine bathroom maintenance, you can sprinkle a little amount of baking soda over your tiles and sweep slowly in order to clean and revive your private space. Baking soda and vinegar are good bleaching agents that remove spots, dirt, water spots and leave a pleasant fragrance every time you clean with them.

Tartar and Lemon Juice Fight Grouts


The professionals of bathroom style store near Perth leaves no stones unturned to spruce up your space with the best tiles. Without regular upkeep, tiles lose their shine and look dull and shabby, especially when grungy grouts develop on them. So how can you get rid of stained grout? You can make a natural paste taking equal proportions of tartar and lemon juice. You can clean the affected areas by scrubbing it well with an old toothbrush before rinsing with a sponge.

Apply Some Tough Treatments


Water that is rich in iron content makes the tiles shabby with scum and black deposits and it becomes difficult to remove later on. To treat the effects of hard water, you can buy a good limescale remover from the market which can effectively dissolve and cleanse the black mineral deposits. While buying cleansing detergents, make sure you choose a mild one that does not ruin the lustrous tile finish or cause health problems to your family or pets.

Use High-end Shine For Your Tiles


If you want to restore the shine of your priceless bathroom tiles and make your investment worth every penny, you can apply this trick. You can use leftover furniture sprays over the damaged areas and buff it using a microfiber cloth. When the polish gets buffed away, you will get to see your tiles gleaming like new. However, while using furniture polish, remember not to spray on showers or the tubs as the surface might become severely slick after the application.

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