When planning for a perfect bathroom, there is a lot of decisions you need to make in terms of colour, styles, fittings and fixtures to ensure an ultimate bathing experience. In this content, you will find how to choose the right shower enclosure according to your expectations.


Space: The first thing you have to look after is how much space your bathroom has. Available space is one of the important factors in deciding the type of shower enclosure you choose.

Combination of the see-through enclosure and over-bath shower: If you have limited space, then the combination of bath screen and over-bath shower could be a great choice to install in your next bathroom renovations in South of River Perth.

Mirrored glass: The aesthetic of mirrored glass can add the charm, while full-length mirror can be great without giving up the space required for one, and that reflects the natural light sources while ensuring more brightness and vibrancy in the space, which is great for creating the illusion of a larger space.

Position: An alcove in the bathroom is the ideal way to make most of your space. We arrange an awesome enclosure for alcove part that allows beautiful shower design. If a corner enclosure suits your space, then there is nothing to worry since today’s corner enclosures are designed from straight-edged lines to seamless smooth curves.

With a centrally positioned enclosures, you have to consider a number of things, for example, the number of panels, type of door or you want an alcove or corner enclosure.

Style: Whether you want it from contemporary, minimalist to vintage chic, there is a certain enclosure style for each bathroom style. For example, the walk-in shower with marble door frames, tiled interior, charcoal walls can complete each other. Moreover, the stair steps, toiletry shelf etc. will give your shower a spacious feel.


Blur The Lines: An walk-in shower with transparent enclosure should blend into the background. With a seamless glass enclosure that is visible, you can try tile patterns and colours same as your room or its surroundings.

Invite The Light: Position your walk-in shower near a window or beneath the skylight. It will be a great way to soak the sunlight or gaze up to the twinkling stars.

Shower Trays: Wet-rooms are growing in popularity, but not everyone is aware of the kind of space it requires to set up the entire thing. A proper and inviting shower tray is the contact between your bare feet and floor. It determines the overall bathroom appearance. If you are looking for shower trays, our bathroom renovations in Perth can offer you a number of options from low-profile to standard ones, which are available in square, rectangular or in pentagon shape found in traditional stone resin or contemporary light-weight trays.

For your bathroom renovations in North of River Perth, you can try furnishing by downsizing the vanities or pedestal sinks that open up space for a walk-in shower. Moreover, the shower enclosure with a frosted door, which stops a few feet below the ceiling can provide privacy without blocking the light.