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Tips That Will Help You To Decide Between Wood Look Tiles And Sandstone Tiles


Tips That Will Help You To Decide Between Wood Look Tiles And Sandstone Tiles

We at Direct Tile and Bath have a wide array of tiles for you. Such is the vastness of the range of our products it may leave you utterly perplexed. That is pretty obvious - for too many options at times might leave you confused, though that is undoubtedly a positive sign.

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In case you are still not able to make up your mind and decide between wood look tiles and the sandstone variety, if you have zeroed on these two, here are a few tips that will help you to arrive at a decision.

Take into consideration the purpose


Here is where the basics start from. It involves taking into consideration a few guidelines when it comes to selecting the tile type and shade. You need to consider the purpose of the room. Since every room has a specific intent to fulfill, that should determine the type of tile you choose.

 For instance, the wood look tiles are a shade darker than their sandstone counterparts and are best when it comes to giving a closed, cozy and compact look to a room. The sandstone variety, on the other hand, would provide a tinge of openness and airier aesthetic to the room. When it comes to tiling your kitchen, the sandstone variety will be more apt for obvious reason.

 Keep in mind the effects

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Remember, tiles that are darker tend to make spaces appear smaller than they are. However, the lighter ones would open them up, and make them look more prominent than what they are. That's what you need to consider when you pick up tiles for your Myaree home.

 As an interior pundit has put it, “Brushed cement tiles, tiles made up of sandstone, white marble, porcelain are much in vogue at present, for tiling your bedrooms and living rooms.” Indeed so, for if you are planning to use tiles for your living room, the lighter sandstone variety will be a better idea.

 Go for the wood like tiles

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Again, if you are planning to opt for a substitute for concrete flooring, then you need to turn to the wood like variety. Presumably, they are the lighter variety, which is a durable substitute to rendered or concrete flooring. The greatest thing is that these wood look tiles in Perth give your floor a neutral base, which will provide you with the option of setting up coloured softer furnishings.

 Make the bathroom airy


Regarding the bathrooms, more so if you have a smaller one, you need to have the light coloured ones, which will reflect light more than if you have the ones with darker shades. This will form an airy and more spacious illusion. 

Here, we recommend you to use tiles with the same colour and texture, as that will further enhance that illusion of spaciousness. For further bolstering this effect, you are recommended to use the same textured grout, or you can purchase custom cut tiles, which will lead to a more seamless look.

So that is it. Patios look better with wood look tiles, while for the kitchen the sandstone variety is more apt. For further advice, call us up the number you find on our website. Our expert will be more than happy to provide you additional information before you starting tiling your home.