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Concrete Tiles For Your Bath? Reasons That Make It A Good Choice!


Concrete Tiles For Your Bath? Reasons That Make It A Good Choice!

Owing to its durability, vivid colours, and a wide range of styles, concrete tiles prove to be a great option for your interior adornment. These tiles are flexible in appearance, and once installed, it can complement the look of any existing room.


‘Direct Bath And Tile’; one of the top tile suppliers in Perth offers you quality concrete tiles to add colour, texture and pattern to your room decor, including your bathroom.

Each of them is gorgeous in their natural appearance and adds efficiency and practicality to your bathing space. And if these reasons alone weren’t good enough; you can purchase tiles online at cost-friendly rates adhering to the industry standards.

Stellar Specs Of Our Concrete Tiles:-

i.“Our Concrete Tiles Are Impervious To Water Or Moisture Exposure.”

Since you will be using our concrete tiles in your bathroom, it will be pleasing news for you to know that our concrete tiles are impervious to water or any moisture exposure.

Daily bath time splashes or self-pampering sessions won’t do any harm to the installed tiles. Furthermore, all our quality tiles are adequate enough to combat mould, mildew and prevent bacteria and germs from permeating into the tile surface.

Instead, the water beads of them and that makes it such a wonderful addition to your bathing space.

ii.Provides Ample Scope To Customise And Show Of Some Style And Pattern.”

Regardless of what you thought before, bathrooms are a wonderful space to showcase your creative side. If you have a space constraint bathroom, then you can go for our light and soft neutral concrete tiles to give out the illusion of more space.

Au Contraire, if you have a decent sized bathroom, then we have concrete tiles with eye-pleasing floral motifs and light coloured geometric patterns to lend in more panache.

However, these are merely options. If you wish to self-customise your bathroom, then browse our product catalogue and pick out the ones that arrest your attention.

iii.“All Our Concrete Tiles Are Stain resistant, and that accounts for hassle-free cleaning.”

We clearly understand that bathroom tiles need to be cleaned and maintained at all times. This is to keep water splashes, hair, smudges and dust away from its surface.

Keeping true to this; we provide you with quality and attractive bathroom concrete floor tiles in Perth that are resistant to stains and smudges.

You also don’t need to worry about them losing their colour or the natural sheen. They even require minimalistic cleaning- (wiping with water using a clean cloth) of only a handful of minutes.

iv.“They Are Stylistically Classic And Serves As The Perfect Focal Point.”

Wanna create a focal point for your bathing space; our gorgeous concrete tiles for bathroom with their fun-patterns and colour combinations add a decorative punch to the bathing space.

Our advice would be to go for a mix of darker tones as they hide hair, dust and debris better. Furthermore, the dark hues add more privacy and work as an appreciative focal point of your bathing space.

We have a wide range of classic concrete tiles, ready to be purchased by you at unbeatable rates. If you plan on procuring a stock, then you may even get discounts to further reduce your spending.

Impressed So Far..?

You should be. We collaborate with the best manufacturers to ensure quality in all our tiles. Plus; we operate directly with them to keep our overheads low-priced so that your pockets never get burdened.

Feel free to rummage through our product catalogue. You will find what you are looking for!


Which is the Best Floor Tile Option for Home in 2019?


Which is the Best Floor Tile Option for Home in 2019?

We will vouch for wood look tiles as the perfect choice for decking up your home in 2019. It's in trend, and of course, the benefits are too many. It looks good. It's a perfect alternative to the hardwood flooring that is quite hard to manage. And, also, the price of wood look tiles are quite reasonable compared to the other options available in the market.


But wait, the list does not end here. There are many more to it. Let us give you some valid reasons to prove our point.

Price Does not Differ because of Patterns


Did you consider the price difference between mahogany and knotty pine (the hardwood options)? It's distinct and visible. The patterns and quality of the real hardwood flooring determine it's price. However, that is not the case with the replicated version of mahogany or knotty pines though. The wood look tiles are made of the same material and manufactured in the same process.

The Longevity

floor tiles.jpg

When it is about the longevity or durability of the flooring, the replication of the hardwood flooring is prone to last much longer than the original hardwood flooring. Also, the best part is that the replica does not wear out too quickly. It will look the same even after 20 years.

Don't worry even if your friend spill some wine on the floor or accidentally drops any food, as unlike hardwood flooring; it is not going to persist for too long.

No More Worries for Maintenance

white floor tiles.jpg

Apart from acidic or abrasive cleaners, any cleaning agent can be used for cleaning up these floor tiles in Perth. Buy a mild soap and mix it with warm water to clean up the floor. And, you certainly know how much money can go down for polishing, waxing or restoration of the hardwood floor. So, choose the one that needs less maintenance.

Available in Variety of Sizes

open kitchen.jpg

Well, just because you are shopping for the floor tiles that certainly does not mean, you have to buy for the small tiles only. Instead, just the like the large wooden planks, you can buy for the large size of the tiles too. Your house will exactly look like as if it is decked up with hardwood flooring.

Water Resistance


Not only for the flooring of your kitchen, drawing room or bathroom; instead, the wood look tiles are also the best option as bathroom tiles in Perth. For a sophisticated and natural finish in your bathroom, these tiles will just be perfect. These tiles are not prone to water damage. So, no matter how much water do your kids spill on the floor, all you need is a dry mop to clean it up.

Pets Can’t Scratch this Material

bathroom tile.jpg

That they can easily do with the hardwood flooring, and, you undoubtedly know, how bad the floor can look when there are pet scratches everywhere on your expensive hardwood floor. So, if you have pets in your home and yet want the hardwood look for your floor, there is no better option than going for wood look floor tiles.

Hope you have found all the reasons behind choosing wood look tiles for flooring! Want to talk to our experts for delivery, price and discounts? Don’t delay to call us up and renovate your home with a modern touch.