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“Brighten Your Bathroom” With Timeless White Tiles


“Brighten Your Bathroom” With Timeless White Tiles

Always Flattering- Multi-Purpose- Sophisticated; white bathroom tiles never cease to amaze. They are an elegant choice that denotes peace and serenity and helps to visually expand your bathroom space.

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All modernistic designs are about using minimalistic styles to create brighter space. But if they are not used properly, it could backfire in giving a boring, bland and monotonous appearance.

The trick to decor your bathroom using white tiles is always to strike a balance between luminosity and functionality. With that; you also need to pick quality tiles from a notable supplier.

Fortunately for you, ‘Direct Tile and Bath’ has the perfect collection of white (and light coloured) bathroom tiles to set your stylish heart aflutter when you see them. Each of them ooze class, are clean and cool.  They are also highly resistant to water, require low maintenance and is impressively durable.

Feel free to check our product catalogue and sort out your tile as per your desired shape, colour and pattern.

Go For NEUTRALS (ALL-WHITE Bathroom Decor):


All contemporary designs make big use of white bathroom tiles, and this will continue to remain a popular trend even in this modern world. Using white glossy tiles will add life to your bathroom and reinforce a relaxing atmosphere. Use these tiles for the flooring, for the feature wall as well as for the ceiling to create a delightful and peaceful all-white bathing space.

A Blend Of Glossy White And Matte Finish Tiles:


The ever-popular matte finish tiles feature a soft but appealing beauty-style. These tiles don’t get smudges or get watermarks and prove ideal for busy bathrooms. The low sheen also makes it easier to maintain them and fitting them into your bathroom space will ensure there is sufficient light throughout the space.

You can use white tiles for the bathroom floor and use the matte finish tiles for the backsplash and even for the shower wall. The contrasting nature and style of both these tiles will create a highly elegant and polished feel. Plus, together they will reflect ample light, thus creating the perception of larger bathing space.

Incorporate Metallic Wall Finishes With White Bathroom Floor:

metalic tiles.jpg

Adding metallic finishes is a rising trend in the world of bathroom remodelling. The reason being, metallic is shiny, reflective and presents your bathing space a gorgeous and edge makeover.

The right way to integrate them together would be to use matte tiles throughout the bathroom, and the white bathroom wall tiles for creating a feature wall. You can also flip this style and go for an all-white bathroom presentation with a matte finish tile feature wall.

Both of them will give out a unique appearance to your bathroom and will catch the attention of anyone who gets a glimpse of it.

To help you find the appropriate tiles for your bathroom decor, ‘Direct Tile and Bath’ offers you a wide-range of tile options to choose. We keep our prices competitive and always present you a new stock to check out on your every visit.

So, check our collection and let us know how we can help in your bathroom decoration project.