Even though wallpapers and wall decals seem to be making a comeback of sorts! If you are seeking a more appeasing and chic way of adorning your digs, then tiles are your best bet! They are available in vivid patterns and sizes, thus giving you endless opportunities. Plus they are practical and also versatile when it comes to using them at just about any given interior region. Safe to say mate – Tiles in Perth Aren't Just Used For Washrooms and Backsplashes Anymore. They Have The Ability To Transcend The Room Of An Entire Room Completely.

Check These 4 Cool Décor Ideas And Take Inspiration

  • If you have a fireplace mantle at your place, you can punch in some graphical tiles. The focal point has to be the fireplace and for that make sure you choose the colour patterns carefully. Cross-hair designed tiles preferably in black and white textures encapsulating the mantle will make it come alive. To radiate more drama and aestheticism, you can add in some wooden furniture and pretty looking glass table in the middle. For the walls, you can keep the colour minimalistic such as light yellow, sky blue or light green.
cross-hair designed tiles.jpg
  • Tiles are always a great choice for kitchen decors and backdrops for freestanding baths. Encaustic tiles, also commonly known as printed ceramic tiles are surely something which you can use. For the best effect, you should opt for symmetrical or geometric designs for bringing out more fun designs. To pop it up more, you certainly can marry it with a few coats of vivacious paints. However, if you prefer simplistic appearance for your bathrooms or kitchen interiors, you can also opt for a neutral or classical tile designs. One great idea would be to double up the tile décor by keeping the floor and wall décor completely contrasting to one another. Some funky printed or eccentrically patterned tiles for your floor and a minimalistic tile wall will bring out lots of dramatic vibes.
encaustic tiles.jpg
  • Redefine your wall backsplash by thinking of unorthodox formations. Just skip the typical wall paint and go out of the box with a totally inspired wall accent. They are surely eye-appeasing, and they make any given room come alive. The correct choice of tiles would be something like Herringbone (rectangular tiles) would work marvellously. As for the colour selection, you can choose any colour contrasting colour pattern you like. White-Black, Off-White-Volcanic Ash, Grey-Red/Yellow – all appear to be good options.
herringbone tiles.jpg
  • To exemplify your floor, you can shy away from the hardwood floor or even the conventional tile floor design. Rather you should take up Chevron patterns to ooze out your room's every element. You don't need to experiment in any way. Just install these tiles and watch the magic unfold! Bright green hues are stunning options for such flooring designs particularly if you have light shaded walls. It contrasts amazingly, and also the soothing light green reflection gives you room a surreal kind of dazzle.
chevron patterned tiles.jpg

These are some of the cool home décor ideas which you can implement using tiles. Contact a reliable provider, find out what options are available within your budget and give your home a dreamy makeover!


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