Acrylic freestanding baths are easy on the eye, body and your pockets. They are also very durable, known to retain heat, low in maintenance and light-weight. All these reasons make it clear why these tubs are so popular in the market.

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If you are in double-mind whether you should get one installed or not, here is a post which could help you make the right decision.

 Acrylic Freestanding Baths - An Insight!

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Acrylic freestanding baths are manufactured from acrylic sheets typically 4.5mm to 8mm in thickness. These sheets are reinforced underneath with the help of a steel or wood support and come coated with fibreglass reinforcement. At a budget-friendly price, these tubs are sufficiently strong and resilient.

Being a crowd favourite; you may find these baths can be moulded in all shapes and designs. Plus their design is such that it can fit into any given interior/bathroom decor.

Some Quality Traits of Acrylic Freestanding Baths:

  • Acrylic baths are non-porous, and that prevents the growth of bacteria and germs on its surface. This makes it very easy to clean, maintain and polish without causing any scratches.

  • These freestanding baths are warm in touch in comparison to their steel counterparts. After a long tiring day at work, there’s no better feeling than to soak your body in lukewarm water. These tubs are excellent in transferring heat quickly, and so it doesn’t stay cool for long. This is perfect if you wish for home spa indulgence.

  • In terms of appearance, acrylic tubs mimic baths made with cast iron and bring the advantage of timelessness, richness and authenticity. On installing it into your homes, it will surely prove to be the focal point of your home decor.

  • Acrylic baths are lightweight in comparison to cast iron tubs, and that makes the installation simple and profitable.

At Direct Tile And Bath, we present you with a wide range of acrylic freestanding baths at budget-friendly rates.

From 1500mm classic tubs to 1800mm oval freestanding baths, we provide you baths which are perfect for bathrooms having limited space.

Aspects To Consider Before Buying:

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  • Determine the right size of the tub depending on the available space on your bathroom.

  • Select the shape and slope which matches up to your needs.

  • When selecting the weight of the tub check if your floors can withstand its structural weight.

That being said; you can always call our professionals to perform an inspection if you are not sure of the weight.

  • Lastly; you should check the height and depth of the tub. For the height, check the tub elevation, tub surround and ensure that you have enough structural support. For the depth, you can choose tubs with 18-22 inch deep, as per your requirements.

These are some of the key aspects that you should consider before choosing bath tubs in Perth for your bathroom space.

At Direct Tile And Bath, we get new stocks arriving frequently. Plus we also present discounts to cut down on your costs. Feel free to check out our bath designs anytime you feel.