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Know How Professionals Install Acrylic Baths? A Quick Overview


Know How Professionals Install Acrylic Baths? A Quick Overview

Acrylic baths are versatile of all the baths that are made in various shapes to choose from. Acrylic bathtubs are warm to touch, hold the water temperature for longer than other makes of the bath. Moreover, such bath materials are lightweight, easy to transport, can be easily fitted as well as found in a range of colour options, great resistance to water staining, hardwearing, easy to clean and you will get the places to fit the taps.

freestand bath.jpg

How do the acrylic baths are made?

The typical acrylic bath is moulded from one single sheet of acrylic which is 4,5 or 8mm thick. Since 8mm sheet of plastic is not going to provide you with much support, it can be solved with a sheet that is reinforced with glass reinforced plastic which is sprayed on it. So, thicker the acrylic sheet, less reinforcement it requires.

How does an acrylic bath fixed and supported?

When you opt for a plastic bath with galvanized frame. For example, we offer stainless steel frame with 6 feet for a 1700x780x600 bath. The frame not only provides support for the base of the freestanding baths but also provide a fixing point and support for the feet. It not only gives a stable base between the bath and floor but also allow the bath to be adjusted to level it up. In most cases, each foot will have a screw adjuster to be screwed out depending on whether you want to lower or raise the bath.

1. Before you fit new bathtub: In case you have an old bath, and you’re about to bring a replacement, remove the existing bath panels. On the other hand, if the taps have isolation valves, you need to turn the water off and drain out the existing water turning the tap upside. Soon after disconnecting the water tap, disconnect the waste pipe from the drain in the base of the bath. Once there is no more fixing left, jiggle the bath slightly to see if it can be moved. If not, check out for more fixing.

Once you find the tub is movable, jiggle it around and slide it away from the adjoining walls. Depending on the size of the bathroom, you may need all the room or can get tripped over an old bathroom, which won’t make the job easier.

2. Check the floor condition: Without a proper sealing to the old bath, it will be allowing water and moisture to leak down to the floor, and it will last only for a few years. And, in such cases, replacement is the only option left open.

When it comes to moving your new and small freestanding bathtub, it needs proper positioning and fixing. However, before you put it in the final resting place, the installer may put some additional bearers on the floor surface that will fit under the feet of the frame.

However, our classic clawfoot freestanding baths come with empty space beneath the tub that gives the facility for cleaning as well as creating a greater illusion of space.


Tips to Choose the Right Bath to Create a Welcoming Wellness Space


Tips to Choose the Right Bath to Create a Welcoming Wellness Space

Bathrooms have undoubtedly been the ideal escape for every people on a daily basis. It is the place where one leaves behind stress by getting rid of the dirt and dust. It is in the bathroom where an individual dedicates a considerable amount of time as a part of refreshment and relaxation. It is why the interior of the bathroom has to be explicitly carved out by including all the possible accessories and attachment to create a warm and cozy place.

free standing bath.jpg

Direct Tile and Bath has been a direct bath supplier. The baths in stock with us have a sleek, stylish finish that helps in giving a revamped look in the perspective of a modern bathroom. The popular choice of the house owner has been the elegant clawfoot freestanding baths that are sleek and save space.

According to the experts, the installation of any of the model in the bathroom is always going to rejuvenate the mind by recreating an atmosphere of ultimate sophistication and peace.

Choosing the Right Freestanding Clawfoot Bath?

clawfoot freestanding bath.jpg

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom by installing a freestanding clawfoot bath? Have you made a choice? Have you pondered over the pros and cons of the installation? Well, let's look into the factors that are going to define the choice of bath towards creating a welcoming wellness space--

1. Exploring the Different Available Options

With different taste and preferences, the companies have been doing all the possibles to keep the interest of the people intact. Therefore, if you are going to renovate the space, it is necessary to explore the different available options based on what is going to suit the bathroom. A bathroom can look great after installing freestanding bath tubs in Perth. What should be kept in mind is the placement which would finally decide the available space in the bathroom.

2. Combining Style and Lifestyle Appropriately

Another key thing that should be kept in mind is managing the style and lifestyle in the right way. The professionals suggest to bring out the requirement and preferences in the best possible way. Understanding the serenity, luxury, and relaxation of the ambience and then choosing the bath accordingly is going to be an essential part of a luxurious bathroom.

3. Understanding the Trend & Feasibility

Not all bathrooms are meant to accept the modern trend. With the advancement in technology, the companies are manufacturing beguiling, cutting-edge bathtub designs having high-end architectural elegance. The clawfoot bath in Perth is ideal for different designs, ensuring an enormous scope of beautification for any bathroom. The modern renovators look at the clawfoot bath as an addition that has the ability to enhance the beauty of the available space by giving an antique charm. With different options of style, design, shape and size, the bathtubs are the perfect addition to the bathroom space when it comes to luxury and comfort.


Choosing the right freestanding bath is never a daunting task. Sticking to some of the essential elements and the correct assessment of the requirement will lead to a proper selection. Direct Tile and Bath has a wide range of sizes of baths ascertaining your search for the right one is made easy.


Install a Sleek Freestanding Bath – Lend Some Drama to Your Bathroom


Install a Sleek Freestanding Bath – Lend Some Drama to Your Bathroom

There was a time, when the vintage clawfoot, freestanding baths were the only of their kind around. However, with the advent of time, various other types of bathtubs have found their way in the market to join the bandwagon. Yet, they have failed to overwhelm the appeal of those good old freestanding baths. If you are still pondering over what makes these beauties timeless classic, it is their ability to add some drama to your bathroom, which does the trick.


These freestanding baths are deeper than the other traditional built-ins and this allows a far more relaxing and laid back bathing experience. While the built-in tubs are still popular, these freestanding beauties can add a tinge of drama to your bathroom, thereby creating a focal point that matters the most! That is where we at Direct Tile and Bath chip in! We add that much sought-after ‘wow’ factor to bathrooms with our collection of freestanding baths that are timeless beauties – to say the least!

 So are you on the same page with us and are you looking forward to adding that drama to your bath? Here are a few ripper ideas that will make your day for sure!

 Enjoy the liberty of shades

freestand bath.jpg

While a white classic freestanding bath in Perth would be dramatic enough, adding some shades to the focal point of your bathroom will always be something daring! So why not deviate from the norms and be slightly daring by adding some extra shades to your bathing beauty?

It will surely do something to the style quotient that will add to the overall glamour of your bathroom. Maybe the newly introduced one, with black exterior and white interior sidewalls will create that sharp contrast that will add that dramatic effect you are looking for!  

Amenities galore

bathroom tiles.jpg

Are you more into using modern cutting-edge technology in your soaking bath atmosphere? Then it’s time for you to rejoice! Our freestanding tubs have the provision of adding all those latest accessories that will let you have that ultimate bathing experience!

Then again, if you are not into those technological widgets, you can opt for the traditional small baths of Perth that we have in our kitty. The traditional freestanding variety will add a lot to your relaxing and laid-back lifestyle with subtle ease and delicacy. 

Go for simplicity – make things more dramatic

freestanding bath.JPG

You know, even simplicity can at times add a lot of drama. When people think of more drama, they think of things that more eye-catching, bold and more vibrant. This at times is wrong! Drama more often than not can be felt even with minimal ornamentation and some drop-dead simplistic lines. It is so true in case of the freestanding baths we at Direct Tile and Bath offer!

The freestanding baths we have are sleek and extremely minimalistic in structure and form and are left without any clutter whatsoever around them. However, that does not deter them from being the focal point of all the drama that your bathroom can play with.  Think of offset simplistic lines with barely a couple of features like a sleek pendant or a gorgeous chair – and they are enough for the drama to unfurl!

Therefore, now that you are so sure of adding the tinge of drama to your bathroom, it is your call now to choose from the wide plethora of varieties that we offer from Direct Tile and Bath. Select the one that will suit your style and choice and of course your bathroom and add a new edge to your bathing experience!


Dream of A Freestanding Bath? Good Reasons To Stop Thinking And START BUYING


Dream of A Freestanding Bath? Good Reasons To Stop Thinking And START BUYING

Australians have an elaborate country-house fantasy of thinking about freestanding baths. Be it in their yet unrenovated attic or at the centre of their bathroom space, freestanding baths befit any interior decor and adds more aesthetics.

Freestanding bath.jpg

You can spend all the time in the world soaking your body in its tranquil, warm waters, sipping on red wine and reading or listening to your playlist. It presents a like spa experience (at the solace of their home) and lends your bathroom a sense of sophistication unlike other.

Our freestanding baths at “Direct Tile and Bath” come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and are prepared with quality materials. Our models also incorporate tapware and extra fixtures to make it more functional to the daily user. And the best part of our tubs is that they are budget-friendly and quality-assured from our end.

If you have been dreaming about a freestanding bath, here are some reasons which would compel you to procure one.

Numerous Placement Possibilities:


Freestanding baths are versatile. You can instal them as your room’s focal point or even fit them close to the wall to make more space.

Our freestanding baths come with the quality designs, a slew of features and impressive durability. They will be anything but boring and will always be sought after by you.

A Popular Trend To Get Relaxation At Home:


Freestanding baths will never run out of popularity. And one good reason for that is that it will always present owners plenty of ways to relax at home.

Each model comes with deeper tubs for lots of bathing time. The design of the tub also provides adequate support to your back and comes with headrests and double ended baths for a couple tp enjoy together.

Regardless of the design, colour or place of installation, our freestanding bath models in Perth will continue to be a valuable addition to your bathroom.

Helps in The Feeling of Tranquility and Relaxation:


Modern-day freestanding baths come with marvellous curves, smooth lines, and a clean minimalistic design. They replicate the baths you will find in a luxury hotel or some spa retreat.

It is this subtle design which helps add a feeling of relaxation and tranquillity to your bathroom space.

But, if you wish to make a statement, then you will also come across more eccentric tubs with unusual shapes to add a more creative edge to your existing bathroom decor.

Ending Statement:

For your shopping experience; we ensure that you get freshly arrived stocks to browse from. We constantly try and update our collection only to give you new and fascinating tubs to instal in your bathroom.

Regardless of your bathroom space or design, our freestanding baths in Perth will suit your needs perfectly. So, without wasting time, browse through our collection of tubs and make your pick today.

If you have any questions regarding our tubs (or any other matter); you can sort it out by interacting with our experts at “Direct Bath And Tile.” They will be more than willing to help you out.


Why Should Every Aussie Invest on Back to Wall Freestanding Bath?


Why Should Every Aussie Invest on Back to Wall Freestanding Bath?

As you look into the trends of bathroom renovation projects that are being done in Australian homes, it has become quite evident that freestanding baths have secured a place in almost everywhere. Whether you want a modern remodelling or want to create dramatic fusion in the interior design of your bathroom, freestanding baths are just the perfect addition.

Freestanding bath.jpg

However, not every freestanding bath have the same appeal or function. So, you need to understand the difference between the baths minutely. For the best collection of back to wall freestanding bath in Perth, you need to rely on us, Direct Tile & Bath.

Being the trusted supplier of this type of contemporary baths, we want to share a few valid reasons to strengthen your decision of purchasing this bath even more. Here we go! Give it a read.

Perfect for Small Bathrooms

Small Bathrooms.jpg

It often becomes quite challenging for the designers to renovate a small bathroom with freestanding baths. However, with back to wall baths, things fall in line quite easily. It is set up against a wall. You can use the wall to add exciting features. For instance, design the entire shower rack on that wall and give it some interesting lighting setup too. So, it is indeed a space saving solution.

Suitable When You Have Children at Home


Well, you may have dreamt of having a contemporary and luxurious bathroom of your own. But, to be frank, naughty children at home and a classy clawfoot bath in your bathroom - these two things don't really co-exist.

However, with back to wall baths, you will not have to take any stress about the physical condition of your bath much. Instead, no matter how much your kids run around your bathroom or hop inside the bath for water splash, it won’t break down.

Aesthetically Pleasing

white freestanding bath.JPG

It's beautiful! You can say, it is sophistication to another level. You will have a pool of versatile options; once you visit our store as we are one of the best tile shops in Perth, you will find it impressive.

You may feel like spoilt with so many options, suitable for all sorts of bathroom design and that too in a reasonable price bracket. All of those are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Get a white one and place it against a black feature wall to get a dramatic look.

It’s a Great Option for Shower

bath shower.jpg

Well, if you want to have the access of shower and bath at the same time, nothing can be a better option than the back to wall baths. Get your shower installed any side of the bath and save yourself from the extra work in managing the water spillage.

Final Words

Let us give you some recommendations on your purchase, especially regarding the design. If you want a sharp and aligned look for your bathroom, going for the square design will be the best option you have. It gives a neat and modern look to your bathroom.

Back to wall baths are indeed the other name of sophistication, and you should certainly have it to enjoy its amazing benefits.


Want Freestanding Baths? Few Key Aspects to Consider Beforehand


Want Freestanding Baths? Few Key Aspects to Consider Beforehand

Considered to be one daring and stunning style statement, freestanding bathtubs are becoming more popular in homes with time. No need for you to skirt the edges of your room to make it complement the bathtub decor. These baths are versatile, and wherever they are installed, they will prove to be the focal point of that space.

Freestanding Baths.JPG

Modern-day freestanding baths are not just a practical solution. They also double up as an incredible style statement presenting your bathroom an undeniable wow factor. If you are willing to install a freestanding bath, then here are some aspects to check out before ordering.

Key Considerations to Look For:

Size Of The Tub:

tub size.JPG

When choosing the right size; you have to figure out where to instal it. You should look to place it somewhere in the centre of the room, leaving enough room to maneuvre around it. If you have a commodious bathroom, then freestanding baths are perfect to enjoy a spa-like treatment at home.

However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot think of installing one in your small bathrooms. At Direct Tile and Bath,we offer freestanding baths or all shapes and designs. From classic 1800mm classic oval shaped bathtubs to a 1500mm simplistic bath for bathrooms where spaces are at a minimum; we have all your needs covered.

Determining the size is the first thing to do. With that; you also need to inspect that the floor joists are enough to bear the weight of the bath. If you need any assistance, let us know!

Layout And Style:


As visual aesthetics are crucial; you should also consider the drainage configuration and the plumbing before installing one. Functionality and placement of the freestanding bath should also be considered. The placement ought to be such that you can easily slide in and out without much of an effort.

In terms of style; you will come across a wide range of freestanding baths in Perth, right at our website. Whether you want a contemporary look or want to install a tub with timeless class; all you need to do is choose.

If you wish to expense a bit more, then you can opt for tubs with clawed feet. They will serve as the centrepiece of your bathroom. Furthermore, all our freestanding baths consist of a built-in pop waste plug along with a flexible water hose. All this means that once unboxed; it is ready for use.

Contrarily, if you want to create a striking presence with a minimalistic bathtub, then; you can opt for our splendid natural sheen Acrylic freestanding baths.

 The Material:


Creating the first impression always matters, and with freestanding baths from Direct Bath and Tile; you can do that. You can go for lightweight, warmth and durable acrylic freestanding baths which comprise a double insulation layer coupled with stylish designs.

However; you can also opt for freestanding baths engineered with cast iron and stone designs to create a show-stopping feature. But; you need to remember that they are way heavier.

One great thing for you is that new and trending stocks keep arriving, giving you plenty of fresh options to check whenever you visit. So, if you wish to instal quality acrylic freestanding baths in Perth and want some help in sorting out the right option; speak to our experts. They will be more than glad to help you out.


Digging Deeper Into Acrylic Freestanding Baths-All You Need to Know


Digging Deeper Into Acrylic Freestanding Baths-All You Need to Know

Acrylic freestanding baths are easy on the eye, body and your pockets. They are also very durable, known to retain heat, low in maintenance and light-weight. All these reasons make it clear why these tubs are so popular in the market.

Freestanding Baths.jpg

If you are in double-mind whether you should get one installed or not, here is a post which could help you make the right decision.

 Acrylic Freestanding Baths - An Insight!

Acrylic Freestanding Baths.jpg

Acrylic freestanding baths are manufactured from acrylic sheets typically 4.5mm to 8mm in thickness. These sheets are reinforced underneath with the help of a steel or wood support and come coated with fibreglass reinforcement. At a budget-friendly price, these tubs are sufficiently strong and resilient.

Being a crowd favourite; you may find these baths can be moulded in all shapes and designs. Plus their design is such that it can fit into any given interior/bathroom decor.

Some Quality Traits of Acrylic Freestanding Baths:

  • Acrylic baths are non-porous, and that prevents the growth of bacteria and germs on its surface. This makes it very easy to clean, maintain and polish without causing any scratches.

  • These freestanding baths are warm in touch in comparison to their steel counterparts. After a long tiring day at work, there’s no better feeling than to soak your body in lukewarm water. These tubs are excellent in transferring heat quickly, and so it doesn’t stay cool for long. This is perfect if you wish for home spa indulgence.

  • In terms of appearance, acrylic tubs mimic baths made with cast iron and bring the advantage of timelessness, richness and authenticity. On installing it into your homes, it will surely prove to be the focal point of your home decor.

  • Acrylic baths are lightweight in comparison to cast iron tubs, and that makes the installation simple and profitable.

At Direct Tile And Bath, we present you with a wide range of acrylic freestanding baths at budget-friendly rates.

From 1500mm classic tubs to 1800mm oval freestanding baths, we provide you baths which are perfect for bathrooms having limited space.

Aspects To Consider Before Buying:

Aspects To Consider.jpg
  • Determine the right size of the tub depending on the available space on your bathroom.

  • Select the shape and slope which matches up to your needs.

  • When selecting the weight of the tub check if your floors can withstand its structural weight.

That being said; you can always call our professionals to perform an inspection if you are not sure of the weight.

  • Lastly; you should check the height and depth of the tub. For the height, check the tub elevation, tub surround and ensure that you have enough structural support. For the depth, you can choose tubs with 18-22 inch deep, as per your requirements.

These are some of the key aspects that you should consider before choosing bath tubs in Perth for your bathroom space.

At Direct Tile And Bath, we get new stocks arriving frequently. Plus we also present discounts to cut down on your costs. Feel free to check out our bath designs anytime you feel.


5 Reasons why Thin Porcelain Tiles are Preferred for Bathroom Decor


5 Reasons why Thin Porcelain Tiles are Preferred for Bathroom Decor


Are you looking for the best tiles to be laid in the bathroom? Are you worried about the other features of the tiles that would be vital to give your bathroom a sheen and sophisticated look? Well, for such worried owners, the companies have been manufacturing the different genre of tiles that provide the ultimate superiority to the ambience of the bathroom.

Choosing the right kind of tiles plays a vital role. It is because every add-on to the bathroom has to match with the tiles. The experts from Direct Tile and Bath are of the opinion that if you want to give your bathroom a touch of aesthetic beauty, durability and quality then opting the porcelain tiles is always going to be the best choice. Several attributes are responsible for having the porcelain tiles installed in the bathroom. These tiles are prone to scratches and hold an everlasting lustre and finish.

The following are some of the reasons why the people, nowadays, prefer the thin versions of the porcelain tiles for their bathroom—

1. Easy Installation


What people look out for before buying tiles and the bathroom accessories is the convenience to have them installed. The easy installation helps not only in saving time but also the efforts involved. The thinness of the tiles ascertains easy cutting and helping to give the required shape and size; thus, making installation hassle-free.

2. Easy Maintenance


Another major factor that tops the priority list is the maintenance. A significant advantage of these tiles is that the surface of the tiles is abrasion and stain resistant, hence can be used for years. Apart from this, the porcelain tiles in Perth have the least water absorption capacity. This ensures that no water is retained on the surface. These are far easy to clean and maintain than their counterparts.

3. All-time Hygienic Surface


The non-allowance of the water to stand on the surface ensures that there are no water stain marks, the formation of the moulds, and bacteria. As a result, the surface remains dry. Thus, from the hygiene point of view as well, these are the best for the bathrooms.

1.     All-time Hygienic Surface

The non-allowance of the water to stand on the surface ensures that there are no water stain marks, the formation of the moulds, and bacteria. As a result, the surface remains dry. Thus, from the hygiene point of view as well, these are the best for the bathrooms.

1.     Larger Tiles with Wider Usage Variation


The best thing about using the larger size of the tiles is that you can give your bathroom a seamless look. Irrespective of the size of the bathroom you have, the tiles prove to be the perfect installation. The glossy finish and the different variants of the tiles ensure the availability of enough light to the place where it is laid.


The thin tiles eat up less space making it the perfect choice for many places. If you are planning to have it as the splashback of your bathroom sink, you can use it. Also, the accessories fit precisely the way one wants to be like. If you're going to install one of the gorgeous looking freestanding baths in your bathroom space, the addition will provide a perfect decor to the ambience. It holds potential to fit in all shoes because of the availability of so many options on the ground of print and colour.


Undoubtedly, the presence of this tile type provides a splendour and shine to the place. The beauty of the product can be made out from the fact that its appearance gives a refreshing look when you go for either fresh installation or remodelling.


Bathroom Renovation & Freestanding Bath: Why Are They Inseparable?


Bathroom Renovation & Freestanding Bath: Why Are They Inseparable?


‘Bathrooms and bathtubs’: You can call it a title of a story worth telling.

But, coming to the point of the project of a bathroom renovation, freestanding baths offer more than usual. The matter is quite simple. Although people think showers and other options as qualifying and lavish for a number of reasons, but freestanding baths actually promise a lot to relaxation and aristocracy. Plus, their design trends add that scenic serenity to your bathroom too.

Wondering why a bathroom renovation project must have the presence of a freestanding bath? Read to find it out.


The Trend

Clear your mind. You’re about to get mesmerised. The fact is that freestanding baths are specially designed baths that offer you a range of multiple attributions in singular form. The first thing everyone would admit about a freestanding bath is that they are really trendy. Their style sticks close to the most modern fashion. One gets a very strong atmosphere of edgy elegance in the bathroom.

Isn’t it usual to make a modern bathroom a bit more relevant with the use of a trendy freestanding bath?

You know the answer.


...And the Type

In any bathroom, freestanding baths come as one of the leading options for renovation purposes because of one, simple reason. They are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes and STYLES. In this respect, one can fit a freestanding bath in a bathroom according to the style and type of the latter. No wonder this is a very flexible advantage.

It’s great For Any Position inside the Bathroom

One can easily install a freestanding bathtub in any location inside the bathroom since their design and compact (yet spacious) structure fits them visually and functionally in any place. One can install them near the windows if exposure to light is important. Otherwise, the middle part would be okay for a classic look.


The Ease at Installation Is Just Great

Most freestanding baths come with easy fitting options and installation processes. There is a misconception among various people that freestanding baths drain a person more money due to its extensive installation process. The source of this wrong idea also owes itself to the inaccurate consideration of people about the extensive installation of baths due to their trendy designs. Well, to your surprise, installation of freestanding baths is the easiest stuff. Hence, it makes your bathroom renovation in South of River in Perth more convenient and fast. So, time to drive out all those worries and choose the freestanding bath your bathroom requires!


Let’s Conclude

The fact about bathroom renovation deserves a lot of things. One of them is surely a freestanding bath. Here is where you are assisted a bit more. The variety of trendy and classy freestanding bath offered by Direct Tile and Bath would cover more than your expectations. The products at this brand have been successful to earn a good reputation. Attractive freestanding baths with its tag are being purchased and supplied to various regions of Australia.

So, the good advice that can be provided to you is that you should not waste time and visit the company’s website. It is time you finalise both your purchase and bathroom renovation.


Freestanding Baths - Why Should You Install One in Your Bathroom?


Freestanding Baths - Why Should You Install One in Your Bathroom?

The time for New Year is knocking at the door, and it is undoubtedly the perfect time for you to redecorate your interior to give it a fresh new look for welcoming the New Year with grace. With the fixtures and other decorating material on sale, it will be a great decision on your part to make the decorating effective yet budget-friendly.

It is best to start with your bathroom as because the availability of incorporating something radically different in design and appearance can be done with space. Creating a centre of attraction for your bathroom is necessary for building the dramatic appeal. Installing freestanding baths in the bathroom will be the best decision on your part that can make your bathroom look different from its older version.

Choosing Between Freestanding and Built-In Baths

Well, the choice can become critical when you have to choose between the built-in baths and the freestanding ones.

Appearance: There is no doubt about the fact that the built-in baths are more traditional in appearance and functionality. On the other hand, the freestanding ones have a contemporary look that can enhance the style of your bathroom.


Focal Point: If your sole purpose is to create an attraction point, choosing standalone baths will be a wise decision. One of the most significant drawbacks of built-in baths is it needs to be installed at one corner of the bathroom. It will never create that visual focal point that you want desperately. Evidently, you can place the freestanding bath anywhere you want.

Focal Point.jpg

Visual Illusion of Space: When you look at a bathroom having a standalone bath in the middle of the place, you will probably start thinking the bathroom to appear more spacious than it initially is. It is because of the space that remains available at the nooks and corners around the bath that create the illusion. However, as you look at a built-in bath, you will instantly start feeling that the space in the bathroom got reduced.

Visual Illusion of Space.jpg

Are the Freestanding Baths Easy to Maintain?

You will find no difficulty in maintaining or caring for the baths. Those are quite light in weight, giving you the option to move it wherever you want as per your convenience and preference. The standard cleaning agents are enough for the baths to get cleaned up. Sometimes, even the shower of water is more than enough to keep the bath appears as it is.

Freestanding Baths Easy to Maintain.jpg

Does Freestanding Bath Complement the Decor?

Only if you have chosen a contemporary appearance for the entire bathroom! The baths made catering to the modern minimalistic designs in mind hardly go with any traditional style. The baths with a black coating on the exterior and white in between look brilliant when placed in any modern bathroom. Mix it with the most exquisite white gloss tiles, and you will get an appearance that spells luxury in its right way. Consulting the experts of renovation is recommended to ensure your investment shows some worth.

Freestanding Bath Complement the Decor.jpg

Final Words

Cost-effectiveness is undoubtedly one of the significant benefits of choosing the baths. When you can create a subtle and contemporary appearance by installing only a bath instead of a lot of other fixtures, it will surely be included in your quota of profit when you choose these baths to be installed.