Bathrooms have undoubtedly been the ideal escape for every people on a daily basis. It is the place where one leaves behind stress by getting rid of the dirt and dust. It is in the bathroom where an individual dedicates a considerable amount of time as a part of refreshment and relaxation. It is why the interior of the bathroom has to be explicitly carved out by including all the possible accessories and attachment to create a warm and cozy place.

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Direct Tile and Bath has been a direct bath supplier. The baths in stock with us have a sleek, stylish finish that helps in giving a revamped look in the perspective of a modern bathroom. The popular choice of the house owner has been the elegant clawfoot freestanding baths that are sleek and save space.

According to the experts, the installation of any of the model in the bathroom is always going to rejuvenate the mind by recreating an atmosphere of ultimate sophistication and peace.

Choosing the Right Freestanding Clawfoot Bath?

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Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom by installing a freestanding clawfoot bath? Have you made a choice? Have you pondered over the pros and cons of the installation? Well, let's look into the factors that are going to define the choice of bath towards creating a welcoming wellness space--

1. Exploring the Different Available Options

With different taste and preferences, the companies have been doing all the possibles to keep the interest of the people intact. Therefore, if you are going to renovate the space, it is necessary to explore the different available options based on what is going to suit the bathroom. A bathroom can look great after installing freestanding bath tubs in Perth. What should be kept in mind is the placement which would finally decide the available space in the bathroom.

2. Combining Style and Lifestyle Appropriately

Another key thing that should be kept in mind is managing the style and lifestyle in the right way. The professionals suggest to bring out the requirement and preferences in the best possible way. Understanding the serenity, luxury, and relaxation of the ambience and then choosing the bath accordingly is going to be an essential part of a luxurious bathroom.

3. Understanding the Trend & Feasibility

Not all bathrooms are meant to accept the modern trend. With the advancement in technology, the companies are manufacturing beguiling, cutting-edge bathtub designs having high-end architectural elegance. The clawfoot bath in Perth is ideal for different designs, ensuring an enormous scope of beautification for any bathroom. The modern renovators look at the clawfoot bath as an addition that has the ability to enhance the beauty of the available space by giving an antique charm. With different options of style, design, shape and size, the bathtubs are the perfect addition to the bathroom space when it comes to luxury and comfort.


Choosing the right freestanding bath is never a daunting task. Sticking to some of the essential elements and the correct assessment of the requirement will lead to a proper selection. Direct Tile and Bath has a wide range of sizes of baths ascertaining your search for the right one is made easy.