Have you ever been at home and found your furniture and flooring are not matching? Well, like every other aspect of our life, colours have been evolved over time for floors. And, people are putting conscious effort with time to choose the right colour that can go well with soft furnishing besides creating a suitable backdrop.


Whereas elements like furniture and decor play an important role in creating a good impression, how can tiles be left behind? So, from our expert’s deck, Direct Tile and Bath is bringing you some tips to add a wow factor to your home-

1. Consider the Purpose of the Room:

When selecting the tile colours from our local tile suppliers Perth, you need to keep in mind a few things and the purpose of tiling your home should get the priority. Every room has a different purpose and frequency of use and hence, tile colour of one room might not work for another room.

2.Choose the Effects Wisely:

Did you know small and dark coloured tiles make your space feel small, whereas large and light coloured tiles give you the sense of open space and besides making it feel bigger.

Moreover, the light and natural hues stand as a natural backdrop for your furniture and decor. These are the important aspects to determine the appeal of your property in the large segment of the market with respect to selling it. If you want to go by the current trend, you might see warm grey, off white and cream colours to lay out.

What our experts suggest is brushed cement, porcelain, sandstone are much in trend. Moreover, if your budget doesn’t allow for natural marble and stone, modern porcelain or ceramic application take lesser cost and come lower in maintenance.

3.Slay With Grey:

In the last five years, the colour grey has become a most-wanted feature and came up as a durable alternative to concrete flooring. The grey is known for offering a neutral base colour to which you can add bold coloured furnishing.

4.Airy Bathroom:

If you have a small bathroom, our experts suggest to have light coloured bathroom tiles, since these colours reflect more light than the darker one besides giving it an airy and spacious feel.

You may try installing wall and floor tiles from Perth in the same colour, which can enhance the feeling of spaciousness. And, to bolster this effect, you can use grout in the same colour as the tiles are, and it would allow tiles being laid closer together for a seamless look.

5.Warm Look For the Kitchen:

When pondering over what tile colour to use for your custom kitchens in Perth, consider a few colours like cream, brown and beige to create the impression of warmth.

Even, a red, orange palette auburn against the wall will create a warm and more welcoming atmosphere.

Lastly, consider natural colours for the patio. Being one of the tiled areas in the home, these areas are typically used for entertainment. It would be best if you choose to go with natural colours since it can get blended with the overall style and create a flowing feeling. Moreover, whatever the area of your home is, wood look tile can beautifully mimic the wood and decking that is placed on the patio.