Are you keen to give your bathroom some space and show off your style statement? Your gateway to success depends upon using the concept of feature tiles. The concept involves using different tiles on one particular wall to create a focal point that makes a difference. 


Feature tiles, when chosen correctly and wisely, are capable of transforming the look and feel of your bathroom from a boring and a drooping one to brilliant and classy.

You can use the feature tiling effectively by taking into account the dimension and the shape of your bathroom, creating a definite texture, and by zoning a particular area to bring in that desired effect.

However, for that, you need to put your money on an experienced and qualified company that has been in tiling for years. What better name can you think of than Direct Tile and Bath? Indeed, we are THE name you can bank on, for some seamless tiling solutions.

Here are a few reasons why you need to emphasise on feature tiles.

Feature Tiles Add Focal Point

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Yes! This is one of the main reasons why feature tiles are so important. They help you underline your style statement and add a catchy focal point to your bathroom. You will be able to combine and coordinate patterned, textured, coloured tiles to incorporate that ‘out-of-this-world' effect.

However, you need to use them very carefully, with the help of a specialist, who has considerable experience in installing these feature bathroom tiles in Perth. Get in touch with us, and our specialist will ensure a flawless tiling.

You can use these tiles to highlight statement items like an accessory or bathroom furniture, or a bathtub or a particular area of the bathroom.

A very effective way of incorporating a focal point to your bathroom is using these feature tiles on one specific wall. This will create a backdrop for a statement basin or bath and create that extra edge.

Adding splash colour...will it make any difference?

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Surely it will! A block of coloured feature tiles will have an astounding impact on your bathroom. However, you need to keep the other tiles either neutral or white.

Using coloured tiles wholly on either one or two of the walls will be viable if you have a relatively larger bathroom, with a lot of space. It will indeed create a showstopping effect!

However, you need to be careful not end up using too much colour, as that will overburden the look.

Here again, you need the intervention of a tiling expert, who will guide you to get classy yet cheap feature tiles in Perth. You are to strike the right balance of colour, which will just add a splash to invoke that element of interest!

The Art of Adding the Right Texture


Feature tiles are great even when it comes to adding texture. However, this will come into play only if you are considering a neutral or plain design.

It will add a surface interest, variation and depth. Textured featured tiles work seamlessly for the vanity walls of bathrooms, for walls behind shower screens, and on those large feature walls.

However, it’s not that you will always need large, dramatic tiles. Even narrow, rectangular ones will be an excellent choice as they will add a subtle, yet pronounced impact.

You can use feature tiles for zoning, and to add a more relaxed, easier and classic look to your bathroom. However, to do so, you need to opt for a company as good as Direct Tile and Bath. Just go to our website and call us up and let us know what you want. Just relax and see what we can do!