With the real estate industry booming at full-fledged, every house owner is stressing on ensuring that the interior of their house looks impeccable. Australians have splurged a whopping $7.7 billion in the renovation, and every year approximately 8 million Aussies opt for renovating their property. Another astonishing figure that stands out apart from others is that approximately 2 million people in Australia have splurged $5,000 and above for renovation.

What’s on the List?

During the renovation projects, for an Aussie, what remains the priority are the rooms and then the floors. Kitchen floor, in particular, needs decent attention being an integral part of the house. Being the heart of the home, taking care of the kitchen and all its aspects is the duty of every house owner. Choosing the right kitchen floor tiles is always going to make the ambience of the kitchen worth mesmerising.

Experts from Direct Tile and Bath suggest some of the effective ways to choose the right kitchen tiles in Perth. Read on the blog to get what are the elements.

Things to Know about Kitchen Floor Remodifications

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Do you know, approximately 80% of house renovation involves kitchen remodification. An Aussie splurges a whopping $23,000 (approx.) on a kitchen renovation. The reason of expense being so high is that kitchen accessories are always costly. Flooring should be included to make sure that the overall get-over of the place is flawless. The countertops, splashbacks, lights, and other accessories are important. But what is more needed is to make sure that the floor tiles are impactful and beautiful.

The following are some of the essential features to look out for in a kitchen floor-

i.         DURABILITY

When it is about investment, make sure that it is proper. According to the professionals from Direct Tile and Bath, cheap stick-on floor tiles can save you money, but in the long run, it is going to be expensive. Such tiles get enormous wear and tear of surfaces or corners peeling off. Inferior quality of tiles might not retain the adhesive onto the surface for long.

ii.        SIZE

The manufacturers of tiles make sure that they make available the tiles of different sizes. For the kitchen floors, the size of the tiles must be in accordance with the kitchen size. If your kitchen is small, then the small-sized tiles would do wonder. On the other hand, large floor tiles would look decent on the large kitchen.

If you are purchasing tiles online in Perth from Direct Tile and Bath, look out for the specifications. Each of our products has the information mentioned in detailed.

iii.       Colour & Texture

Yet another factor that plays a crucial role in ensuring that your kitchen looks flawless is the right choice of the colour and texture. On the one hand, colour adds elegance to the kitchen; texture, on the other hand, plays a crucial role in ensuring safety.

Lighter shades of tiles are going to lighten the space especially when the kitchen is small. According to the experts, for the kitchen, installation of matte and textured tiles will ensure safety by restricting the slips. Therefore, this must always be the primary criterion when it comes to purchasing the right tiles.


With the different varieties of available tiles, making the right choice is going to be easy only when you will know the requirement and specifications. At Direct Tile and Bath, you would get an extensive range of tiles that might include tiles made from porcelain and ceramic.