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Want To Make Your Bathroom Look Spacious? 5 Steps Not To Miss


Want To Make Your Bathroom Look Spacious? 5 Steps Not To Miss

Most homeowners come up with a dissatisfaction that their bathrooms are too small and they don’t even need renovation due to being a time-consuming and expensive job. So, what’s the solution? Well, a freestanding bath and tiles with matching tone can do the wonders in the small bathroom, especially when moving walls or changing wall colours and fixtures is not possible. So, to arrange the visual tricks for a bigger space, we are bringing you some effective tips-


1. Make the space for light:

Bathrooms are the private areas but don’t stop this from embracing the natural light. Windows are a fantastic way to make the room appear bigger, and that should not be covered with curtains. Why not try installing frosted windows or sheer curtains to let the light in without compromising with your privacy. You should also consider investing in blinds that can be retracted around the windows without bulking out space in the bathroom.

2.  Keep the tone same for the tiling:

Work on the colour tones and find whether wall and floor tiles are working with or against each other. For example, avoid dark colour walls with lighter tiles, as this can give the illusion of cut off space and make the bathroom appear smaller. Why not choose the lighter colour affordable bathroom tiles in Perth that come in white, pastels or in a grey colour to give the feel of a garden area.

3. Add some mirrors:

Installing mirrors at the right wall or corner is a great way to make even the smallest space look bigger. What about a wide horizontal mirror that gives an illusion of extended space and raised ceiling with a vertical mirror. Before mounting the mirrors, make sure it isn’t facing the toilet, but something more appealing like your window, vanity or the tub as the key features of a bathroom. 

4. Opt for a freestanding bath:

Did you know freestanding bath opens up the walls and floors while creating the sense of space and light? The built-in tubs take up more room and make it appear smaller, as it is boxed in. Well, the beauty of freestanding tub is you can adjust it in any angle allowing the narrow or compact spaces to accommodate it. With the free-standing style, you can combine the traditional look paired with the metal feet.

5. Have a shower near the tub:

Having a shower in the tub is the perfect option for small bathrooms. For freestanding baths, you can have them separate but still sharing the same space. Or you can have glass wall partitioning separating this zone from the rest of the room.

Lastly, most bathrooms we have seen were filled with a range of products and items making it a cluttered room. So, you should also try to eliminate the mess by storing the items out-of-sight in drawers or vanity cabinetry. Moreover, limiting the artworks is another way to make it look less occupied.

At Direct Tile & Bath, we offer great looking cheap bathroom tiles and tubs to make your bathroom perfect unwinding place. Check out our collections and services at, or you can call us at 0402006644 for booking or consultation.


Choosing Feature Tiles For Your Bathroom Wisely - The Principles


Choosing Feature Tiles For Your Bathroom Wisely - The Principles

Are you keen to give your bathroom some space and show off your style statement? Your gateway to success depends upon using the concept of feature tiles. The concept involves using different tiles on one particular wall to create a focal point that makes a difference. 


Feature tiles, when chosen correctly and wisely, are capable of transforming the look and feel of your bathroom from a boring and a drooping one to brilliant and classy.

You can use the feature tiling effectively by taking into account the dimension and the shape of your bathroom, creating a definite texture, and by zoning a particular area to bring in that desired effect.

However, for that, you need to put your money on an experienced and qualified company that has been in tiling for years. What better name can you think of than Direct Tile and Bath? Indeed, we are THE name you can bank on, for some seamless tiling solutions.

Here are a few reasons why you need to emphasise on feature tiles.

Feature Tiles Add Focal Point

bathroom tiles.jpg

Yes! This is one of the main reasons why feature tiles are so important. They help you underline your style statement and add a catchy focal point to your bathroom. You will be able to combine and coordinate patterned, textured, coloured tiles to incorporate that ‘out-of-this-world' effect.

However, you need to use them very carefully, with the help of a specialist, who has considerable experience in installing these feature bathroom tiles in Perth. Get in touch with us, and our specialist will ensure a flawless tiling.

You can use these tiles to highlight statement items like an accessory or bathroom furniture, or a bathtub or a particular area of the bathroom.

A very effective way of incorporating a focal point to your bathroom is using these feature tiles on one specific wall. This will create a backdrop for a statement basin or bath and create that extra edge.

Adding splash colour...will it make any difference?

tiles company.jpg

Surely it will! A block of coloured feature tiles will have an astounding impact on your bathroom. However, you need to keep the other tiles either neutral or white.

Using coloured tiles wholly on either one or two of the walls will be viable if you have a relatively larger bathroom, with a lot of space. It will indeed create a showstopping effect!

However, you need to be careful not end up using too much colour, as that will overburden the look.

Here again, you need the intervention of a tiling expert, who will guide you to get classy yet cheap feature tiles in Perth. You are to strike the right balance of colour, which will just add a splash to invoke that element of interest!

The Art of Adding the Right Texture


Feature tiles are great even when it comes to adding texture. However, this will come into play only if you are considering a neutral or plain design.

It will add a surface interest, variation and depth. Textured featured tiles work seamlessly for the vanity walls of bathrooms, for walls behind shower screens, and on those large feature walls.

However, it’s not that you will always need large, dramatic tiles. Even narrow, rectangular ones will be an excellent choice as they will add a subtle, yet pronounced impact.

You can use feature tiles for zoning, and to add a more relaxed, easier and classic look to your bathroom. However, to do so, you need to opt for a company as good as Direct Tile and Bath. Just go to our website and call us up and let us know what you want. Just relax and see what we can do!


The Four Fundamentals of Perfecting Your Bathroom Tiling


The Four Fundamentals of Perfecting Your Bathroom Tiling

Are you planning to tile your bathroom? You need to keep the basics right - to start with.


This is not rocket science, to be frank. All you need is just a bit of common sense. However, it is always a fair idea to be reminded of these fundamentals before you pick up a project. It is still good to keep all these in mind. This will help you to come out with flying colours while tiling your bathroom. That's why summoning names like Direct Tile and Bath will make a difference!

Minimising the Use of Skinny tiles


It is a common psychology of people to look more at those strange and skinny tiles than the normal ones. These ‘not so normal’ tiles easily draw attention.

Therefore, quite logically it is better to use tiles that are either full size or are cut half or between half or the full size. Tiles that are cut more than their halves will look skinny and too slender and slivery in the crowd of their ‘healthier’ counterparts.

How can it be done?

You need to anticipate the space that you are left with on the floor, as the tiling moves towards the floor edges and the walls. When two to three feet away from the end, you need to start tweaking the edges of the tiles to make space.

 It has to be done in such a way so that in one hand it will be visually imperceptible, and on the other, the space the tiles occupy starts reducing. This slight but gradual decrease of space that the tiles occupy makes sure that you can place full-sized tiles on the last row once you reach there.

Maintain Symmetry in the layout

free standing bath.jpg

This is another critical issue to deal with while laying tiles in your Perth house bathroom. The layout has to be perfect. At times, they do not look perfect, though it is tough to determine what exactly has gone wrong!

Perhaps the main reason behind this being, the edges are not uniform or clean. Or maybe the tiles that border the basin are not of the same size. This is the last thing that you want to see. Avoid this at all cost.

Minimising the tile-cutting

bathroom tiles.jpg

Just imagine the outcome of too much tile-cutting. They never look good! The fuller the tiles are, it is much better. So, look for a discount on tiles in Perth to cut down costs - not their size. Cutting tiles is NEVER a healthy fun! It only does not look good to have slimmer and curtailed tiles on the floor.

Use Full Sized Tiles in Areas That Are More Visual

hand shower.jpg

Just imagine having a visible part of your toilet full of tiles of different shapes and sizes. The effect will be a disaster.

Hence, refrain from doing so. Just take a leaf out of the Christmas decoration. When people cut a portion of the tree to fit it in a location, they keep the trimmed side away from the sight.

Things work the same way here. If you at all have to trim tiles, use them for areas that are beyond the common site.

These, by no means, is tough! You just have to look for a quality company that will keep these basics right while tiling your bathroom. What better name can be you look for than Direct Tile and Bath? Just call us up and see what difference can we make!


‘Your Tile Test’- Which Type Fits Which Part Of Your House?


‘Your Tile Test’- Which Type Fits Which Part Of Your House?


The task of selecting the right tile for your home renovation is becoming more daunting by the day. So many designs with so many variants differing in size, texture and substance exist in the market. And the good thing-bad-thing about them is that each of them seems appropriate to fit anywhere in your house.

Fortunately “Direct Tile And Bath”- your one-stop supplier of discount tiles in Perth provides you with a knowledge base on which tile to use at which part of your house.

But Before That... Something Equally Important!

Check The PEI Rating: PEI rating determines the durability of the tile in question. Tiles with a low rating like 1 or 2 prove suitable for low traffic areas, whereas those rated 5 deems appropriate for heavy foot traffic areas. This is meant for clay or porcelain tiles in Perth or other similar options.

Checking The MOH Rating: MOH rating is mainly applicable for glazing tiles who come in a rating of 1-10. Any tile with rating 5 or above is meant to be impressively durable and suitable for normal flooring applications. Whereas, tiles with rating 7 or above is appropriate for extreme trafficked parts of the house- like the hallway.

Which Tile Goes Where?

  • For The Kitchen

kitchen tile.jpg

PEI and MOH rated tiles are best suited for the heart-and-soul of your house. Contrary, non-glazed tiles are notsuitable at all.

The appropriate options would be to opt for textured glass or well-polished tiles. Porcelain tiles are the best option. Our experts will help you out with your flooring needs and even combine it with silicone- grouts to improve stain resistance.

  • For The Bathroom

bathroom tiles.jpg

When selecting the right bathroom tiles in Perth, always consider the slippage-resistant factor. Again opting for glossy tiles for the floor could be inappropriate, as when wet, they become really slippery.

Options which you could opt for include glass tiles, stone tiles, ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, linoleum tiles, plastic laminate tiles and cork tiles.

  • For Interior Entrees


Your interior entree is the most trafficked area of the house. And so, when selecting the right tile; you need to go for options with higher MOH ratings.

Rough-textured glazes are an adequate option as it conceals the dirt and withstands the foot traffic it receives constantly. Avoid any kind of designer tiles with MOH ratings of 3 or lower.

  • For The Kid’s Playroom


A lot of people make the mistake of choosing low-quality clay tiles. Don’t make this mistake. Clay tiles can easily crack and chip away with more exposure to foot traffic and impact.

For this area; our specialists suggest using giant porcelain tiles to reduce grout work and easy to clean. We have an impressive collection of top-grade tiles in Perth for your vivid house rooms.

Browse Through Our Catalogue:

“Direct Tile And Bath” imports quality tiles from suppliers, and that allows us to keep our rates low and easily affordable for every buyer. Plus, we always update our catalogue to give you something new to see and choose on every visit.

Feel free to check our catalogue. You will find the right tiles for different parts of your home.


Is It a Small Bathroom? A Few Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Tiles


Is It a Small Bathroom? A Few Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Tiles


When you ask an expert, you will find everyone has different opinions for choosing tile size for the bathroom floor. Especially, when choosing the tiles for a small bathroom. It will make your small bathroom feel quite larger. So, while choosing the floor tiles, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you have to consider the look and feel you prefer the most. As, you will be using the space every day, choosing the right bathroom tiles should match your needs and taste.

So, how to choose the tiles for your small bathroom?


Bigger the tiles, smaller the room will look. So, what we suggest is you shouldn’t use large tiles for the small bathroom. While using the small tile for your small bathroom, it can add a number of grout lines. And, It will make your bathroom look small. Either choose medium size tiles or choose the larger one with rectified edges. Make sure you will be using a grout colour that will be matching the tiles.

Colour scheme: Go with the neutral colour scheme for the small bathroom. Light colours, such as cream, light Grey, white will surely make your bathroom look bigger.

Tile layout to make a difference: It is a clever trick to use tiles for the small bathroom by lying the quality bathroom tiles from Perth in the diagonal pattern. It will really trick the eyes to see the space bigger than really it is. The logic is, when you lay them as a normal squared option, it becomes easy to count, whereas the diagonal patterns give the illusion of the longest dimension of your shower.

Patterned or plain tiles: Whereas pattern tiles make walls visually advance, it makes the bathroom feel smaller. However, choosing patterned tiles can help you to add character by putting the patterned tiles under the dado rail height, and plain & light-coloured tiles above it. With this approach, you can draw the eye upwards while making it feel larger and lighter.

Where to tile in a small bathroom? A small bathroom gives an unwelcoming feel if it is tiled from the wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling pattern. To enhance the feel of your bathroom space, you need to apply some decorative flow as much as possible. In case you find there is a gap of painted walls between the fittings and fixtures, it’s better to tile across the length of the wall instead of interrupting it.

Right tile materials for a small bathroom: When it comes to choosing the best bathroom tiles from Perth, Limestone, slate and granite are the natural stone options due to low porosity and non-slip texture with a stunning finish. Whereas ceramic and porcelain tiles are affordable options with a range of finishes, they can come in bright colours, decorative patterns and more.

Lastly, when it comes to measuring how much tiles you require, you can visit a reliable store and Direct Tile & Bath is happy to help you out regarding this matter. However, experts advice to add an extra 10% of the estimated amount while including the breakage and waste.


“Brighten Your Bathroom” With Timeless White Tiles


“Brighten Your Bathroom” With Timeless White Tiles

Always Flattering- Multi-Purpose- Sophisticated; white bathroom tiles never cease to amaze. They are an elegant choice that denotes peace and serenity and helps to visually expand your bathroom space.

bathroom tiles.jpg

All modernistic designs are about using minimalistic styles to create brighter space. But if they are not used properly, it could backfire in giving a boring, bland and monotonous appearance.

The trick to decor your bathroom using white tiles is always to strike a balance between luminosity and functionality. With that; you also need to pick quality tiles from a notable supplier.

Fortunately for you, ‘Direct Tile and Bath’ has the perfect collection of white (and light coloured) bathroom tiles to set your stylish heart aflutter when you see them. Each of them ooze class, are clean and cool.  They are also highly resistant to water, require low maintenance and is impressively durable.

Feel free to check our product catalogue and sort out your tile as per your desired shape, colour and pattern.

Go For NEUTRALS (ALL-WHITE Bathroom Decor):


All contemporary designs make big use of white bathroom tiles, and this will continue to remain a popular trend even in this modern world. Using white glossy tiles will add life to your bathroom and reinforce a relaxing atmosphere. Use these tiles for the flooring, for the feature wall as well as for the ceiling to create a delightful and peaceful all-white bathing space.

A Blend Of Glossy White And Matte Finish Tiles:


The ever-popular matte finish tiles feature a soft but appealing beauty-style. These tiles don’t get smudges or get watermarks and prove ideal for busy bathrooms. The low sheen also makes it easier to maintain them and fitting them into your bathroom space will ensure there is sufficient light throughout the space.

You can use white tiles for the bathroom floor and use the matte finish tiles for the backsplash and even for the shower wall. The contrasting nature and style of both these tiles will create a highly elegant and polished feel. Plus, together they will reflect ample light, thus creating the perception of larger bathing space.

Incorporate Metallic Wall Finishes With White Bathroom Floor:

metalic tiles.jpg

Adding metallic finishes is a rising trend in the world of bathroom remodelling. The reason being, metallic is shiny, reflective and presents your bathing space a gorgeous and edge makeover.

The right way to integrate them together would be to use matte tiles throughout the bathroom, and the white bathroom wall tiles for creating a feature wall. You can also flip this style and go for an all-white bathroom presentation with a matte finish tile feature wall.

Both of them will give out a unique appearance to your bathroom and will catch the attention of anyone who gets a glimpse of it.

To help you find the appropriate tiles for your bathroom decor, ‘Direct Tile and Bath’ offers you a wide-range of tile options to choose. We keep our prices competitive and always present you a new stock to check out on your every visit.

So, check our collection and let us know how we can help in your bathroom decoration project.


Ways to a Perfect Bathroom Makeover by Mixing Up the Tiles


Ways to a Perfect Bathroom Makeover by Mixing Up the Tiles

The secret of a perfect bathroom renovation is to create a harmony. And, that can only be achieved with an excellent design layout comprising the tiles, accessories and other decors. And, tiles undoubtedly play the most crucial role in this planning.


Are you wondering why so? Well, of course, the very first reason is that tiles are available in different shapes and sizes unlike the other accessories extensively used in the bathroom. Which undoubtedly means that there is a lot of scope for experimentation.

Once you go through the collection of tiles in Direct Tile and Bath, you will undoubtedly feel more empowered and inspired about your bathroom layout. Looking for designs is undoubtedly the best idea. However, here are some trends of bathroom designs offered by the reliable tile shops in Perth, we would like to recommend you for securing the best results in 2019.

Here we go. Read on.

Play with Sizes

bathroom renovation.jpg

Your eyes might have used in finding the patterns on the bathroom walls where all the tiles are of the same sizes. However, much can be done in different sizes. Use the big ones and small ones together on the same wall. But, make sure all of those are of the same patterns. This particular design has such a modern yet minimal appeal that it will be hard to let your eyes off.

Combine Feature Tiles and Floor Tiles


Oh mate! It will look amazing. Instead of doing an entirely decked up feature wall in the bathroom with designer tiles, it will be a great idea to combine both the tiles. It's easy to mix and match.

First, choose the feature wall tile and then pick a colour from the pattern. Now, find solid coloured tiles of that particular colour. And, then ask the tilers to lay the tiles alongside the featured tiles. It will be a great addition to your bathroom walls.

Create Feature on the Floor

bathroom floor.jpg

Who said that only the walls of your bathroom are perfect for creating a feature wall. Do a little experiment here and let the walls be plain. Use plain white subway tiles on the wall and lay the featured tiles on the floor. To add a dose of sophistication to the design, you have to check out our baths for sale in Perth. A standalone white bath will accentuate the whole interior even more.

Try Out Geometric Tiles

white tiles.jpg

For accentuating the bathroom walls, going for geometric tiles will be a great idea indeed. The tiles look extremely sophisticated. If you choose to go with coloured ones, in that case, the tiles are sharp and defined. Hexagonal and dice patterns are the most popular choices among the geometrical tiles. Choose wisely for the best results.

Fish Scale Tiles Combined with Solid Coloured Ones


If you want to infuse a dramatic touch in your bathroom with the use of tiles, combining the bold fish scale tiles with that of the solid coloured plain tiles, remember that both the colours should be bold enough to create the dramatic output. The mix-match is sure to give an edge to your bathroom design.

Choose any of these ideas and shop with us for the best-priced collection along with a modern contemporary look.


Colourful Bathroom Tiles - Do They Make a Good Option for Renovation?


Colourful Bathroom Tiles - Do They Make a Good Option for Renovation?

Not everyone really is fascinated by the use of colour pallets in their bathroom. But if you want to add the dash of freshness to the place, going for colour is a must thing to do. Well, when it's the bathroom, we will not tell you to get the acrylic painting done on your bathroom walls. Instead, we will ask you to go for coloured tiles instead.


Among the solid coloured tiles, black and white are indeed the two most popular choices that people often consider to have. But, honestly, there are a lot more to it that you should also consider making sure you can secure the desired look for your bathroom.

Solid Coloured Bathroom Tiles Can Turn Bathroom into Mini Spa

Coloured tiles.jpg

Not every homeowner treat their bathroom as just a place to get a shower to freshen up. But, some find it as a relaxing zone where they will unwind their day's hard work. For that, the ambience of the room should have that sort of vibrancy. And, that, of course, can be achieved as you choose to go with colourful bathroom tiles.

Now, it’s time to help you out a bit with your selection. What to choose from the most popular options are considered in the following section.

The Light Should Not be Reflective

bathroom tiles.jpg

The colour choice will be varied based on the amount of light play you want in your bathroom. If you are not prone to too much of glare (which is not a preferred choice at all!), choose a colour that is non-reflective, somewhat works as a light absorbent. Choosing matte finished bathroom tiles in Perth is also a consideration here that you are required to keep in mind.

Small Bathrooms Mean Soft Pastels

Small bathroom.jpg

Those who have a small bathroom often deal with confusion regarding the choice of coloured tiles of course. They try to make it look as spacious as possible by not adding many features to it. However, using tiles featuring soft pastel colours will be the best thing to do in this case. The soft tones cause a visual expansion. It will also make your bathroom look contemporary as well.

Break the Monotony with Patterns

designer tiles.jpg

Well, choosing solid coloured cheap tiles in Perth does not obviously mean that you cannot go creative or innovative. You have so many options to experiment that the patterns you can create will be endless.

What kind of ambience do you want? If it is a meditative ambience you want, then merge the neutral colour patterns. Brick, basket weave, checkerboard and herringbone are the popular colour pattern choices you can go for.

Consult the Experts...

It is true that you have to stick to your personal taste of colour regarding the choice, but you also need to understand, which colour will suit your bathroom the most to make sure your investment is worthy enough.

Don’t worry about the price, because being the market leader, we know how to keep the entire bathroom renovation process within budget and still add that freshness to your bathroom.

Talk to the experts of Direct Tile and Bath for any sort of consultation with the tiles and choose from the pool of choices it has to offer.


Tricks to Pick the Right Wall Tiles for Bathroom and Kitchen


Tricks to Pick the Right Wall Tiles for Bathroom and Kitchen

While you are thinking of renovating your bathroom or kitchen, tiles indeed become the very first thing to grab your attention. Apparently, choosing the right floor tiles seem to be a tricky task for some, but, selecting the wall tiles also require a specific amount of effort.

bathroom tiles.jpg

Before we go further into pointing out the tips to choose wall tiles for both bathroom and kitchen, it is essential for you to know the basic differences between the wall tiles and floor tiles.

What Is the Difference Between Floor and Wall Tiles?

floor & wall tiles.jpg

Even if the material seems to be the same, but still there are some differences. Mainly, it's the visual difference. For example, you can easily find a wide range of both porcelain and ceramic tiles for the floor as well as for walls, but both of those will never look like same to you.

Also, the best ceramic wall tiles in Perth are mostly created with a lighter body compared to that of the ceramic floor tiles as it does not have to take so much of foot traffic.

The modern trends in tiling have brought a huge change in the old methods of laying the tiles. Now, some people prefer to lay big floor size tiles on the walls of their kitchen and bathrooms too. But, the highlighted differences will always be there.

Now, it’s time for the tricks that you are meant to follow for picking the right wall tiles.

Find out in the following.

Choose According to Your Lifestyle


It's essential for you to take note of the lifestyle of your family members while choosing a tile. For example, if you have kids in your home who likes to draw on the wall quite often, you will need something more durable and also resistant to such wear and tear of regular use. So, consider the habits of your family members to choose a tile offering better longevity.

Check the Colour Choices

tiles colours.jpg

Having a completely white kitchen interior is the fascination for some people. If you are one of them, choose white gloss tiles for both kitchen and bathroom as because gloss tiles are easy to clean. However, if you want to go for a bit darker side, choose the matte finished darkly shaded wall tiles. Remember, solid colours are the flavour of this year. So, choose accordingly.

Don’t Just Go by the Look

subway tiles.jpg

It's true that the finest wall tiles turn out to be the biggest attention seeker in the room, but that does not mean that you will get sold by the appearance only. First, make sure, it is suitable for the wall. Next, you cannot just go by the look without caring for your budget. You will also get the finest quality wall tiles within your price bracket. All you need is a little research.

Final Words

Save money on the purchase of porcelain and ceramic wall tiles from Direct Tile and Bath, one of the best tile stores in Perthpaying our FACTORY SPECIAL PRICE. As we supply our products directly from our Perth warehouse, we can keep our price range low. Visit our ‘Trade Store’ for checking out our exclusive collection of wall tiles and invest as per your choice.


Why Porcelain Tiles Are a Fast-Forward Flooring Option For Bathrooms?


Why Porcelain Tiles Are a Fast-Forward Flooring Option For Bathrooms?

You will find a lot of homeowners festooning their bathroom flooring with porcelain tiles. These tiles are denser, less porous and harder in comparison to ceramic tiles. They offer greater stain and water resistant abilities. And they are appropriate for radiant-in floor heat to keep the floor toasty on cool and pleasant mornings.

Porcelain Tiles.JPG

Another trait of porcelain tiles which helps it garner attention is its versatility. These tiles can mimic the appearance of natural tiles namely granite and limestone. Porcelain tiles are available in an array of designs, styles and shapes, and for all these reasons you should consider flooring your bathroom using them.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry, here’s stating more on why they are such a fast forward flooring option for bathrooms.

High Enduring Meant to Last Over The Years


Porcelain tiles are known for their ability to withstand wear and tear over the years as standard ceramic tiles. These tiles have few air pockets, comprises of denser materials and tends to be more consistent in construction.

All porcelain tiles from Direct Tile And Bath are thicker than most tile variants and last for a very long time. So, if you wish to install quality bathroom tiles in Perth which looks gorgeous over the years and is less prone to breaking, then our manufactured porcelain tiles will hold up rather well.

Impervious to Moisture Exposure and High Traffic Use

Moisture Exposure.jpg

Porcelain tiles work great for surfaces which receive high foot traffic. These floors are resistant to wear, breakage and even against those sharp nails of pets. In that case, such tiles are appropriate to install in bathrooms where the surface is exposed to water all the time.

Regardless of the abuse of everyday life, porcelain tiles will retain their appearance, and you don’t need to spend hours on its maintenance.

They Require Little Maintenance

tile maintaince.jpg

If you have opted for traditional hardwood flooring, then maintaining it can be a tough task. Fortunately, porcelain tiles don’t involve any such maintenance requirements. There is no special kind of sealing which keeps the water out from the tiles. You can wipe the water from the tiles without causing them any harm.

This is yet another good reason why they are such a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens where moisture exposure is common. These are some rational reasons why you should think of using porcelain tiles for your bathroom.

We have a wide collection of quality porcelain tile options for your bathroom flooring needs. From non-slip matte finish, glossy or smooth tiles to tiles with glazed finishes; we have all your vivid needs covered.

Furthermore, Direct Tile And Bath, being one of the top tile suppliers inPerth, also has porcelain tiles of the latest designs at budget-friendly costs. Our tiles are available in sizes beginning from 300x300 (perfect for bathroom floors) to 1200x600 more apt for larger bathrooms or kitchen floors.

If you have any problem in choosing your flooring option; our experts will help you out in making the right choice. So, feel free to browse throughout impressive collection today!


Bathroom Tiles - Follow Any of the Top 3 Trends for a Complete Makeover


Bathroom Tiles - Follow Any of the Top 3 Trends for a Complete Makeover

Gone are those days when you have to stick to the standard tile designs available for bathroom remodelling. Things have taken a significant turn over the time, and the bathroom tile trends have also gone way beyond just being skid resistant or the standard pink or blue hue. In the recent times, a lot of fantastic tiling options can be found that perfectly goes with your bathroom decor and will be aesthetically appealing too.

How does it look? Well, it can be the very first parameter for you to make sure you have chosen the right tiles but you also required to make sure that the selected style is compatible with the longevity, maintenance needs, shapes, finish and water resistance.

Go through the following to learn about the latest trends of the bathroom tiles to make your choice easy.

Geometric Patterns Are the New Trendy Wave


Do you still think that going for square shaped tiles is the only way you can go on? Well, the new trends of bathroom tiles are sure to break your notion. Choose the hexagon patterned floor tiles for creating a distinct pattern on the bathroom floor that is entirely different from that of the other rooms of your house.

On the other hand, you can save quite a considerable amount of money by experimenting with the subway tiles as well. You can simply use the subway tiles and place those in a criss-cross pattern to make sure that it looks different. Being simple and small in size, going for a patterned floor or a feature wall with differently geometrical shaped tiles will be a great option to go with.

Matte or Glossy - The Choice is Not That Difficult!


The choice is not that difficult when you know the exact appearance of the bathroom you are aiming for. When you are counting on the finish, you will find two significant differences where one has the matte finish, and the other section has the glossy finish. Both of these tiles are in trend.

With our range of glossy floor tiles in Perth, you can expect a rich, luxurious and dramatic look, mainly it is colourful. Matte finished tiles, on the other hand, give a minimal appeal to the bathroom. Therefore, if you prefer sophistication and elegance over the rich drama, matte finished tiles are the way to go.

Wooden Finished Tiles


Have you ever thought of remodelling your bathroom with wooden floors? Well, it's not possible, or is it? Not really, you can go for a timber finish in your bathroom when you have wood looking porcelain tiles for refurbishing the bathroom. It will look exactly like timber floors lying on the floor. However, you don't have to bother about the water resistance.

The tiles look, elegant and sophisticated. It gives a traditional touch to your bathroom decor along with infusing it with a contemporary finish. Moreover, the rich wooden colour will go with the freestanding baths as well as the faucets perfectly, enhancing the appearance.

Final Words

Well, it does not necessarily mean that the tiles you get at an affordable price are going to look bad. The cheap bathroom tiles in Perth are available under amazing price bracket as you shop from Direct Tile & Bath. Choose the tiles wisely so that it looks good, adds a contemporary touch to the decor as well as fits your pocket.

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4 Considerations to Keep In Mind for Laying Bathroom Tiles


4 Considerations to Keep In Mind for Laying Bathroom Tiles

When it concerns the beauty of the bathroom, it is something that is often overlooked given the fact that it is that one part of the house that isn't exposed for all to see. Despite that, there is this need to ensure that the bathroom is just as perfect as you would want the other rooms to be especially it is a corner that refreshes you the first thing in the morning.

Whenever you intend to remodel or probably design your bathroom, it should be just perfect where every aspect should be taken into consideration. One of the foremost concerns is the tiles that are laid on the floor as well as the walls. Since it is an area that is constantly in contact with water, there is the need to make a choice on the right set of tiles such as the subway tiles that are not just economical, aesthetically appealing as well as easy to use.

Here are a few important considerations to make when it comes to choosing tiles for your bathrooms.

The Shape and Size of the Tiles Are Very Important


Experts are known to agree with the fact that if you have a large bathroom, the tiles should be equally large. This gives about a naturally spacious look to the room. But coming to think of other aspects such as laying tiles in the shower area, the basin, the cabinets and similar areas in the bathroom, you need to understand whether large tiles would fit in there or not. An opposite contrast of large tiles on the floor and small ones on top would do that good to the aesthetics. Therefore, there is the need to analyse first and then make a choice on tiles that aren't contrasting in size and shape.

The Proportions of the Tiles to Be Laid


Since floor tiles are pre-cut, there is always the need to measure the length of the floor and accordingly analyse the size of the tiles that are to be placed. It is not always that the size would be just as exact and there is the need to cut the tiles into the desired pieces and accordingly laid. Despite that, there shouldn't be too many cut tiles laid around the edges which would ruin the way your bathroom would look. Just because you have set your eyes on a particular design and it doesn't suit the size, it isn't worth investing on.

The Type of Grout the Floor Would Receive


When looking at tiles on a catalogue, you wouldn't be able to see it with the grout and is something that becomes a prime concern when it is finally installed. Large and extended grout lines wouldn't give that even effect to the floor, and that is the reason, there is the need to choose tiles similar to the colour of the grout or vice versa.

Let the Tiles Add To the Natural Light


If you have a bathroom that is somewhere in the corner with not much of natural light coming in, it is often advisable to choose white gloss tiles and similar ones that are lightly-coloured. This makes it reflective while giving a spacious look to the bathroom. If there is too much of natural light coming in, there is the need to choose titles that have a matte finish and nothing that is glossy which would create a glare and making it difficult for you use the bathroom for long.

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3 Ways to Make the Most of White Gloss Tiles for Classy Look of House


3 Ways to Make the Most of White Gloss Tiles for Classy Look of House

Your search for an exceptional tiling solution for your house ends at white gloss subway tiles!

Well, the exquisite yet simple looking smooth tiles can do wonders in your house. No matter where you are heading to regarding the choice in between remodelling or new construction, it is the ultimate look of the house or the decor that matters the most. There can be a million ways by which you can change the look of your house but sticking with the one that will best suit your need and the demand matters.

The job of tiling is something that is gaining popularity at present. The desire to have a fabulous looking living room, kitchen or hall has made the people try out the different types of tiles. What has stood with the time is the subway tile! With a fascinating history, the tiles are genuinely a specimen of master craftsmanship of the people working in the tile manufacturing industry. The demand has never been reduced from the 1930s after it was first introduced in the subway passages of New York.

No doubt that the subway tiles in Perth have been providing the much required minimalistic, classic, almost a capricious look when it comes to interior designing of houses. The versatility in the utility of the tiles has made it to be one of the favourites.

The following are some of the reasons why the tiles are used more often than the other options –

One Tile that Fits the Entire Place


Thanks to the engineering, the simple looking rectangular sized subway tiles have the cutting edge trend over their competitors. On one hand, where the lighter shades of the gloss tiles are the favourites for the bathrooms; the bright dark shades are preferred for the living rooms and the kitchens. The best thing that the tile installation is pretty much easy as the patterns can make a lot of difference. Both the horizontal and vertical arrangements of the tiles are incorporated for creating a unique appeal in the decor. Oh yes, installing them wisely in a non-traditional way can do wonders! And Guess what! It’s affordable too.

Play with Installation Patterns


There is no harm in trying out the different patterns. The tiles are the master in enhancing the aesthetic look. Trying out the different blends of unique shades and tones of the tiles with the white capping of white cement on the edges provides an eternal beauty to interior and exterior of the kitchen or living room.

There is no harm in trying out the retro pattern by properly blending and coordinating the tile arrangement. There are numerous doors of decor patterns opened with these subway tiles.

Raise the Visual Enthusiasm


For the interior decorators, the subway tiles are the perfect solution for improving the scenery. No doubt, the tiles can improve the feel and the look of the place. The application of the different colour shades of tiles, surely adds to the visual enthusiasm of the house. To be specific, the white gloss tiles will prove to be your best choice when you are aiming for impressing the onlookers with your distinct aesthetic sense.


The use of the tiles with new designs and colours produced over the years is used in decorating the modern and the contemporary houses. What matters is the classic look that stands out to be eye soothing. Apart from this, the ease of cleaning and the ability to retain the beauty over the years has helped the tiles in maintaining its stand. All you need to do is to choose your very own tiling partner Direct Tile & Bath for hassle-free installation and you will be all set to enjoy freshly refurbished interior of your house.

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What's The Best Way to Get Quality Yet Cheap Bathroom Tiles?


What's The Best Way to Get Quality Yet Cheap Bathroom Tiles?

Getting quality tiles but at cheap rates! Well, sounds somewhat far-fetched when you begin shopping. If you want quality, you will have to pay off a fair price, and if you go for the low quality ones, then you are sacrificing your desirable quality. So, you have an ordeal at hand! Or Do you? Not quite mates!

If you have ever checked out the quality of affordable bathroom tiles and its price tag, you will know that yes the two extremes can be procured at a single go. So, judging by this statement, shopping online does appear to be the best way to suffice both your quality and affordability.

It's distinctly clear that not many are sure of this bold statement. So here's indexing a few pointers which could put things into the right perspective.

"You Always Have a Better Alternative"


That's a fact, believe it or not! If you choose a top-rated online tile store in Perth, you will find that their index always contains an endless list of options. All you have to do is just use the filtering options present to customise your searches. Those include:

  • The price bracket you are willing you expense.
  • Your desirable design, colour and also the patterns.
  • The shape and dimension of the tile.
  • And also the type: sandstone, concrete, porcelain, ceramic, wood grain, splash-back or any other.

You get these filtering options precisely to ensure that you get the design you are seeking and that too at your desired price range. If you think rationally, with such multiplicity of designs flaunting in front of your eye-line you are bound to like something within your expenditure's maximum stretch.

"There Are Always New Arrivals with Affordable Rates"


The thing about online tile shops is that they always keep stacking up their portico with new inclusions. And, if not mistaken, most times you will find them available at cost-friendly rates.

So whether non-slip matte-finish bathroom tiles or porcelain ones mixed with clay and other minerals (finely polished off-course), a constant addition of attractive tiles come up. Plus their price bracket usually lies somewhere between Au$24 to Au$36 is surely in your affordability terms.

"You Get a Stamp of Authentication on Every Purchase"


When you shop from offline stores (at a higher price usually), What's The One Thing Which You Look For To Determine the Quality and Genuineness of Tiles? It's always that Watermark certification as well as Australian Standard manufacturing. Isn't that true mates?

You bet it is. Well, here's a secret. When you shop with reputable online tile supplies, you even get assurance proof that the tiles have been quality tested. Plus they will also present you with Australian Standards Water Mark certifications along with the packaging.

On top of that, you also get a contact number to buzz if say you need to inquire about something.

So the balance of equilibrium between the two stabilises and what makes online shopping a slightly better option if because of the price difference.

The Final Call

Thus, without evoking any controversy, it is safe to state that online tile suppliers (those with recognition and good customer reviews) are the best way to purchase quality tiles and affordable rates.

Now you know, so go ahead and pick out that supplier and start selecting those tile designs which appease your eyes and pouches!