When you ask an expert, you will find everyone has different opinions for choosing tile size for the bathroom floor. Especially, when choosing the tiles for a small bathroom. It will make your small bathroom feel quite larger. So, while choosing the floor tiles, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you have to consider the look and feel you prefer the most. As, you will be using the space every day, choosing the right bathroom tiles should match your needs and taste.

So, how to choose the tiles for your small bathroom?


Bigger the tiles, smaller the room will look. So, what we suggest is you shouldn’t use large tiles for the small bathroom. While using the small tile for your small bathroom, it can add a number of grout lines. And, It will make your bathroom look small. Either choose medium size tiles or choose the larger one with rectified edges. Make sure you will be using a grout colour that will be matching the tiles.

Colour scheme: Go with the neutral colour scheme for the small bathroom. Light colours, such as cream, light Grey, white will surely make your bathroom look bigger.

Tile layout to make a difference: It is a clever trick to use tiles for the small bathroom by lying the quality bathroom tiles from Perth in the diagonal pattern. It will really trick the eyes to see the space bigger than really it is. The logic is, when you lay them as a normal squared option, it becomes easy to count, whereas the diagonal patterns give the illusion of the longest dimension of your shower.

Patterned or plain tiles: Whereas pattern tiles make walls visually advance, it makes the bathroom feel smaller. However, choosing patterned tiles can help you to add character by putting the patterned tiles under the dado rail height, and plain & light-coloured tiles above it. With this approach, you can draw the eye upwards while making it feel larger and lighter.

Where to tile in a small bathroom? A small bathroom gives an unwelcoming feel if it is tiled from the wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling pattern. To enhance the feel of your bathroom space, you need to apply some decorative flow as much as possible. In case you find there is a gap of painted walls between the fittings and fixtures, it’s better to tile across the length of the wall instead of interrupting it.

Right tile materials for a small bathroom: When it comes to choosing the best bathroom tiles from Perth, Limestone, slate and granite are the natural stone options due to low porosity and non-slip texture with a stunning finish. Whereas ceramic and porcelain tiles are affordable options with a range of finishes, they can come in bright colours, decorative patterns and more.

Lastly, when it comes to measuring how much tiles you require, you can visit a reliable store and Direct Tile & Bath is happy to help you out regarding this matter. However, experts advice to add an extra 10% of the estimated amount while including the breakage and waste.