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Know How Professionals Install Acrylic Baths? A Quick Overview


Know How Professionals Install Acrylic Baths? A Quick Overview

Acrylic baths are versatile of all the baths that are made in various shapes to choose from. Acrylic bathtubs are warm to touch, hold the water temperature for longer than other makes of the bath. Moreover, such bath materials are lightweight, easy to transport, can be easily fitted as well as found in a range of colour options, great resistance to water staining, hardwearing, easy to clean and you will get the places to fit the taps.

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How do the acrylic baths are made?

The typical acrylic bath is moulded from one single sheet of acrylic which is 4,5 or 8mm thick. Since 8mm sheet of plastic is not going to provide you with much support, it can be solved with a sheet that is reinforced with glass reinforced plastic which is sprayed on it. So, thicker the acrylic sheet, less reinforcement it requires.

How does an acrylic bath fixed and supported?

When you opt for a plastic bath with galvanized frame. For example, we offer stainless steel frame with 6 feet for a 1700x780x600 bath. The frame not only provides support for the base of the freestanding baths but also provide a fixing point and support for the feet. It not only gives a stable base between the bath and floor but also allow the bath to be adjusted to level it up. In most cases, each foot will have a screw adjuster to be screwed out depending on whether you want to lower or raise the bath.

1. Before you fit new bathtub: In case you have an old bath, and you’re about to bring a replacement, remove the existing bath panels. On the other hand, if the taps have isolation valves, you need to turn the water off and drain out the existing water turning the tap upside. Soon after disconnecting the water tap, disconnect the waste pipe from the drain in the base of the bath. Once there is no more fixing left, jiggle the bath slightly to see if it can be moved. If not, check out for more fixing.

Once you find the tub is movable, jiggle it around and slide it away from the adjoining walls. Depending on the size of the bathroom, you may need all the room or can get tripped over an old bathroom, which won’t make the job easier.

2. Check the floor condition: Without a proper sealing to the old bath, it will be allowing water and moisture to leak down to the floor, and it will last only for a few years. And, in such cases, replacement is the only option left open.

When it comes to moving your new and small freestanding bathtub, it needs proper positioning and fixing. However, before you put it in the final resting place, the installer may put some additional bearers on the floor surface that will fit under the feet of the frame.

However, our classic clawfoot freestanding baths come with empty space beneath the tub that gives the facility for cleaning as well as creating a greater illusion of space.


Tips to Choose the Right Bath to Create a Welcoming Wellness Space


Tips to Choose the Right Bath to Create a Welcoming Wellness Space

Bathrooms have undoubtedly been the ideal escape for every people on a daily basis. It is the place where one leaves behind stress by getting rid of the dirt and dust. It is in the bathroom where an individual dedicates a considerable amount of time as a part of refreshment and relaxation. It is why the interior of the bathroom has to be explicitly carved out by including all the possible accessories and attachment to create a warm and cozy place.

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Direct Tile and Bath has been a direct bath supplier. The baths in stock with us have a sleek, stylish finish that helps in giving a revamped look in the perspective of a modern bathroom. The popular choice of the house owner has been the elegant clawfoot freestanding baths that are sleek and save space.

According to the experts, the installation of any of the model in the bathroom is always going to rejuvenate the mind by recreating an atmosphere of ultimate sophistication and peace.

Choosing the Right Freestanding Clawfoot Bath?

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Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom by installing a freestanding clawfoot bath? Have you made a choice? Have you pondered over the pros and cons of the installation? Well, let's look into the factors that are going to define the choice of bath towards creating a welcoming wellness space--

1. Exploring the Different Available Options

With different taste and preferences, the companies have been doing all the possibles to keep the interest of the people intact. Therefore, if you are going to renovate the space, it is necessary to explore the different available options based on what is going to suit the bathroom. A bathroom can look great after installing freestanding bath tubs in Perth. What should be kept in mind is the placement which would finally decide the available space in the bathroom.

2. Combining Style and Lifestyle Appropriately

Another key thing that should be kept in mind is managing the style and lifestyle in the right way. The professionals suggest to bring out the requirement and preferences in the best possible way. Understanding the serenity, luxury, and relaxation of the ambience and then choosing the bath accordingly is going to be an essential part of a luxurious bathroom.

3. Understanding the Trend & Feasibility

Not all bathrooms are meant to accept the modern trend. With the advancement in technology, the companies are manufacturing beguiling, cutting-edge bathtub designs having high-end architectural elegance. The clawfoot bath in Perth is ideal for different designs, ensuring an enormous scope of beautification for any bathroom. The modern renovators look at the clawfoot bath as an addition that has the ability to enhance the beauty of the available space by giving an antique charm. With different options of style, design, shape and size, the bathtubs are the perfect addition to the bathroom space when it comes to luxury and comfort.


Choosing the right freestanding bath is never a daunting task. Sticking to some of the essential elements and the correct assessment of the requirement will lead to a proper selection. Direct Tile and Bath has a wide range of sizes of baths ascertaining your search for the right one is made easy.


Does It Make Sense To Buy a Claw Foot Bathtub?


Does It Make Sense To Buy a Claw Foot Bathtub?

Be it brand new models or rehabbed models- a claw foot bathtub always contribute perennial charm to bathing spacesd.


Just ask anyone you know about whether it makes sense to buy a claw foot bathtub or not and they will say that it is the most opulent way to take a bath. Case in point- Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z have one in their NOLA pad!

Plus claw foot bathtubs exude oompth and turns bare-bone bathrooms into full-blown spas. And if these weren’t enough to catch your attention- clawfoot bathtubs have seriously powerful bathing perks.

As they are designed to be sightly deeper to most bath tubs, it allows you to totally submerge your body into the water (mixed with few rose petals, a splash of essential oil, some bath salts, etc), and reap all its benefits.

Much to your delight ‘Direct Tile And Bath’presents claw-foot tubs offering ageless character, ergonomic shapes that provide spa-like treatments. Staying true to the design concept from 1880s and 1930s, each of our clawfoot bath models will present you with the same tranquil feeling when relaxing in it.

Are These Iconic Fixtures Appropriate For You?

blue bathtub.jpg

Claw foot baths are regarded to as one of those iconic fixtures for all kinds of bathroom spaces. Being classic and attractive in appearance, they work equally well with both modern, as well as, with vintage bathroom decorations.

Our clawfoot baths offers you a lot of freedom in terms of its placement. Whether you fit it parallel or perpendicular to the bathroom or even in the middle, they will exude its charm and resonate your bathing space with personality. Depending on the dimension of your bathroom; our claw foot tubs will serve as the perfect focal point to fill up odd spots and make the space more natural looking.

Our claw foot bath models in Perth also offer flexibility in terms of its installation. Similar to the tubs, its filters can also be placed anywhere in the bathroom (and not just against the wall).

If you are a bubble bathing person, then our claw foot tubs ensures longer soaks in the water. Furthermore, if you want; you can also add a hand shower- and rest it like an old phone. They are also very glam and perfect for those who don’t like to move around too much/or stand upright while bathing or rinsing their hair.

The most important thing about clawfoot bathtubs is its making material. They are prepared using cast iron and porcelain to suit any space and its requirements. Our acylic tubs are lightweight, warm on touch and come with powder coated cast iron finishes for more longevity and resistance.

After going through these details; you decide for yourself whether these iconic tubs are appropriate for your bathing space or not. If you do decide to go for our classic and highly functional clawfoot models, here’s a budget friendly option to check out.

Olivia - 1680mm Claw Foot @ Au$1,099.00

The dimension of this claw foot bath measures 1680x700x790.

It is designed using quality white acrylic material for added durability and resistance.

It comes with stainless steel frame and hard carbon box with four handles.

And on its backside, it consists of fibreglass with reinforced resin.

Also comes in the variant of Olivia-Black variant@ Au$1,199.00.

‘Direct Tile And Bath’, is your one-stop destination to procuring quality and luxurius bath in Perth for your space-conscious bathroom. Feel free to check our trade store for more amazing baths.