Be it brand new models or rehabbed models- a claw foot bathtub always contribute perennial charm to bathing spacesd.


Just ask anyone you know about whether it makes sense to buy a claw foot bathtub or not and they will say that it is the most opulent way to take a bath. Case in point- Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z have one in their NOLA pad!

Plus claw foot bathtubs exude oompth and turns bare-bone bathrooms into full-blown spas. And if these weren’t enough to catch your attention- clawfoot bathtubs have seriously powerful bathing perks.

As they are designed to be sightly deeper to most bath tubs, it allows you to totally submerge your body into the water (mixed with few rose petals, a splash of essential oil, some bath salts, etc), and reap all its benefits.

Much to your delight ‘Direct Tile And Bath’presents claw-foot tubs offering ageless character, ergonomic shapes that provide spa-like treatments. Staying true to the design concept from 1880s and 1930s, each of our clawfoot bath models will present you with the same tranquil feeling when relaxing in it.

Are These Iconic Fixtures Appropriate For You?

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Claw foot baths are regarded to as one of those iconic fixtures for all kinds of bathroom spaces. Being classic and attractive in appearance, they work equally well with both modern, as well as, with vintage bathroom decorations.

Our clawfoot baths offers you a lot of freedom in terms of its placement. Whether you fit it parallel or perpendicular to the bathroom or even in the middle, they will exude its charm and resonate your bathing space with personality. Depending on the dimension of your bathroom; our claw foot tubs will serve as the perfect focal point to fill up odd spots and make the space more natural looking.

Our claw foot bath models in Perth also offer flexibility in terms of its installation. Similar to the tubs, its filters can also be placed anywhere in the bathroom (and not just against the wall).

If you are a bubble bathing person, then our claw foot tubs ensures longer soaks in the water. Furthermore, if you want; you can also add a hand shower- and rest it like an old phone. They are also very glam and perfect for those who don’t like to move around too much/or stand upright while bathing or rinsing their hair.

The most important thing about clawfoot bathtubs is its making material. They are prepared using cast iron and porcelain to suit any space and its requirements. Our acylic tubs are lightweight, warm on touch and come with powder coated cast iron finishes for more longevity and resistance.

After going through these details; you decide for yourself whether these iconic tubs are appropriate for your bathing space or not. If you do decide to go for our classic and highly functional clawfoot models, here’s a budget friendly option to check out.

Olivia - 1680mm Claw Foot @ Au$1,099.00

The dimension of this claw foot bath measures 1680x700x790.

It is designed using quality white acrylic material for added durability and resistance.

It comes with stainless steel frame and hard carbon box with four handles.

And on its backside, it consists of fibreglass with reinforced resin.

Also comes in the variant of Olivia-Black variant@ Au$1,199.00.

‘Direct Tile And Bath’, is your one-stop destination to procuring quality and luxurius bath in Perth for your space-conscious bathroom. Feel free to check our trade store for more amazing baths.