Bathroom renovation is an easy process and at the same time, a tough one! Sounds contradictory? Not at all! It’s an easy task if you know the way and if you have put your money on a reputed name, and tough if you HAVE NOT!


Well, let us get right into it! You have to be rather thorough in your approach while renovating your bathroom. For that, you indeed have to bank on a name that will make a difference. That is where we at Direct Tile and Bath score over other companies.

We not only come up with impeccable bathroom renovations, but our experts also provide you with some groundbreaking ideas that can make your bathroom, the very focal point of the aesthetic value of your entire household. And it's not that these ideas have only to do with cheap floor tiles for bathroom available in Perth. They have to to with everything - starting from things related to your bathtub to the kind of mirror you use and the way you mount it on the wall.

Here are some fascinating ways to make your bathroom look unique when you renovate it.

Adding some floating vanities

bathroom renovation.jpg

Is your bathroom a bit on the smaller side? If so, then there is nothing to be worried about. You will find a lot with smallish bathrooms these days, and our experts have unique ideas of renovating them.

We have some opulent fitting and fixing ideas up our sleeves that will take the aesthetic look of the bathroom to an altogether new level. And it does not take too much to make that happen. Just a few innovations here and there will make the difference. A great way of adding spectacle is adding a floating vanity or two mounted against the walls. It will add quite a few scores!

Fitting Subway Tiles

white bathroom tiles.jpg

Remember, how those tiny square tiles used to dominate the bathrooms way back in the eighties and the nineties? They still do so at present, if you know the way of using them - albeit with a few differences.

Again, our experts will come into play to add some innovative ideas. They can pick up those subway tiles from our tile warehouse in Perth for the purpose. These subway tiles come up with a string of benefits, which make them more popular than their smaller counterparts. They are famous for their classy look, and they can be cleaned easily.

Subway tiles are excellent as they expose lesser grouts to all the moisture of the bathroom and this means the probability of accumulating moulds and mildew are less. The look also remains simple yet very much contemporary.

Installing Free Standing baths

Installing freestanding baths IS A GREAT idea to come up with a bathroom on a budget. These baths have a distinguished look and are space efficient as well as extremely manoeuvrable. Contact Direct Tile and Bath, and we will be able to provide you with the right kind of bathtub that will ‘gel' with your bathroom.

So you see - it is all about adding some ‘pretty little' things here and there that makes all the difference. Things like frameless screens or just a little revamping of the lighting here and there will do the trick for you.

Get in touch with us at Direct Tile and Bath at the numbers you find on our official website. Our officials will get in touch with you and provide you with invaluable suggestions.