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Opting For Bathroom Renovations? Prioritise Cost Reduction


Opting For Bathroom Renovations? Prioritise Cost Reduction

Bathroom renovation is one of the intricate household duties that may very well put people in a fix. There are so many things to be done, and this may well leave people perplexed.

bathroom renovation.jpg

People are often caught in two minds when it comes to renovating bathrooms. In the process, they end up doing things that they could have left out and omit to do certain things that they SHOULD have done. This not only hinders the best results but also increase the sundry costs. Thus, to avoid this, you need to consult a company that is an expert in bathroom renovations.

Direct Tile and Bath in this aspect stands out to be one of the most coveted names that offer high-quality bathroom renovation in Perth. Our experts will not only carry out some impeccable repair but will also guide you on how to control the cost.

However, before you summon them, here is a summary of things that will help you keep the renovation cost under check.

Assessing What Exactly You Need To Change

Renovation does not have any limit, so long you have the budget. The more you will change, the higher will be your bill. Hence, the wisest step is to cut the shirt according to your cloth. If you are running on a shoestring budget, you need to renovate things that demand renovation or change badly and leave other things as they are. Maybe replacing a few taps, the tiles just behind the toilet or replenishing the grouting of the floor tiles will solve the immediate problems that you have in your hand.

Again, depending upon your budget, you can afford to take a few extra steps like changing a few of the bathroom upholstery, or set up a new bath to alter the look and feel of your bathroom.

Our experts will take stock of the situation, take into consideration your budget and guide you in the right way in your bathroom renovations in South of River Perth. This will help you get the desired results without really drilling a hole in your pocket.

Reusing The Fixtures and Fittings

Any experienced company that is into bathroom renovation will advise its clients to reuse the fittings and fixtures to curb costs. We go the same way and advise our clients that if the fixtures and bathroom fittings are fit enough to be used and are operational, it is better to refit and use them after the renovation.

Join the Expert

This is another very effective way of reducing the cost. It is true that our experts will be doing all the renovations and alterations of your bathroom, but some elementary associated tasks can be carried out by people who are not expert.

Thus, you can quickly join hands and carry out certain elementary things pertaining to bathroom renovations North of River Perth as that will cut the costs by a considerable extent.

Last but not the least, you need to opt for the licensed and reputed bathroom renovators, who will be able to provide you services at a realistic rate. That is why putting money on names like Direct Tile and Bath will always help in more than a way.

For further query, you can call us up or write to us, and our experts will be more than ready to help you out.


Some Stunning Ideas That Can Take Your Bathroom Renovation to a New Height


Some Stunning Ideas That Can Take Your Bathroom Renovation to a New Height

Bathroom renovation is an easy process and at the same time, a tough one! Sounds contradictory? Not at all! It’s an easy task if you know the way and if you have put your money on a reputed name, and tough if you HAVE NOT!


Well, let us get right into it! You have to be rather thorough in your approach while renovating your bathroom. For that, you indeed have to bank on a name that will make a difference. That is where we at Direct Tile and Bath score over other companies.

We not only come up with impeccable bathroom renovations, but our experts also provide you with some groundbreaking ideas that can make your bathroom, the very focal point of the aesthetic value of your entire household. And it's not that these ideas have only to do with cheap floor tiles for bathroom available in Perth. They have to to with everything - starting from things related to your bathtub to the kind of mirror you use and the way you mount it on the wall.

Here are some fascinating ways to make your bathroom look unique when you renovate it.

Adding some floating vanities

bathroom renovation.jpg

Is your bathroom a bit on the smaller side? If so, then there is nothing to be worried about. You will find a lot with smallish bathrooms these days, and our experts have unique ideas of renovating them.

We have some opulent fitting and fixing ideas up our sleeves that will take the aesthetic look of the bathroom to an altogether new level. And it does not take too much to make that happen. Just a few innovations here and there will make the difference. A great way of adding spectacle is adding a floating vanity or two mounted against the walls. It will add quite a few scores!

Fitting Subway Tiles

white bathroom tiles.jpg

Remember, how those tiny square tiles used to dominate the bathrooms way back in the eighties and the nineties? They still do so at present, if you know the way of using them - albeit with a few differences.

Again, our experts will come into play to add some innovative ideas. They can pick up those subway tiles from our tile warehouse in Perth for the purpose. These subway tiles come up with a string of benefits, which make them more popular than their smaller counterparts. They are famous for their classy look, and they can be cleaned easily.

Subway tiles are excellent as they expose lesser grouts to all the moisture of the bathroom and this means the probability of accumulating moulds and mildew are less. The look also remains simple yet very much contemporary.

Installing Free Standing baths

Installing freestanding baths IS A GREAT idea to come up with a bathroom on a budget. These baths have a distinguished look and are space efficient as well as extremely manoeuvrable. Contact Direct Tile and Bath, and we will be able to provide you with the right kind of bathtub that will ‘gel' with your bathroom.

So you see - it is all about adding some ‘pretty little' things here and there that makes all the difference. Things like frameless screens or just a little revamping of the lighting here and there will do the trick for you.

Get in touch with us at Direct Tile and Bath at the numbers you find on our official website. Our officials will get in touch with you and provide you with invaluable suggestions.


Ways to a Perfect Bathroom Makeover by Mixing Up the Tiles


Ways to a Perfect Bathroom Makeover by Mixing Up the Tiles

The secret of a perfect bathroom renovation is to create a harmony. And, that can only be achieved with an excellent design layout comprising the tiles, accessories and other decors. And, tiles undoubtedly play the most crucial role in this planning.


Are you wondering why so? Well, of course, the very first reason is that tiles are available in different shapes and sizes unlike the other accessories extensively used in the bathroom. Which undoubtedly means that there is a lot of scope for experimentation.

Once you go through the collection of tiles in Direct Tile and Bath, you will undoubtedly feel more empowered and inspired about your bathroom layout. Looking for designs is undoubtedly the best idea. However, here are some trends of bathroom designs offered by the reliable tile shops in Perth, we would like to recommend you for securing the best results in 2019.

Here we go. Read on.

Play with Sizes

bathroom renovation.jpg

Your eyes might have used in finding the patterns on the bathroom walls where all the tiles are of the same sizes. However, much can be done in different sizes. Use the big ones and small ones together on the same wall. But, make sure all of those are of the same patterns. This particular design has such a modern yet minimal appeal that it will be hard to let your eyes off.

Combine Feature Tiles and Floor Tiles


Oh mate! It will look amazing. Instead of doing an entirely decked up feature wall in the bathroom with designer tiles, it will be a great idea to combine both the tiles. It's easy to mix and match.

First, choose the feature wall tile and then pick a colour from the pattern. Now, find solid coloured tiles of that particular colour. And, then ask the tilers to lay the tiles alongside the featured tiles. It will be a great addition to your bathroom walls.

Create Feature on the Floor

bathroom floor.jpg

Who said that only the walls of your bathroom are perfect for creating a feature wall. Do a little experiment here and let the walls be plain. Use plain white subway tiles on the wall and lay the featured tiles on the floor. To add a dose of sophistication to the design, you have to check out our baths for sale in Perth. A standalone white bath will accentuate the whole interior even more.

Try Out Geometric Tiles

white tiles.jpg

For accentuating the bathroom walls, going for geometric tiles will be a great idea indeed. The tiles look extremely sophisticated. If you choose to go with coloured ones, in that case, the tiles are sharp and defined. Hexagonal and dice patterns are the most popular choices among the geometrical tiles. Choose wisely for the best results.

Fish Scale Tiles Combined with Solid Coloured Ones


If you want to infuse a dramatic touch in your bathroom with the use of tiles, combining the bold fish scale tiles with that of the solid coloured plain tiles, remember that both the colours should be bold enough to create the dramatic output. The mix-match is sure to give an edge to your bathroom design.

Choose any of these ideas and shop with us for the best-priced collection along with a modern contemporary look.


Why Should Every Aussie Invest on Back to Wall Freestanding Bath?


Why Should Every Aussie Invest on Back to Wall Freestanding Bath?

As you look into the trends of bathroom renovation projects that are being done in Australian homes, it has become quite evident that freestanding baths have secured a place in almost everywhere. Whether you want a modern remodelling or want to create dramatic fusion in the interior design of your bathroom, freestanding baths are just the perfect addition.

Freestanding bath.jpg

However, not every freestanding bath have the same appeal or function. So, you need to understand the difference between the baths minutely. For the best collection of back to wall freestanding bath in Perth, you need to rely on us, Direct Tile & Bath.

Being the trusted supplier of this type of contemporary baths, we want to share a few valid reasons to strengthen your decision of purchasing this bath even more. Here we go! Give it a read.

Perfect for Small Bathrooms

Small Bathrooms.jpg

It often becomes quite challenging for the designers to renovate a small bathroom with freestanding baths. However, with back to wall baths, things fall in line quite easily. It is set up against a wall. You can use the wall to add exciting features. For instance, design the entire shower rack on that wall and give it some interesting lighting setup too. So, it is indeed a space saving solution.

Suitable When You Have Children at Home


Well, you may have dreamt of having a contemporary and luxurious bathroom of your own. But, to be frank, naughty children at home and a classy clawfoot bath in your bathroom - these two things don't really co-exist.

However, with back to wall baths, you will not have to take any stress about the physical condition of your bath much. Instead, no matter how much your kids run around your bathroom or hop inside the bath for water splash, it won’t break down.

Aesthetically Pleasing

white freestanding bath.JPG

It's beautiful! You can say, it is sophistication to another level. You will have a pool of versatile options; once you visit our store as we are one of the best tile shops in Perth, you will find it impressive.

You may feel like spoilt with so many options, suitable for all sorts of bathroom design and that too in a reasonable price bracket. All of those are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Get a white one and place it against a black feature wall to get a dramatic look.

It’s a Great Option for Shower

bath shower.jpg

Well, if you want to have the access of shower and bath at the same time, nothing can be a better option than the back to wall baths. Get your shower installed any side of the bath and save yourself from the extra work in managing the water spillage.

Final Words

Let us give you some recommendations on your purchase, especially regarding the design. If you want a sharp and aligned look for your bathroom, going for the square design will be the best option you have. It gives a neat and modern look to your bathroom.

Back to wall baths are indeed the other name of sophistication, and you should certainly have it to enjoy its amazing benefits.


Why Porcelain Tiles Are a Fast-Forward Flooring Option For Bathrooms?


Why Porcelain Tiles Are a Fast-Forward Flooring Option For Bathrooms?

You will find a lot of homeowners festooning their bathroom flooring with porcelain tiles. These tiles are denser, less porous and harder in comparison to ceramic tiles. They offer greater stain and water resistant abilities. And they are appropriate for radiant-in floor heat to keep the floor toasty on cool and pleasant mornings.

Porcelain Tiles.JPG

Another trait of porcelain tiles which helps it garner attention is its versatility. These tiles can mimic the appearance of natural tiles namely granite and limestone. Porcelain tiles are available in an array of designs, styles and shapes, and for all these reasons you should consider flooring your bathroom using them.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry, here’s stating more on why they are such a fast forward flooring option for bathrooms.

High Enduring Meant to Last Over The Years


Porcelain tiles are known for their ability to withstand wear and tear over the years as standard ceramic tiles. These tiles have few air pockets, comprises of denser materials and tends to be more consistent in construction.

All porcelain tiles from Direct Tile And Bath are thicker than most tile variants and last for a very long time. So, if you wish to install quality bathroom tiles in Perth which looks gorgeous over the years and is less prone to breaking, then our manufactured porcelain tiles will hold up rather well.

Impervious to Moisture Exposure and High Traffic Use

Moisture Exposure.jpg

Porcelain tiles work great for surfaces which receive high foot traffic. These floors are resistant to wear, breakage and even against those sharp nails of pets. In that case, such tiles are appropriate to install in bathrooms where the surface is exposed to water all the time.

Regardless of the abuse of everyday life, porcelain tiles will retain their appearance, and you don’t need to spend hours on its maintenance.

They Require Little Maintenance

tile maintaince.jpg

If you have opted for traditional hardwood flooring, then maintaining it can be a tough task. Fortunately, porcelain tiles don’t involve any such maintenance requirements. There is no special kind of sealing which keeps the water out from the tiles. You can wipe the water from the tiles without causing them any harm.

This is yet another good reason why they are such a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens where moisture exposure is common. These are some rational reasons why you should think of using porcelain tiles for your bathroom.

We have a wide collection of quality porcelain tile options for your bathroom flooring needs. From non-slip matte finish, glossy or smooth tiles to tiles with glazed finishes; we have all your vivid needs covered.

Furthermore, Direct Tile And Bath, being one of the top tile suppliers inPerth, also has porcelain tiles of the latest designs at budget-friendly costs. Our tiles are available in sizes beginning from 300x300 (perfect for bathroom floors) to 1200x600 more apt for larger bathrooms or kitchen floors.

If you have any problem in choosing your flooring option; our experts will help you out in making the right choice. So, feel free to browse throughout impressive collection today!


Bathroom Renovation & Freestanding Bath: Why Are They Inseparable?


Bathroom Renovation & Freestanding Bath: Why Are They Inseparable?


‘Bathrooms and bathtubs’: You can call it a title of a story worth telling.

But, coming to the point of the project of a bathroom renovation, freestanding baths offer more than usual. The matter is quite simple. Although people think showers and other options as qualifying and lavish for a number of reasons, but freestanding baths actually promise a lot to relaxation and aristocracy. Plus, their design trends add that scenic serenity to your bathroom too.

Wondering why a bathroom renovation project must have the presence of a freestanding bath? Read to find it out.


The Trend

Clear your mind. You’re about to get mesmerised. The fact is that freestanding baths are specially designed baths that offer you a range of multiple attributions in singular form. The first thing everyone would admit about a freestanding bath is that they are really trendy. Their style sticks close to the most modern fashion. One gets a very strong atmosphere of edgy elegance in the bathroom.

Isn’t it usual to make a modern bathroom a bit more relevant with the use of a trendy freestanding bath?

You know the answer.


...And the Type

In any bathroom, freestanding baths come as one of the leading options for renovation purposes because of one, simple reason. They are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes and STYLES. In this respect, one can fit a freestanding bath in a bathroom according to the style and type of the latter. No wonder this is a very flexible advantage.

It’s great For Any Position inside the Bathroom

One can easily install a freestanding bathtub in any location inside the bathroom since their design and compact (yet spacious) structure fits them visually and functionally in any place. One can install them near the windows if exposure to light is important. Otherwise, the middle part would be okay for a classic look.


The Ease at Installation Is Just Great

Most freestanding baths come with easy fitting options and installation processes. There is a misconception among various people that freestanding baths drain a person more money due to its extensive installation process. The source of this wrong idea also owes itself to the inaccurate consideration of people about the extensive installation of baths due to their trendy designs. Well, to your surprise, installation of freestanding baths is the easiest stuff. Hence, it makes your bathroom renovation in South of River in Perth more convenient and fast. So, time to drive out all those worries and choose the freestanding bath your bathroom requires!


Let’s Conclude

The fact about bathroom renovation deserves a lot of things. One of them is surely a freestanding bath. Here is where you are assisted a bit more. The variety of trendy and classy freestanding bath offered by Direct Tile and Bath would cover more than your expectations. The products at this brand have been successful to earn a good reputation. Attractive freestanding baths with its tag are being purchased and supplied to various regions of Australia.

So, the good advice that can be provided to you is that you should not waste time and visit the company’s website. It is time you finalise both your purchase and bathroom renovation.