Wooden materials are awesome flooring options hand’s down! They are elegant and prove to be a common pick for many homemakers. But despite its elegance and refinement, wooden floors are not easy to install.


Plus it hosts other disadvantages such as it absorbs moisture, is difficult to clean and can easily get discoloured by exposure to excessive sunlight.

Another aspect of installing them is that they can easily exceed your budget estimate. So, keeping aside this natural hardwood flooring option, what other alternative do you have?

Wood Look Tiles: The Practicality of Tiles with the Splendour of Wood


There is one option which on installing mimics the natural appearance of wooden floors. And this ingenious option goes by the name of wood look tiles. It combines the practicality of tiles with the splendour of wood.

Over the last year or two, wood look tiles have churned heaps of popularity. And for homeowners scared to blow their dough over hardwood flooring, wood look tiles are proving to be a bonza for them.

Here are 4 perks of installing Wood look tiles. Take a long hard gander. Maybe it could prove to be apt for your budget too.

It’s Perks:

i.                     “They Are Very Versatile”


The contemporary patterns on such wooden tiles allow you to put your imagination to the test. You will find such tiles available at all shapes, forms and sizes.

The best part is, these tiles can be installed on any given surface provided that they are levelled.

i.                     “Wood Look Tiles Call For Easy Maintenance”

wood-look-tiles- call-for-easy-maintenance.jpg

Wood look tiles require no extensive maintenance. Without any use of special sweeps, cleaners, vacuums and even mops; you can clean it without even breaking a sweat.

This is in sharp contrast to natural wooden floors that require special cleaning solutions and time to time check-ups. Plus their cleaning is more time-consuming and strenuous.

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i.                     “They Are Resistant to Regular Strains and Stresses”


Designed from ceramic, these exceptional wood tiles are durable and resistant to everyday strains and stresses. What this tells you is that these tiles are perfect for high-traffic areas- like the corridor, hallway and even the main entrance region.

i.                     “Impervious To Water or Moisture Exposure”


Wood look tiles, by nature, are impervious to water or moisture exposure. Again this contrasts with natural hardwood floors that bulges and even distorts after water exposure.

Furthermore, the adhesive used for wood look tiles is also resistant to moisture, making these tiles stick to the floor without possibilities of being distorted or damaged. This makes wood tiles apt for bathrooms and kitchens where chances of water spill or exposure to moisture are highly possible.

For your peace of mind; our quality wood look bathroom tiles in Perth don’t warp when exposed to moisture and continue to look strong and splendorous throughout. They are your beauty bottlers, and so you should not delay in installing them, especially if you are looking to do a renovation soon.

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