Mixing white glossy with gorgeous matte finish tiles is a popular trend in Perth for home decor. The light-reflecting glossy shine with the subtle softness of matte tiles adds a noteworthy texture to your interiors, especially in focal aspects of your house like a fireplace surround, a kitchen backsplash or even for your bathrooms.

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You can also control the ratio of how much gloss or matte you want- whether its a light spattering look or a pronounced difference between the two! Regardless of what ratio you eventually choose, it is for certain that the result with be nothing short of awesome.

So, keep aside all your home improvement magazines, Pinterest home design print-outs. Here are some awe-inspiring ways to blend marvellous matte and gorgeous glossy tile finishes for your interiors.

Playing With Scales:- Large White Gloss With Small-Sized Matte Finish Subway Tiles.

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The first design choice is playing with scales- meaning juxtaposing large white gloss tiles for the floor and small-scaled matte subway tiles for your bathroom and kitchen walls. When working with an all-white theme, the subtle contrast between the two textures does bring about a minimalistic yet sophisticated appeal.

For a more dramatic effect, look to combine tiny hexagonal matte tiles on the walls and area surrounding the bath, medium-sized matte tiles on the basin surround and large glossy tiles for the whole floor. This sort of monochrome pallete brings about a harmonious blend for your bathroom interior.

Take A Neutral Approach- Using Gloss & Matte Tiles In Similar Tone!

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When adopting a neutral approach for your interior decor, pick matte and gloss tiles that are similar in tone, clear and sophisticated in look. Then you can look to randomise the stripes or patterns, depending on the appearance you want.

Normally, this approach works well with warmer neutral such as Ivory and Gardenia. But white gloss and matte do exhibit a slight contrast captivating enough to arrest anyone’s attention momentarily.

Combining Two Matte Finishes- With A Accent Wall With Glossy Tiles!

wall with glossy tiles.jpg

If you have a bathroom or kitchen with a tactile appeal, then you can look to blend white glossy tiles with two different matte finishes. Break up the bathroom section and incorporate tiny hexagonal or medium hex matte tiles for the floor (both in black and white subway matte tiles) and three corners of your bathroom wall.

As for the one remaining area- preferably with the basin; you can create a gloss white subway tile for creating an accent wall. The two designs will appear as a sharp contrast between each other and will turn that interior space to a really appreciative one!

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