Want to revamp your bathroom in the best possible way? Well, there are some fantastic ideas to fit your taste and lifestyle. For instance, adding a freestanding bath or a shower screen along with some of the most trending faucets and fixtures to your bathroom will work positively for you.


However, if you really want to change the way your bathroom looks now, you should start from the basic, and that is changing the tiling style.

You cannot just pick any of the bathroom tiles available in the market. To give your bathroom a modern makeover, you need to think of some fantastic tiling ideas that are there and that are attractive.

Here is a tiling guideline presented to you by Direct Tile and Bath that you need to keep in mind to make sure that your bathroom gets the makeover just the way you have wanted for.

Mix and Match of Matte & Glossy Tiles


To have a luxurious and stylish look, you better think of mixing and matching your options. We are not only recommending you to mix and match the colours, but it is recommended to you to do the same with tile texture too.

Mix and match the matte and gloss tiles, respectively. While at one part, you can add the matte charcoal view or woody look, on the other end, you can add the best white glossy tiles in Perth. This type of fusion is undoubtedly in trend, and you should certainly not ignore it.

Wood Look Tiles without Hardwood Tile Installation


Well, among the so many tiling options that are available in the market, wood look tiles are undoubtedly ruling the market for good reasons. You cannot really install hardwood tiles in your bathroom as exposure to water will damage the tile severely, and that is something you don't expect at all.

But, that is not going to stop you from having the wooden texture or feel in your bathroom. The wood-look bathroom tiles in Perth is undoubtedly the most popular and wanted tiling option in Australia right now. Install these particular style tiles in your bathroom to make it look entirely different.

Minimal Look with Neutral Tiling Options


It's okay if you don't want any dramatic look or appearance for your bathroom as the sophisticated minimal look is similarly popular in the market. The neutral colours of the tiles may not look that attractive at the very first glance. However, once laid, these bathroom tiles speak volume about the sophistication.

There are stone look and mosaic tiles that will help you to secure the neutral look for your bathroom and give your bathroom an instant minimalist appeal. You can quickly ditch the options of wall or flooring stones and opt for these tiles instead.

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