When it comes to bathroom renovations, there are so many things to consider. While some of them are pretty straightforward, there are specific behind-the-scene issues that need to be considered. Now, not every company that offers bathroom renovations in Perth would intimate its clients about these offbeat issues!


We do, and that is where we at Direct Tile and Bath make the difference in the niche of bathroom renovation. Here is a sneak peek into some offbeat points that you need to keep in mind while renovating your bathroom.

Don’t Assume That Your Contractor Agrees With You - Always!

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Even if you have hired the most flexible and customer-centric bathroom renovator, there is no hard and fast rule that you and your contractor will be on the same page always.

Even if you have spelt out a solid plan of renovation that you think will do a world of good to your bathroom, the experts might not agree with you - and rightly so. Your contractor knows things better than you! The concept that you have thought of may not work. Here is where the disagreement between you are your contractor starts. That’s a good sign - nevertheless.

The Budget That You Set for Yourself

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Most of the so-called pundits will tell you to go for the plans keeping in mind your needs and your aesthetic preference. However, the reality is just the opposite. In fact, the reality gets eclipsed by the impractical thoughts, triggering off the financial trouble.

The ideal option is to think of the budget before starting off - something that people forget quite often while chalking out the plans of bathroom renovations in the south of River Perth. Now, this is where a quality company like us would differ from the average ones. Then again, while thinking of the plans, keep in mind the trends of 2019-20 if you are for a more trendy look.

Otherwise, you can opt for more traditional ones and then as well we have our specialists at your service.

Thinking About the Statement-making Bath

thinking about the statement-making bath.jpg

This is something that people omit while going for bathroom renovation if they already have a bath. There are two reasons behind it. Firstly, these bathtubs are pretty expensive, and secondly, old habits die hard. 

Since they are expensive, people would like to go for renovations that would support the bathtub, but not the other way round. And since old habits die hard, they do not like to part ways with their old tubs. But the fact is, you can change the tub to suit the renovated look of your bathroom, and you do not have to shell out too much for that! 

The Lightings...they Mean a Lot!


People forget lighting while renovating bathrooms. It's an open secret, and this is simply because there's hardly any brain to tell them that! Again, that's an offbeat step, and flattering lighting will be able to support the renovation, taking the new look to an altogether new level.  

Tiling - Another Feather in the Cap

tiling - another feather in the cap.jpg

There is a notion that goes around, that only a supporting tiling style will do a world of good to the theme you are thinking of. This is not true always. You can go for an abstract form of tiling as well.

For instance, if you have a more oriental getup in your bathroom, you can opt for a high splash zone with a more adventurous style of tiling that will create a sharp contrast.

With these being some of the unique ideas when it comes to bathroom renovations North of River Perth, you must implement them after extensive consultation with our experts at Direct Tile and Bath. For further details, call us on 0402 006 644 during our office hours.