Are you eager to design your kitchen? Bored with the outdated and dull appearance of your kitchen walls? Well, if you are looking for unique ideas that can transform your kitchen and make your dream-come-true, tiling is the best choice of all times. For homeowners who want a stylish and sophisticated kitchen makeover at a budgeted cost, no other option can rightly match up to the aesthetics and feel that tiles can offer.


Whether it’s your kitchen walls or floor, choosing the right tile size can make a huge difference in making your cramped space look bigger and brighter.

To help you find the best kitchen tiles for sale in Perth, we have come up with a few nifty pointers that you can’t afford to miss.

  • Identify Where Will You Install Wall Tiles


Before you splurge on high quality kitchen wall tiles, you need to determine where exactly you want to install them. Tiles can be installed as a back splash behind a stove or on the walls under high kitchen cabinets. Once you have decided the place of installation, you can proceed with choosing the texture, colour and shape of the kitchen wall tiles in Perth.

  • Trendy Tiles to Spruce up Your Kitchen Walls


Tiles are resilient material that can be applied in rows over an even surface. For kitchen walls, you can buy tiles in Perth which are high in trend such as quarry, stone, vinyl, ceramic, bamboo, porcelain etc., While vinyl cork are widely used for tiling kitchen floors, bamboo, porcelain, ceramic are best suited for kitchen walls.

  • Be Specific on Budget Before Getting Swayed by Looks


It’s indeed a great idea to transform your kitchen aesthetics with tiles, however, the budget needs to be fixed at first. Most kitchen tiles such as vinyl and linoleum are cost-efficient and fits your budget well whereas customised ceramic tiles may cost you an earth. Determine your pocket permit before envisioning the looks in mind.

  • Tiling Tricks to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Spacious


It’s a well-known fact that light-coloured tiles make small area look bigger and brighter. So why not apply the same trick to your kitchen walls? Choosing beige, or cream tiling shades for kitchen walls will help in more light reflection rather than dark coloured tiles that make small areas look more cluttered and compressed.

Want to Add X-Factor to Your Space? Tiling Redefined

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