Ever wondered why subway tile is called with a such a name? Dating back to 20th century, the subway tiles were found in New York subway stations. With growing awareness, the subway tiles have become so popular that people are still using it for their home decor. Subway tiles are widely used in bathroom and kitchens, and they are being appreciated by the customers for the classic elegance and versatility in use. In this content, we will show you some trendy design ideas and some facts to keep in mind-

We found lying subway tiles in Perth are a bit tricky, since each tile is lied comparing other ones already there on the floor/wall. It’s also quite difficult to line up the tiles on the adjacent walls and even across the shower niches, shower bench or sometimes outside of the built-in tub. If you want to go for an easy and practical option, then installing them across the shower walls is easy as well as an appealing way to reinvent the bathroom decor.  


A shower with subway tiles comes up as a more practical option. It not only comes easier to install but also there comes with a scope to lineup the tiles in a continuous pattern across the walls. And the simple look goes classic with the time.

Wooden Floor Framing With Green Subway Tiles:

Once, we have found this pattern at the New York subway station that has glossy glazed finished along with thin grout lines, we brought it in our application. Apart from the pattern and overall style you found till now, you can try this with your choice of colours. A shower featuring green subway tiles creates a perfect contrast with wooden flooring and frame.


Stained Wooden Ceiling With White Subway Tiles :

This represents the example of versatile nature of the subway tile. For industrial and traditional use, the white subway pattern be used for bathroom walls tiles of the shower enclosure while creating the perfect contrast with the wooden ceiling.


Subway Tiles With Honeycomb Patterns :

If you are using subway tiles for walls as well as floors, then opt for different patterns for each. Whereas you can opt for simple subway pattern for walls, honeycomb pattern for the floor can work great. It will give you a classic flair in different packages.


Subway Tiles With Vibrant Grout Lines:

When it comes to choosing subway tiles, people like us mostly look for the patterns and mostly the grout line that adds the elegance to the bathroom. All you have to do is consider the colour combination for bathroom tiles in Perth that perfectly defines your mood while unwinding the day in the shower. Why not try a dark green colour, which is quite pretty enough to add the appeal to a historic home or traditional space.


While choosing designer tiles across the raised section that works to draw an elegant pattern to give your bathroom a whole new look. And, if you are curious to see how single tile type will look gorgeous being set into subway pattern, then visit us online and find how our design trend in tiling come a long way and choose the right one for your home.