Wood-look tiles include as one of the popular trends for both indoor and outdoor flooring operations. It beautifully captures the natural essence of timber and comes combined with the durability of porcelain tiles.


This makes them a trendy choice amongst interior designers who love wooden floors, walls and accents. However, some homeowners who don’t believe in second-best’- a.k.a, an alternative to real hardwood floors. Thus, they remain sceptical about how good wood-look tiles are in general along with their materials.

Direct Tile And Bath”; your local supplier of quality tiles (including wood-look tiles) for luxe home interior and bathroom renovations Perth offers you an impressive collection of wood look tiles. 

We always keep our rates low-priced to ensure you get maximum satisfaction every time.

But before you take a peek into your awesome tile collection, here’s busting those common myths about wood-look tiles.

i. "Wood Look Tiles Look Inauthentic Due To Grout Joints"


Many think that wood-look tiles appear inauthentic, be it in the way they look, their patterns and textures, or even due to their grout joints.

One word of advice is to opt for wood grain look tiles having mechanical finishes that are consistent and precise. And the reason being, it allows you to install them properly together with the least amount of grout.

If you are faced with such a requirement, be sure to let our experts know. They will happily install your tiles in a way that you won’t be able to tell the difference.

i. "They Will Give You Cold Feet"


This is a common misconception that homeowners suffer from. And truth be told, tile floors do help maintain a moderate temperature inside. However, this doesn’t imply that they have to be cold. Wood-look tiles are aptly suited to radiant subfloor heating.

You can request us to place the tile directly on your prefered subfloor surface to achieve a warm and welcoming floor.

i. “ They Consist Of Long Plank Warps”


Tiles that measure 15 inches (and more) do present the challenge of warping and lippage- more so when they are not installed correctly.


To ensure correct installation of large wooden grain tiles; our experts will be happy to help you out. They will stagger the tiles in a brick joint like pattern with a 33% overlap.

We would suggest you not to be so judgemental about wood-look tiles. Instead, allow us to install it right for you and change your perspective.

i. “Wood Look Tiles Consist Of Counterfeit Textures & Visuals”


Hardwood consists of a natural appeal. However, the journey of wood grain tiles is surging rapidly every year with the launch of quality products.

Take our tile collection, for example. With the help of digital imaging and high-tech manufacturing, more realistic textures and patterns are seen in such tiles. So much so, that you can hardly tell the difference between real wood to those that look like wood.

Don’t believe us. Feel free to check for yourself at our trade store.

Final Words:

So there you have it. The common misconceptions about wood look tiles that circulate. If you need more guidance or product suggestion about cheap tiles for bathroom Perthfeel free to call @ 0402 006 644.