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Laying Ceramic Tiles - Why You Need Professional Intervention


Laying Ceramic Tiles - Why You Need Professional Intervention

Laying ceramic tiles is not rocket science. Everyone can lay them with a little patience and with appropriate tools and accessories. However, being able to lay the tiles is one thing, and laying them perfectly is another. Laying of ceramic tiles need a lot of preparation and the task is pretty challenging as well.


This is the reason, the involvement of professionals is an absolute imperative for the perfect laying of the ceramic tiles.

They Take Into Account the Quality of the Tiles

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Quality makes a huge difference in this task. People at times make the mistake of not summoning a professional and then opting for cheaper tiles. This will have a double negative impact. Firstly, the tiles are not laid perfectly, and secondly and more importantly they are not durable.

This is where the professional intervention makes a difference. A competent company will always put emphasis on the quality of tiles and will make sure that the laying is perfect with the use of appropriate tools and accessories.

These companies will also prefer that their customers opt for the best when they buy tiles either online or from the brick and mortar stores.

They Mind About the Uniformity

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Another factor that might justify the involvement of quality professional companies is that the professionals of these companies, by virtue of their experience, are able to spot out even the slightest lack of uniformity while laying tiles. This is something that you may overlook while trying the DIY stuff.

Thus, you see how the involvement of a professional company helps in perfection while laying ceramic tiles.

They Follow the Perfect Process

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The best in the business like Direct Tile and Bath would always follow perfect procedures while laying tiles. For instance, we will never lay the newer tiles over the layer on the older ones.

Well, at times we do practice that, but only under certain circumstances. We do it only when the older ones do not have any sealant and if they are perfectly clean.  

Understandably, all these are pretty complicated affairs that are related to laying of ceramic tiles in your Perth home. Naturally, only professionals with a considerable experience in its kitty will be able to do the job in a perfect manner, taking up all these challenges.

They Guide You to Do a Successful Probing

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It is true that you will find a wide range of ceramic tiles on the net. However, when it comes to picking one of them, your selection might not always be that perfect. You are not to be blamed for that though! You are after all, not a professional. 

Hence, the involvement of a professional company will always make a difference. They will guide you to pick up the best tiles from a crowd of products that are available online.

Hence, if you are looking forward to paying ceramic tiles at your home, make sure you contact us. We at Direct Tile and Bath will come up with a perfect service that will not only meet your expectations but will go way beyond it. And that also at a cheap rate.


How Porcelain Tiles SUPERSEDE Ceramic Tiles?  Know NOW!

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How Porcelain Tiles SUPERSEDE Ceramic Tiles? Know NOW!


Most homemakers consider the Holy Grail of Construction Materials as those which require little or no maintenance.

Fortunately, there is one option which you can avidly use for your house decor purposes- and believe it, that it’s not some miracle of nanotechnology. Rather it is an age-old option which you have heard about numerous times - Porcelain Tiles!

But, today’s porcelain tiles are better updated with modernistic equipment to make it more impervious to water. Furthermore, these quality tiles in Perth won’t crack in freezing temperature and can be used for both indoor and outdoor construction work regardless of the weather conditions.

These tiles are a popular choice for many home designers as they use this for a broad range of applications.


The Comparison: - Porcelain or Ceramic?

One common dilemma which most homemakers face is deciding which one among- Porcelain or Ceramic tiles are better for their kitchen, bathroom or living room floor! If you are facing this same confusion, then ideally you need to opt for an option that is durable and practical.


The Clash:

Both Ceramic and porcelain tiles have unique characters of their own and what makes one better than the other will be discussed below. Follow closely!

·         Ceramic is a type of semi-crystalline material, is amorphous and inorganic by nature. On the contrary, porcelain is a kind of ceramic and is prepared using fusions of clay.

·         Porcelain tiles are also totally vitrified and impermeable before its glazing treatment. Whereas ceramic tiles do not undergo complete vitrified treatment and most of the times, remains porous if not glazed.

·         The levels of kaolin also vary between ceramic and porcelain tiles. Where ceramic tiles have a lower kaolin level, its counterpart

·         The proportion of water absorption is also higher in porcelain tiles as compared to ceramic tiles! And that’s what makes it expensive than ceramic.

·         Finally, ceramic tiles are lesser dense, and that makes them easier to cut into shape. Contrarily, porcelain tiles are much heavier than ceramic tiles, thus making it tough to cut.


Additional Pros of Porcelain tiles:

-          Most quality porcelain tiles in Perth are fireproof. Even in testing conditions, it doesn’t burn; rather it restricts the flame’s movements at the time of a fire outbreak.

-          Porcelain tile are your friends for life. Once installed; you don’t have to worry about future installations. Regardless of the excessive foot pressure, or lack of maintenance, these durable times can last well over a couple of decades (maybe more).

-          Porcelain tiles are also stain resistant. Meaning, its surface disallows any sort of stains from penetrating its surface and discolouring the tile

Final Words:

If you are looking for a good option, there are very few that can match up to the performance of porcelain tiles. So, with everything known and understood, contact a reliable trade store and set up your order. If you are lucky; you may also get discounts on your bulk order.

If you are in a rush for this; you can try out ‘Direct Tile and Bath’. Just check out some of the options available (with the prices off-course). If interested; you can even speak to their representatives.


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